Pre-move cleaning tips and tricks

Doing some pre-move cleaning

Moving is never easy. However, the most important part of the move is not the move itself, but the entire process before that. All those who moved before know how hard it is to prepare for the move. There is packing, planning, preparation, cleaning and so many more things you need to worry about. However, do not despair! We have prepared a short guide to help you get at least one of the preparation things off your list! Cleaning can be hard, but it can also be fun. Here is our guide for your pre-move cleaning activities!

Pre-move cleaning tips

There is a lot more to cleaning than just dusting and washing your inventory! It can be a tedious process, but it can also be a fun one. However, we have found a way to make your cleaning both easy and fun. For example, you can follow this list (by the order) and you will soon find that cleaning is easy! With this, you can organize a small apartment with ease!

A room after the pre-move cleaning
A clean room is a reward on its own!
  • Make a schedule for cleaning: Some things need to be cleaned first, some last. For example, there is no point vacuuming first if you plan to dust your room or make a mess after. You should know which things to do first so that you don’t have to do it all over again. The best method to start is by dusting the ceiling and everything that is visible.
  • Clean/remove the small pieces of inventory: This works for any move – you can move to New York or you can be moving to North Carolina – it works for everything! You need to make space for the cleaning and you need to protect your smaller items from getting damaged or lost. Thus, always prepare by removing the small items from shelves, tables, walls, etc.

Also never forget to do this:

  • Put everything back in its place before you move: This is very important. You want your apartment to look clean before you move out. Besides, you want everything to be prepared for the move as well. If your move is relatively close to the cleaning, you can also pack reasonably soon after you clean everything. Remember, if you can make it easier for you, do it.
  • Empty your refrigerator: Never forget to empty your fridge. Some people forget food inside and turn it off and it can get really smelly really fast! Thus, prepare some moving day meals in advance and make sure that they can “survive” outside of the fridge. Trust us, this can be a life-saver!

Get professionals to help you if you need it

Whenever you are in doubt, call professionals. They do this for a living and they can help you out. However, cleaning might not be in their contracts, so make sure to ask if you need anything for cleaning. This can be a time-saver. Yes, you will pay for the service, but if you are not certain in any point, don’t hesitate to call! Remember, it is part of their jobs.

A lego man cleaning a cookie
Cleaning is sometimes satisfying!

Moreover, you can also contact them for the move itself. It does not matter where you move. You can give a call to a moving company like movers Raleigh NC and they will make sure that everything goes according to plan. They can even provide advice about what parts of the house you should clean prior to the move. Pre-move cleaning is important in so many ways. You can either speed up or prolong your moving process, depending on how you do it. Thus, make sure you do it properly!

Additional pre-move cleaning tips

Most of the cleaning tips go together with packing. You can’t store and pack things that are dirty or in need of cleaning. Thus, most pre-move cleaning activities will be closely connected to packing. For example:

  • Always do small inventory items first: Never start with big items. They are the easiest to clean, in most cases. The small ones are those you should worry about. For example, if you have 20 figurines and 1 table, you should clean the figurines first and then the table. Besides, it will be a smart move to pack the figurines first, so it is only reasonable to clean them first.
  • Never rush anything: Rushing will only make you break or damage your items. Thus, it is important never to rush anything. Take your time for as much as you need and carefully plan the entire process. Remember, it is your move and you want everything to go according to plan. Sometimes taking a few hours more is better than rushing the job and failing. Time is important, that is correct, but your move is much more important than that!
  • Remember the order of items: Just in case, you need to remember the order of things so that you don’t have to worry about how to arrange your plants or your furniture. It is very important to know this. It will make your cleaning easier than it should ever be!

Keep this in mind:

It is your move and your move only. You can do everything as you see fit, but make sure to read this guide again if you need it. Some things are easily overlooked and we might help you remember them! Also, remember what we wrote about pre-move cleaning earlier? Always make sure that you have a schedule and plan for everything in advance. Cleaning is not as easy as you might think, so plan ahead. However, we are quite certain that you can do it on your own. Just make sure that everything remains in the same order as before! If not, you can always hire a moving company and ask for help!

pre-move cleaning is a must
Who says cleaning can’t be fun?


Pre-move cleaning is an important part of every move. You need to be prepared to comb through your entire house/apartment and search every nook and cranny. However, the entire process will pay off in the end! You will have a clean home prior to your move and your items and inventory will be clean! This is a great reward on its own! We hope that our guide helped you settle your pre-move cleaning! If you need anything more, feel free to read it again!