Museums you should visit in North Carolina

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The best way to settle in a new city is to get to know your new neighborhood and it its amenities. Seesighting, dining out and visiting theaters and museum can help you get familiar with your new hometown in a fun way. It will also let you feel at home and meet the locals right after the move. After relocating safely and quickly by hiring reputable movers, like Moving Kings NC, you will have plenty of time to get to know the area. Therefore, in order to welcome you to the Tar Heel State, we have prepared the list of museums you should visit in North Carolina.

Get to know the museums of North Carolina

Moving to North Carolina will be a fun and exciting life-changing process. Having the feeling of a fresh start in a new place is usually one of the favorite benefits of moving. After the move and unpacking, you will have time to get to know the city. North Carolina is the state of amazing and beautiful nature, mild temperatures, and southern charm. Moving to NC will let you have an outdoorsy and healthy lifestyle. Also, the state of Nort Carolina has many great amenities. Especially museums that you can visit to enjoy the art and meet the locals.

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Moving to NC will provide you with a fun and active lifestyle.

In order to get to know the art scene, here is the list of museums you should visit in North Carolina:

  • North Carolina Museum of History.
  • Mountain Gateway Museum.
  • North Carolina Museum of Art.
  • Don’t miss out on getting to know the marine life, when living on the coast! Graveyard of the Atlantic is one of the museums you should visit in North Carolina!
  •  Marbles Kids Museum.
  • Imagination Station Science & History Museum.

NC Museum of History – Raleigh

Whether you are planning on having a long distance move to NC or relocating as a local just a few blocks away, being able to visit the North Carolina Museum of History will let you discover the thing each time. The museum is located in downtown Raleigh. The NC Museum of History is devoted to preserving and presenting the state’s history. Therefore it is the home to more than 150,000 artifacts from the past 6 centuries.

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Visit one of many museums’ events and learn more about the NC history.

The museum also offers many educational programs for both children and adults. Besides hosting rotating exhibits, the museum offers many family events like concerts and craft workshops. 

Mountain Gateway Museum – Old Fort

The Old Forst’s Mountain Gateway Museum focuses on the history of western North Carolina. As well as on the Southern Appalachian heritage. The museum is open year-round and has a free admission.

If you are interested in finding out how the past has influenced the present and in seeing antique household items, make sure this museum makes the top of your list. 

Get to know the history by stepping into the area of the 1800s by visit one of their log cabins!

North Carolina Museum of Art – Raleigh

The NC Museum of Art is the perfect place to visit if you are looking to experience the art development in the last 5000 years. With more than 40 galleries it is one of the leading art museums in the South. The admission is free and there are many great courses and workshops to enroll to as a family. Summer camps and creative workshops will allow your children to be creative and learn about the art.

A sign in one of the museums you should visit in North Carolina
Learn more about the history of art by visiting the NC Museum of Art.

In cooperation with local restaurants and musicians, the NC Museum of Art offers many great evening events. It also has the nation’s largest museum park. You can sign up for a tour and explore the 164 acres of nature and art.

Graveyard of the Atlantic- One of the museums you should visit in North Carolina

Are you fascinated by marine life? Would you like to learn more about the ocean and hear true piracy stories? Yes?! Well, then you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the NC Maritime Museum!

Moving to North Carolina will allow you to have an active and fun lifestyle. Living close to the ocean will be a dream come true for many people. Amazing beach sunsets will become a daily routine. Also, living in NC will allow you a quick glimpse into the life at the bottom of the Atlantic!

The museum is devoted to introducing its visitors to the maritime history. It also is a home to many shipwrecks of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Museums family-friendly scavenger hunts will be a great way to have fun and some quality free time with your children. Maritime craft workshops are meant for anyone that wants to learn more about the ocean while being creative.

 Marbles Kids Museum – Raleigh

You children will love the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh.  Their play-based exhibits with allow your children to learn about the art while being active. Marbles Museum initiates and sparks learning, exploring, discovery, and imagination through play. The museum promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. therefore, it features many creative workshops and exhibits. It is a nonprofit museum and charges a low admission and membership fee.

Imagination Station Science & History Museum – Wilson

As an interactive science museum, Imagination Station Science Museum in NC has as its mission to draw curiosity and interest in science. They like to say that they provide informal education in science and history. Their permanent and changing exhibitions always have history, technology or science as their main topic. Therefore, if you want to learn more about the World around you, make sure you don’t miss any of the Imagination Station Science exhibits and events!

girl looking at the moon
Learn about the science in an interactive museum.

Explore the North Carolina and its museums and art galleries

As North Carolina has many more great venues we had to keep our Museums you should visit in North Carolina short. Therefore make sure you explore the cultural scene of NC further on your own. In order to stay informed on NC top locations to visit,  follow our NC moving tips blog. Our moving experts will keep you posted on the newest NC attractions as well as provide you with useful relocation tutorials and advice.