Post-move checklist after settling into a new home

post-move checklist

After the moving day is over, there are always many things to do. Not many people have time to relax and enjoy their new home right after the moving day. However, with a good post-move checklist, you can have time to finish all the work, relax and get to know the new city! If your movers just unloaded the last moving box into your new home, keep reading this guide. Here are some useful tips for making a post-move checklist and organizing your time after the moving day. After all, your relocation process is over so it’s about time to make your new home should be a joyful place!

Unpack the moving boxes and sort out

The first thing that should be on your post-move checklist is the unpacking process. Although it may sound like more than an obvious task, you should make an unpacking plan. Most of us will get really tired after the moving day. If you need to take some rest and restore your energy, you can always unpack one step at a time. It’s recommendable to start with unpacking kitchen and bathroom supplies as well as settling your bedroom. This way, you will have some space to eat a proper meal and get a good night of sleep.

books in the suitcase
Ask your movers to recommend you a good storage solution.

Find a good storage solution

After the unpacking process is done, the next thing that should be on your post-move checklist is finding the storage solution. If you just moved into your new home, you might find that some of the things you moved are not necessary to keep. If you need a good storage in Sanford, you can always ask your movers for a recommendation. It’s always easier to store some of the belongings you have than to toss them away while unpacking. You never know when you might need some of them. So, put a storage unit search on your post-move checklist.

Check your home for small repairs

After all of your moving boxes are unpacked, you will have more space to take a good look at your new home. More often than not, your new home might need some smaller repairs. If you moved into a rented apartment, you should make sure to talk to your landlord. It’s always better to ask him on time whether you can do smaller repairs or not. Keep in mind that some of the repairs are not your job to do. Inform yourself well and read more about your landlord’s obligations.

Post-move checklist – decorate your home!

You just moved into your new home and it is time to get some rest and decorate it! If you have a family, you can make it a mutual activity and have some family fun. Decorating a new home is a very satisfying thing to do. Having in mind that all the relocation planning is over, decorating your new home will be the most fun item on your post-move checklist! 

home decoration
Decorating your home is the most fun thing to do after the relocation is over!

After moving into a new apartment or a house, make sure not to overcrowd it with all of your possessions. It’s always better to keep the details on the minimum until you “feel the space” and decide what to do with it. A good online guide for home decorating can take your mind off the stressful relocation process and help you relax after the move.

Explore the neighborhood

What better way of getting to know the new city than to explore your new neighborhood? After relocating to North Carolina, you will want to know the surroundings of your new home. If you moved in with your kids, take some time to spend the day outside and visit some of the popular attractions. An entire day in the park can be an awesome idea, and so can be a trip to the local amusement park. Make sure to find where all the important facilities are and create a to-do list for some fun things to do after the move.

Settle all the documents

While the post-move checklist should consist of all the fun things to do after the relocation, you will still need to take care of all the documents. After the moving day is over, you will need to change your address and sort out other paperwork. Here is the list of the most common paperwork you will need to take care of:

handling the credit cards
Setting your documents straight is very important. Make sure to write down all the paperwork you need to check after the move.
  • Visa documentation
  • Changing the address
  • Enrolling your kids in school
  • Sorting out your new job paperwork (if the company didn’t do it for you)
  • Handling the rent and your new home insurance paperwork
  • Rating your movers and possible inventory losses
  • Settling your bank accounts and credit cards
  • Transferring your utilities

Meet your neighbors and local residents

In the end, the best part of the post-move period is meeting the new people. If you want to get to know the city you moved to, you should get outside and meet other people. The first thing that will spontaneously happen is the meeting of your new neighbors. If you moved to the suburbs, meeting the neighbors will come easy! You can always make a moving-in party and invite them for a casual conversation.

After you checked all the items on your post-move checklist, the time will come to make friends in a new city. While getting to know your new neighborhood, you can visit a local bar or a café and you’ll easily find people you can start a conversation with. Getting to know people in the new city is very important since they will help you feel at home in no time. Make a good plan and good luck with organizing your free time after the move!