Pack your boxes like a pro – here’s how

pack your boxes like a pro

Since any relocation can be expensive, we’d like to reduce this cost as much as possible. One of the best ways to lower the price of your move is to pack yourself. But, should you risk doing this when so much damage can befall your items if you pack them improperly? Or should you just hire professional packing services in NC? Well, after you read this article on how to pack your boxes like a pro you’ll be equipped to baggage your things with ease and no damage. However, if you have too many things or any really heavy items we still suggest you ask the pros for help.

Prepare your supplies

Any craftsman knows that they are only as good as the tools they use. However, even though this is the case with many trades, it’s especially important with packing. The availability and the quality of your supplies will determine how difficult your job will be in the end. 

moving boxes
Prepare all the packing supplies before you start packing.

Your supplies should include:

  • tape – it’s best to get a heavy-duty tape, and if you can, get it in different colors.
  • scissors – you’ll need something sharp to cut the cardboard or tape. Having scissors or a knife handy on a moving day can help you a lot.
  • paper – packing, newspaper and tissue paper will help you pack your boxes like a pro. You can use them to stuff fragile items for easier transport. 
  • permanent markers – extremely useful when labeling boxes which will help you unpack them with ease.
  • boxes – last but not the least, you’ll need good quality boxes to make sure your things are safe. Getting boxes which have lids will ensure that your items are intact once you arrive

Set a weight limit

Making sure your boxes aren’t too heavy is one of the main points when packing like a pro. You can do this if you set a weight limit on the boxes you’re packing. The heaviest your boxes should be is around 40 pounds (20 kg). This is the weight you can lift by yourself or with a friend without risking a pulled muscle or the boxes falling apart. Also, if you keep the boxes under 30lbs you can ensure that anyone can carry and load them into the moving truck. Besides, you don’t want your long distance movers in NC to hurt themselves. 

Before packing, make sure your boxes aren’t too heavy.

Pack your boxes like a pro

Now that you’ve set a weight limit and started packing your boxes, here’s how to really step up your packing game. These are the tricks the reliable and affordable movers in North Carolina use when taking care of your possessions.

Leave no space

Fill the boxes so there’s no free space left in them. Not only will you require the minimum number of boxes to relocate, but reducing the wiggle room your things have inside of the boxes will prevent them from falling and getting damaged. Of course, this does not mean you should stuff your boxes until they burst. Keep them filled but not overflowing

fragile package
In order to secure your belongings, reinforce the bottom of all your boxes.


If you really want to pack your boxes like a pro, you’ll need to reinforce them like the pros do. Getting heavy duty tape will help you with this. Also, make sure you tape all the critical parts twice for that extra stability. Finally, reinforce the bottom of all your boxes with towels and paper. Make them more comfortable for your items.

Heavy items first

Professional packers always pack the heaviest items first. There are many reasons for doing this and all of them are crucial for the relocation process. Firstly, you’ll want to pack the things that are hardest to pack as soon as possible. Secondly, you should always load the heavy items first, and not place them on top of boxes filled with other things. Next, don’t pack more than one heavy item per box, remember the weight limit! And, lastly, don’t let children or pregnant women lift these boxes.

Label for the win

The best way to give yourself X-ray vision during the move. If you’re able to “see” what’s in the boxes, you’re unpacking will be a piece of cake. Apart from this, you’ll know which boxes you can place on top of others. Thus, you won’t place the “Jimmy’s dumbbell weights” on top of “The family’s crystal set”.

Also, you can use multi-colored tape to mark and label your boxes. Green can be for the living room, yellow for the kitchen. This is an excellent and fun way to get your kids involved in the relocation rather than hindering it.

Packing specific items

Some items require special care when they are packed for your residential moving NC. Packaging them improperly can give you a whole lot of problems later on.

Pack your kitchen like a pro

When packaging your kitchen, you’ll run into some problems. The main one being the knives. You can pack all your appliances in boxes, but your knives should be treated with a little extra care. Namely, the main thing to do here is to ensure that all of the blades are covered with cardboard or paper. This will prevent any nasty cuts when you’re moving and emptying those boxes.

Computers and electronics

Making sure your electronics arrive safely at your new home is essential for any local or long-distance relocation. To pack these items like a pro, you’ll need special boxes. One of the best ways to transport your cables and computer parts is to get reusable plastic moving boxes. These boxes will provide your equipment with some additional protection, and they’ll give you some extra storage space in your home.

In the end, if you’re not sure, you should definitely hire professional movers to assist you in your relocation and packing. It’s better to ask for help than to try to pack your boxes like a pro and end up hurting yourself or someone helping you.