Post-moving checklist

Moving process can be really stressful. As we all know, going through something like this can give us a lot of headaches. Every now and then, we all move, because of the job, just to change the environment or any other reason. Except for plans for moving and transporting everything you have, you should also, make a post-moving checklist. Relocating to North Carolina, especially, can be hectic and you need to prepare as best as you can.

Post-moving checklist

As always, we have to plan for the moving process. So, except sorting out our budget, contacting moving companies to help us and sorting all bunch of other stuff, we have to make a post-moving checklist. You will have a lot on your mind, for sure. So, we will try and help what are the things you should put on your post-moving checklist.

  • Organize yourself
  • Delivered boxes inspection
  • Unpack Essentials
  • Inspect your house completely
  • Get your utilities running
  • Secure your home
  • Connect major Appliances
  • Finish unpacking and recycle packing supplies
  • Clean your new home
Post-Moving Checklist is something you definitely need to consider doing. It will help you immensely in your moving process
Having a checklist will make your move process infinitely more manageable!

Organize yourself

The first thing you need to do is to organize what and how will you do everything. Yes, moving process is over but now you have to sort a lot of other stuff, So, you should get a notebook and sit, take time, and write down everything you need to do, step by step. This post-moving checklist will help you and make the whole post moving process easier.

Delivered boxes inspection

You will have to check your list you’ve made before moving. So, in case some of the boxes with your stuff is missing, you should immediately tell the moving company or check the truck if they missed to get it out by accident.

Unpack Essentials

Two most important places you will want to unpack first are bedroom and bathroom. Because of the tiring days, you will need a place to lay down and of course, take a shower after a stressful day. So, the first thing to do is to assemble bed and to find a box that’s labeled with “bathroom” so you can assemble shower curtains etc. Also, make sure that you take your items out of storage. If you have used, for example, storage in Sanford, make sure you retrieve all the items from it before you start arranging everything.

First thing you should do when you arrive at your new home is unpack the essential stuff. You will feel much better when you have essentials out.
First things first. Unpacking the items you can absolutely not live without is always a priority!

Inspect your house completely

Before unpacking everything you will want to inspect every inch of your new home. Use a magnifying glass if it’s needed. Check for the damages, water leaks or any other stuff that should be fixed before getting the furniture in. Also, you should check your yard.

Get your utilities running

This is one of the things you should fix and check before moving. But, in case you didn’t, you should do it immediately. Having electricity on, gas and water will make it nicer and easier to sort all other stuff that awaits on you.

Secure your home

You always want to be sure that your family is safe. In this case, you should first change all the locks and be sure only you and your family have the spare keys. Secure windows and back doors, also, put the fire and coded alarm for your new home. Securing your home is one of the most important things on your post-moving checklist.

Connect major Appliances

Many people decide to buy new appliances when they are moving. Old freezer, refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher we usually give away to some friends or to charity. But, in case you have decided to move them, this should be one of the first things you should unpack and sort out. These appliances are very sensitive and should be taken care of properly, especially refrigerators. Be sure to transport them safely, connect and set up as soon as it is possible. Of course, we all want to have our lovely kitchen ready to use fast!

Finish unpacking and recycle packing supplies

After sorting out and unpacking the most important stuff, you should just keep unpacking the rest of your boxes. Unpacking can last for days, even weeks, take your time and place everything at the places you want to. Since your boxes are properly labeled already, you won’t have problems unpacking fast.

Also, after you finish unpacking you will have a lot of packing materials left. Most of the boxes and packing supplies will be in a bad condition so you will have to recycle them. But, some of them you can keep for yourself in case you need to move again. You can, also, give some to your friends or even sell them, at a lower price of course.

Clean your new home

After loading and unpacking stuff in your new home, the last thing you need to do is, cleaning! Unpacking will for sure leave a lot of garbage, dust, and dirt there so be prepared to clean. Get all the good stuff for cleaning in time and make your new home look great, fresh, without dust, dirt and shinning! In case you can actually afford it, another option is to hire cleaning professionals.

Almost nobody likes to clean. What you can do to make the process more fun is to involve your children and make a game out of it!
Cleaning needs not to be a chore. Make a fun event out from it, involve the children!

Other important things you should put on your post-moving checklist

After finishing things that make your new home fully functional, you may also look at the other things that for sure should be on your post-moving checklist. Of course, sorting and unpacking stuff in your new house is not the only thing you have to do when you move. There’s a lot of other stuff you should fix and know about before you move, such as making sure you do not make any mistakes. So, in case you didn’t think about these things, let us remind you so you can be sure you have everything on your post-moving checklist. Things you should also think about are:

  • Think of your pets needs
  • Changing your address
  • Search for a good school for your children
  • Find good health care providers
  • Register your vehicle

After you are done with your post-moving checklist, you will be relieved! So, now, you can also think about rearranging your furniture and make a new, fresh look of your home! Also, you should invite your new neighbors, make new friends and enjoy your new home!