Piano moving tips

piano moving

Moving valuable and precious items like pianos or pool tables always add additional concerns to, the already stressful enough process like moving. People often wonder whether they should hire piano moving experts, and use moving and storage North Carolina services, or have a DIY relocation. In order to help you evaluate the difficulty of a piano move and make a decision, we have prepared a helpful guide with piano relocation tips.

piano keyboard
Avoid any damages by preparing for a piano relocation in advance

DIY piano move – All you need to know

DIY relocation VS hiring movers that specialize in piano moving is never an easy choice. Whatever decision you make, getting familiar with a piano relocation steps will benefit you. Therefore, even if you have already chosen a professional moving company to do the heavy lifting and thinking for you, getting to know every step in advance, can help you stay safe on moving day and help your mover. 

The best way to move large and valuable items, like pianos, is to create a moving plan in advance. In order to plan a piano relocation, you should follow a few important steps

  • Plan the route for the piano moving process and find help.
  • Gather packing supplies and tools.
  • Prepare the instrument for the relocation.
  • Make sure you are safe and ready on moving day.

Step 1 – How to plan the moving route

The very first thing you need to be aware of when moving a piano is that DIY doesn’t mean you will be able to do it all by yourself. Pianos are heavy and massive. Therefore, make sure you have a few friends to help you during the move.

In order to stay safe and avoid any damages, you will need to plan the moving route in advance. Measure the piano and make sure it can fit the doorways. Keep in mind that the space needed for moving large musical instruments will vary due to the piano disassembly possibilities.

measuring tape used for piano moving
Make sure your piano can make through the planned path and remove any obstacles

Remove any obstacles and injury hazards. Make sure your piano moving team is, also, well aware of the transport route. Moving the piano out of your current home isn’t the only route you need. Make sure you do the same thing for unloading and moving in process. Prepare the carrying path in your new home as well. Choose the place for its placement in your new home. This way you will able to settle in quickly without carrying heavy furniture around your new home.

The best way to keep your piano safe during the transport is to load it to the truck first. This way you will be able to surround it with boxes and avoid any transport damages. In order to be fully prepared, research further and visit some reliable online sources like WikiHow.

Step 2 – Do you have everything you need for moving a piano?

Proper moving tools and gear will make the piano move much easier and stress-free. Heavy-duty buckle straps, weight-lift support belts. As well as a four-wheeled moving dolly will be more than helpful on moving day. Make sure you gather enough moving tools for both you and your friends. In order to move your piano like a pro, make sure you rent the proper vehicle as well.

Moving blankets, high-quality packing wraps, and other packing supplies will be crucial in order to avoid any damages. Make sure you gather enough packing supplies prior to moving day.

Step 3- Prepare your piano for the move

One of the benefits of hiring a professional piano relocation company is not having to worry about disassembling your valuable instrument on your own. However, a detailed piano preparation plan will keep you organized and help you prevent any moving mistake. Keeping track of your piano disassembly will make more complicated relocations like long distance NC moving process, much easier.

Varying from the type of your piano, you might be able to disassemble it in more than a few parts. Make sure you do it properly and safely pack each piano part. Take a picture before the move. This will help you assemble your piano back without missing any important step. If you are using online sources, like YouTube, make sure you find experienced piano experts guides to follow.

Step 4- The moving day

Moving day stress can make people feel overwhelmed. Not being well prepared or dressed properly may cause injuries and damages. Therefore, make sure you prepare a few days in advance and get a good night sleep.

a person standing in sneakers
Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and non-slippery shoes on a moving day

Go through the moving path one more time with your friends. Walk the path and double check for any loose tiles, steps, and obstacles. Make sure everyone chooses wisely what to wear on moving day. Non-slippery shoes and protective gloves are a must. Keep everyone well hydrated and make sure they are familiar with their tasks.  Keep your children and pets far away from the moving path and loading area.

Hiring piano moving professionals

Professional and reliable moving companies will be able to relocate all of your boxes and piano quickly and safely. Saving time and being sure you piano moves safely are the most important benefits of hiring piano movers. Whether you are in a need of local moving North Carolina services or relocating interstate, a reputable mover will make the whole process stress-free. The most important thing when choosing a mover is to check their reputability.

Make sure you avoid any moving scams by researching a few moving companies thoroughly. Look for their online reviews and as for letters of recommendations in order to avoid hiring a fraudulent mover. A reputable piano moving company will be able to answer all of your questions and meet any specific requirements you might have. There shouldn’t be any red flags. Double check everything they say and contact their former customers to make sure you made the right choice.