Packing when moving to Sanford – a pro’s guide

Two girls happy that they know all about packing when moving to Sanford

Before you start packing when moving to Sanford NC, you ought to know what this city has in store. We come forth with some basic, yet essential information regarding this place. After we’ve familiarized you with the things we deem paramount, we will continue with some best packing advice.

What’s to know about Sanford?

The city of Sanford, NC can be found in Lee County. 28,988 lovely individuals call this place their home. The cost of living is far below the national average, with housing being the biggest contributor to such results. Still, utilities and health will give you a run for your money. The place is pretty safe and affordable to live in. It is nice and quiet, tucked in with parks and tree lines. Still, any kind of action is no more than 45 minutes away.

A nice looking sidewalk
Looking for a bit of peace and quiet? Sanford will provide just that, all with the option of a lively evening not too far away.

Packing when moving to Sanford

We believe that packing when moving to Sanford won’t differ much from packing when moving to any other US city. In order to ensure the safest and most efficient move, you best start dialing the numbers of the reputable moving companies Sanford NC. If you so desire, they can take care of every part of your relocation. Still, if you wish to take some of the tasks upon yourself (packing, for example), we will be glad to help.

The most important step

When preparing for any move, be it big or small, you must declutter. Not only will this reduce the time of packing and unpacking, but it will also save you some money. Yes, we know that it’s tedious, arduous and wearying work, but it will pay off in the long run. After all, you do want to begin your life in Sanford with a clean slate, carrying only the items you actually need. So, the way to go about decluttering your home is to go room to room and pick out the things that haven’t seen the light of day for more than 6 months. If they hold no particular financial or emotional value, you ought to consider getting rid of it. Actually, scratch that. Do not consider, but rather DO get rid of it. Whether you donate, gift or toss it is no concern of ours.

Get the materials you need

Now, no packing when moving to Sanford will be possible without some boxes, right? Unless you want to use garbage bags, but that might not be advisable for your flat-screen tv. So, boxes. Try to get sturdy and quality ones, all in various sizes. Visit your local liquor and clothes store, as well as the warehouses. Avoid the boxes that have some damages or a certain odor to them. It will be quite a challenge to enjoy unpacking in your new home when the sheets smell like five-days-old onion salad. Once, you get the boxes, try finding some bubble wrap, packing paper, waterproof markers, quality duck tape and a pair of scissors.

Packing boxes
When it comes to boxes, packing when moving to Sanford does not differ from any other packing. You need quality boxes in various sizes.

Initiate the packing

If you diligently followed our previous steps, you ought to have the belongings you need, as well as the necessary packing materials staring at you. This is good. Actually, this is more than good, since you can start packing for Sanford right away. We suggest that you pack the items you seldom use first and build up from there. Small boxes are for heavy items (things like books, magazines, and dishes). Do not overfill your packages, and make sure to pad them nicely, especially if they carry items of value and fragility. Keep the bigger boxes for lighter items like pillows, clothes, and sheets. Remember that you can use old t-shirts and other items of the sort and cushioning materials, and save up on space.

Alternative methods

However great, boxes can be replaced in certain instances. See those drawers you have filled up to the top? Why empty them, only to refill afterward? Rather keep the items inside, and make sure to wrap the furniture piece with plastic foil, so as to prevent any unwanted opening. Of course, if your drawers are filled with fragile items for some unknown reason, this method would be highly unadvisable. When it comes to clothes, use your bags and suitcases to pack them. Bins and crates also might do the trick.

The use of the waterproof markers

After you’ve carefully and knowledgeably filled up your first box, and taped it shut, make sure to label it with your marker. Besides allowing you to know the whereabouts of all your belongings, you will also be able to prolong their longevity. Let us demonstrate. Say that you have packed your precious china with the greatest of care and attentiveness. It would be a shame if they were to be mishandled or treated as any other sturdy object now, would it? Writing the word ‘fragile’ on the box several times with big and bold letters can prevent such inconceivable tragedy. Another example can be seen in the storage facilities. However great storage Sanford NC may be, they won’t be able to tell you which boxes you have stored away, and which are still in your basement. Labeling them will put you in control and give you an overview of the situation. Oh, and the reason it’s waterproof is to prevent being caught off guard in a chance of rain. In our book, one can never be too prepared or too cautious.

A person holding a marker
Labeling your boxes will save you a lot of time when looking for any specific item. In addition, it will help with the unpacking, since you’ll know where to start.

Ready for the journey ahead

All of these steps have led to this moment. You now know the essentials of packing when moving to Sanford, as well as some bits of life in the city. We know that a move can cause a lot of stress in a person’s life. Try to stay positive and calm. Before you know it, your packing and moving will pass, and you will be free to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Happy travels!