Negotiating with movers – guide for beginners


In order to ensure a budget-friendly move, it is going to be necessary to start negotiating with movers right from the beginning. However, knowing what your bargaining tools are is a necessary prerequisite in order to obtain the best moving price. The sheer fact that more and more people move every year should have played a role in helping people come across detailed information on this subject. Nevertheless, we are witnesses that a large portion of people who embark on a journey of moving are unsure of what they can do in order to get a better moving estimate. However, do not despair! With the goal to help you relocate and not break the bank, we are here to help you polish your negotiation skills for negotiating with movers. Bear with us till the end and find out what are the blue-chips that you can use for negotiating with movers.

Make sure to bargain for a better moving quote

Negotiating with movers – your starting points

Obtaining the best moving price is going to require your persistence. Furthermore, you should make sure not to back down from the negotiations just because you feel like you should not ask for more. Or to ask for something multiple times. No matter whether you are moving locally or you may be moving from Long Island to North Carolina, the negotiation process is not going to differ all that much.

Therefore, bear in mind and concentrate on the following action points when negotiating with movers:

  • Hire only a reliable moving company
  • Know that you are the customer that movers should be fighting for and not vice versa
  • Compare moving estimates
  • Bundle up moving services

Hire only a reliable moving company when negotiating with movers

First things first, we need to point out reliable cross country movers Charlotte NC are the type of a moving company that you should make sure to hire for your move. There are plenty of moving companies operating on the market. Still, there are some that you should best avoid. In order to make sure that you are talking to trustworthy movers, validate the following information:

  • Their DOT number
  • The license number
  • Their insurance policy number

Every reliable moving company is going to have the above mentioned three characteristics. None of them should have issues with sharing them with you.

Let the movers fight for you and not vice versa

One of the mistakes people sometimes make is the fact that they tend to act needy when looking for the right moving company. Acting this way is not going to help you with negotiating with movers. Just like it does not help whatever you are negotiating about.

Image of two women talking
Let movers fight to win you over and not vice versa

The moving companies are in the moving industry in order to serve our needs. The needs of the people off of whom they make their living. When you start negotiating with movers, bear this in mind. You should not let yourself fall into a trap of your own creation. Therefore, keep your head up high from the very beginning of negotiations. Let the residential movers NC of your choice know what you need and let them explain what they can do for you. Then, start trying to get more. Now is the time to move on to the next phase of negotiations.

Compare offers from several moving companies

One of the most effective tools that you can use for negotiating with movers is the price of their competitors. It is important to ask for several moving estimates North Carolina for various reasons.

First of all, you will need to compare prices. What better way to do it than by having professional moving companies come by and conduct a free assessment for you. Obviously, this is the only way to ensure that you will receive the true price for your load.

Secondly, by comparing prices, you will get a general idea of the median price for a move of your size and distance costs. Should a moving company quote you too steep a price, double check whether the services offered are worth paying more for them. On the other hand, should a mover offer you a price that seems too good to be true, there must be a catch. The last thing that you would want is to learn about the catch on a moving day.

Therefore, ask for several moving estimates and compare them. Choose the moving company that you like the best and try to lower their price according to the other estimates received.

Bundle up moving services

No two moves are the same, but all of them are similar. Therefore, every one of them is going to be personalized up to a point. Nevertheless, there are moving companies that would be ready to make further adjustments to the price they quote you in the case that you should choose a more complete moving service. Therefore, make sure to explain it to them what kind of needs you are going to need when negotiating with movers. They may come up with a tailor-made bundled moving offer that is going to provide you a better value-for-money ratio.

Negotiating with movers - plan ahead
You are going to need a plan for negotiating with movers

Keep your options open.


Receiving the most affordable moving offer is not easy. You might need to start negotiating with movers sooner rather than later. In this article, we tried to address the tools that can help you receive the best offer out there. You should make a clear negotiating plan before you dive into this pool. head-first. Invite various moving companies to examine your load. Talk to all of them. Make the pros and cons list for each of them. In the end, compare them and start negotiating for a better price. Ultimately, choose the best-rounded moving offer on the table.