Popular occupations in Charlotte

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Are you looking for a job? It is quite difficult to find a good job position in this day and age. However, you should not lose hope just yet. There are many cities where you can find something that will suit your needs. One such city would be Charlotte. If you are fresh from college or you want to a change of scenario then consider this city. Additionally, since it is important to have a good stable job, here are the most popular occupations in Charlotte.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is the most populous city in North Carolina with almost 900 000 people. It has a long history since the first known tribe the Catawba dates back to 1567. However, by 1759 the half of this tribe had died from diseases. Scots-Irish Presbyterians were the first Europeans to develop this city and after the American Revolutionary War, many Germans settled here as well. Charlotte has had several nicknames throughout history. It was known as the “Queen City” after German princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. British commander General Charles Cornwallis named this city “The Hornet’s Nest” since many hostile people as he called them, lived in Charlotte. Lastly, due to numerous churches built in the 19th century, Charlotte was known as “The City of Churches”. Quite interesting history for one city and you can investigate even more if you decide to move here.

Popular occupations in Charlotte

What are the most popular occupations in Charlotte? The answer is quite predictable. The most popular occupations in Charlotte are the ones from the medical field. You can also see the job choices in South Carolina to compare.

  • Charlotte region has Carolina Medical Center, Novant Health, and OrthoCarolina, which employs thousands of doctors. It comes as no surprise why this occupation is the most popular one. In addition to this, it is also the highest paying one, with an average salary of $187,876. Potential employers are looking for surgeons in the first place, followed by anesthesiologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, and dentists.
  • Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacist. Pharmacy managers also have a quite nice average salary of $149,064 while pharmacist’s average salary is around $125,847.
  • All types of nurses are among the most popular occupations in Charlotte.

    surgeons are one of the most popular occupations in Charlotte
    Doctors will have no problem finding a job

More popular occupations in Charlotte

Here are some other popular occupations in Charlotte that have nothing to do with medicine.

  • Architect. The average salary is $112,560, which is more than enough for a comfortable life.
  • Patent Attorney. A patent attorney helps their clients to secure patents in order to protect their inventions and it has an average salary of $139,272.
  • IT sector. This is a popular field that is always in need of new employees.
  • Bank of America. Lastly, the Bank of America is the second-largest banking center in the United States. It has its headquarters here in Charlotte.
  • Universities and colleges. Numerous universities and colleges are also potential employers. Those are Johnson & Wales, Johnson C. Smith University, Queens University of Charlotte, Charlotte School of Law and many others.

    papers and a ruler on the table
    Architects are one of the best paid in Charlotte

Life in Charlotte

If you can find your occupation among these popular occupations in Charlotte, now you need to know more about life in this city. Charlotte is one of the popular cities for musicians in North Carolina. Because of this, you can enjoy spectacular performances of your favorite musicians by visiting a concert series hosted by the Music Yard. Additionally, fans of electronic music can go to a host a festival Digital Garden, and Crown Station offers weekly jazz and reggae shows. Furthermore, the Carolina Renaissance Festival is one of the largest renaissance themed with numerous stages, fairs, village marketplace, and many other fun activities. Charlotte also has the Yiasou Greek Festival where you can try Greek cuisine, listen to their music and maybe try to dance with them. There is no end to various activities in Charlotte.

people dancing outside
Take a break from your job by going to a festival

The housing market and cost of life

Since Charlotte has grown in recent years, it has become quite expensive due to popular demand. Neighborhoods such as Uptown, Dilworth, and NoDa have seen the increase in rent and house pricing. However, just like with any other big city, the rent or the house price will depend on a location. Still, the cost of living in Charlotte is not as expensive as in other parts of the country. In order to save money for a house of your dreams, you need to find reputable moving companies in North Carolina. With their help, you will have no problems moving to Charlotte.


If you are moving from another state, then you should be prepared for the climate. Charlotte has four distinct seasons, which means you can enjoy all types of weather. Winter is usually short and cold while summer is hot and humid. However, Charlotte has a good number of sunny days, more in spring and less in fall. For this reason, you can schedule your move either in spring or fall so you can avoid busy moving summer. In order to move all your belongings to this city, find good professional cross country movers Charlotte.

Nature and green space

In order to relax from your work, you can go to Park Road Park. There you can play basketball at one of the eight basketball courts, or baseball, volleyball or any other sport you can imagine. It is also a good place for a picnic with your family and friends. There are also other beautiful places that you can discover by yourself when you gradually become one of the locals.

Charlotte in conclusion

In conclusion, here you have the most popular occupations in Charlotte. Charlottes does not differ from the rest of the country since the most popular occupations are the ones related to medicine or IT sector. However, all things considered, this city is a good place to live and to raise a family. So pack your bags and start the new chapter of your life in Charlotte.