Pros and cons of renting with friends

All of us wanted in some part of life to gather a group of friends and move in together. We all considered that a children’s dream, but is it really? Especially when you go all across the country to the other coast and moving away from your burdens. Moving from California to North Carolina is a tough job all by itself but it is nothing comparing to the fun time you will have when you come here. We would like to help you decide if it is a smart idea to be renting with friends!


1. You are moving with someone you know

This is the best pro on this list when renting with friends. This means that you don’t have to get to know your roommate because you already know him or her. This also means that there is less chance of making a wrong choice. Yes, you can make the wrong choice even when moving in with friends but that is less likely to happen. You have to risk sometimes in life so team up with your friend and choose from many moving companies Apex NC and enjoy the ride. There are lots of types of people so you never know who will be your next roommate. Actually, you can, but you can’t really know him or her that much before you move in together. You can make all decisions that implicate both of you easier when moving in with friends, too.

You don’t have to spend time accommodating  to your roommate

2. You can plan better

It is easier to make plans with someone you have already established an excellent relationship. Since you have made plans in the past, there is a higher chance to make better plans in the future. But in order to do this right, you must know how to approach your friend and peacefully agree on the terms of your living. That is individual so we can’t really tell you how to do that. We can just advise you not to push your ideas to all costs because it can cause you to get into a big fight. There are some topics you have to cover with your future roommate:

  • Costs– We all know how tricky it can be when you have to talk about money with a friend. You want to satisfy them but on the other hand, you don’t want to give more than you have to. The solution is to be firm! You mustn’t allow paying everything while your friend gets free. This sounds easier than it really is because when that happens you can easily back out. You should do this even before the move. Everything should be split in half and only that way you can afford the move. If not, lower down your moving expenses in order to relocate with a friend. Have a friendly approach and make a deal on how to split costs.
  • Groceries– Boring job but you have to do it. Someone has! The best plan is to determine who will go to the groceries and on which days.
  • Cleaning– Also a boring job but it is necessary. We can advise doing the same as when making a plan for groceries.
  • Other friends– Tricky thing to do. When renting with friends it is smart to agree on this matter. Make a plan on days when your friends come and when your friends’ friends come. Only this way you can accommodate yourself and be the best version as you can be!
This is necessary when moving in with friends
Make sure you compromise!

3. Quality time

The first day you move in, you can start enjoying. As you already know each other you won’t have the trouble of finding common interests and topics. That is the beauty of moving in with friends. Also, you will have someone that can help you go through your hard times. The toughest thing is to move all alone somewhere you don’t know anyone. Everyone needs a friend that will be by your side when it is needed.


1. You are just not compatible

It sounds a little contradictory, true. But have in mind that you built a friendship that is based on a limited time you spent together during a day. Seeing friends is relaxing and everyone needs a good talking and laughing once in a while. When renting with friends you have to spend most of the day with them. At first, you can look at this fact as something that you shouldn’t consider but think again. You will discover lots of different habits that your friend has that you won’t like. By the time you realize this, you can’t back out from the original plan. Choose wisely!

2. Fights

The downside of renting with friends but it is inevitable. You just have to accept this fact and find a way on how to make those fights less hostile. It is unpleasant, that is true but it can show what kind of friend you actually have for a roommate. Those fights can start even before you move into your new home. The disorganized move is on the most stressful things you can feel. Sometimes you can do everything right but your friend is the last minute person that realizes that can’t do everything in time! You can at least reduce this stress by communicating with your friend and explaining the consequences of these actions.

This is common thing when renting with friends
Keep in mind that you will fight when moving in with friends

3. Ruining the friendship when renting with friends!

The ultimate consequence of moving in with friendsIt isn’t a fact you have to be afraid of but a thing to consider. Don’t make rushed decisions. We all know how intriguing it is to move with a friend and have fun, go out together, etc. Those are the bonuses of living together but in order to get all that, you have to be careful who you choose for a roommate and work through hard times.

We admit that it is very interesting to think about renting with friends. It sounds fun and also a little dangerous. Choosing to do the move by yourself, renting, unpacking, living together is also nice and dangerous at the same time. So in order to succeed, you have to communicate openly. After all, you are relocating with a friend!