Painting tips to transform your home

ladders and a painted wall can transform your home

Are you tired of your plain old home? Feeling fed up with how it looks, and you are ready for a big change? Or did you just use movers Sanford NC to move to a new house, but you know that there are many things you will need to do to make it home? One of the best things you can do to breathe new life into a house is to give it a fresh coat of paint. It can transform your home in ways you cannot even imagine! But how do you do it – what colors to choose and what exactly should you paint over? Find out some of the best painting tips for changing your house in this article!

Pick the right color to transform your home

The first thing you should worry about is picking the right color. Color can tell you a lot about a space you are living in – and it can affect your mood in many ways too! It is also one of the first things people will notice when they walk into a room – so picking a good color is important. However, people often want to pick a color that will match all the furniture in their room. Tying all this, though, can be tough.

This is one of the reasons why you might want to choose to go with a more muted color when they want to transform your home. One of the most popular home remodeling ideas is picking colors that are more on a neutral spectrum – like white or grey. They will match most of your furniture items, and it will be easy to add to those colors and diversify with wall ornaments or hues like red and yellow.

Pick your favorite color and learn how to use it.

However, we recommend you pick your favorite color and test it out in one room. The color of your home will say a lot about your personality, and you want that to shine through. However, painting everything bright orange might be a bit too much – and that’s why we recommend painting just one room first. Even better, you can use neutral colors to complement your favorite color – so you can use it on a feature wall. Once you pick your color, though, it will be easy to find items that will easily match it and transform your home.

Make sure you match the color and space

Picking your favorite color is always a nice idea – but you need to think about the overall aesthetics of the place as well. There is no point in painting your whole home in one color if it just doesn’t match the space. During affordable renovation ideas, people will usually pick a neutral color for their home for another reason – it provides tranquillity. Colors like white, grey and similar pale cues can provide peace. On the other hand, stronger, but calm, colors – like darker grey and black – can boost your strength and comfort.

So, picking the color to transform your home will depend on what feels more comforting for you. If the lighter hues make you calm – then you should go for them. Conversely, if darker colors make you feel secure, then they are your obvious choice. With that, you should also think about matching the colors with your personality as well. This goes along with picking your favorite color – if neutrals are too boring for you, then you might want some pastels. Again, if you want the colors to stimulate you, then go for a bright red and similar colors.

Utilize the feature walls to transform your home

We already mentioned feature walls when talking about picking your favorite color. For those who don’t know, feature or accent wall is a wall in a room that’s a different color than the other walls. Sometimes, this can only be a different shade of the same color, but if you are feeling extra creative, then you can switch up the color or even the texture of the wall!

brick wall
Mix and match colors, patterns and materials to create a feature wall.

They are usually there to catch the eye of a person entering the room. People tend to pay most attention to the things that are unusual – and accent walls fall straight into that category. This makes them a perfect tool to transform your home using a simple paint job! So, if you don’t feel too brave and don’t feel like you’d color every wall in a bright color, splash it on the accent wall! However, try to refrain from making a mistake many people make! Don’t use too many bright colors on every wall – this makes all of them feature walls and thus – none of them too! For example, if you have a bright red on one wall, there is no need to use bright yellow on the other walls.

Bring in the outside in

Finally, this is a phrase you hear often. But what does bringing outside inside actually mean? Well, it means what you might think – bringing the elements you see outside into the room. Usually, you can do this with plants or a water feature. You can add brown and similar earth-tones to these parts of the room to complete the look.

plant, books and windows
Use plants and earthy tones to calm your visitors.

What’s more, green color is often thought as calming. So when you match it with subtle colors, you can rest your eyes on a green wall or your plants. Of course, for the sake of your plants, you need big windows! This won’t work on storage units Sanford NCyou need a lot of light to transform your home! Only then will the colors truly shine!