Moving to Sanford NC this winter: pros and cons

Moving to Sanford NC this winter and looking at landscape

If you are planning on moving to Sanford NC this winter, you will probably not go wrong. It is a nice and quiet little town with a great schooling system. Even though it lacks nightlife and amusement it is a good place to settle down with your family. The area is currently expanding and this might be the perfect timing to move here. But before you call moving services Sanford, make sure that you learn all the pros and cons of doing this. Just to make sure that moving to Sanford is the best choice for you and your family.

Moving to Sanford NC, a great place for young families

Sanford NC is a small town situated in Lee County. It has a population of nearly 30,000, and this gives that neighboring feel when everyone knows everyone. The median age is only 35. So you can expect to meet many young people here. Especially young families that are trying to settle down.  If you thinking about moving to South Carolina, stop for a second and consider Sanford NC. When you are looking for a friendly and peaceful place to start your own family, this place should be on the top of your list. The general atmosphere is certainly one of the pros of moving to Sanford this winter.

Father and child play
Sanford NC is a great place for families with kids.

Winter may be the best time to move to Sanford North Carolina

One of the pros of Sanford NC is the climate. Even though it is generally not advised to move during winter. On the other hand, North Carolina winters are mild. And wintertime could be the best time to move. The snow is rare with only 4 inches per year.  So you probably wouldn’t have usual cold weather moving issues. Moving is also cheaper during the winter months.  Therefore, you can expect to find some great deals if you decide to move this winter.

Make sure that you hire only the best and most reliable moving company if you are moving to Sanford NC this winter

However, be careful when choosing movers. Some may offer you unrealistically low quotes. Those are usually frauds that will try to rip you off. Make sure that you are working only with reliable movers in North Carolina. If you want to move without problems.

Check out the job market and opportunities when moving to Sanford NC

The job market is currently on the positive side. As there are currently many jobs available in Sanford NC. Also, Sanford has a community that is helping everyone in need to find good jobs. And they are proud to be helping.

Nearly 95% of the residents are employed, the town is currently expanding, and there are many new jobs opening. If you are looking for employment in management, business, science, sales, production, transportation, or construction, you will have no problems with finding a job in Sanford NC. The Median income is $41,638.

Affordable housing is one of the reasons why moving to Sanford NC has become such a popular idea

There are currently many available housing opportunities in Sanford NC. And the prices are currently pretty affordable. The median home price is $135,200, and the rent for a one-bedroom apartment is only $693. You just cannot find a better place at those prices.

The property tax is $1178, which also is very low, comparing to the rest of the country. If you are looking to move this winter, Sanford looks like a perfect place. Call your local movers North Carolina. And start packing.

Sanford house
The median home price is $135,200, and the rent for a one-bedroom apartment is only $693. 

If you have kids, Sanford has great public and private schools

Schools are very important for people who are moving with kids. If you are in this situation, you are in luck. Sanford NC has a great schooling system with much great public and private schools. So you can be relaxed when it comes to this matter.

Looking at the residents and their education, you will see that over 77% has earned a high school diploma. And over 22% have a college degree or higher.

Weather can be nice but it would be better to wait until summer if you have certain health issues

Even though the weather is generally nice, the high humidity in combination with high temperatures could represent a problem for some people. Especially with certain health issues. If you have respiratory or some hearth condition, be careful when moving to North Carolina. Especially if you are moving from a totally different climate and environment.

If you have health issues that could appear in such climate, maybe it is better to skip moving to Sanford NC this winter. Leave this important decision for the summer. Visit the place and make sure that you can handle the tricky weather.

Sanford lake
The weather in Sanford is nice, but it can be difficult for certain types of people

Sanford NC can be boring, especially if you like to go out

Sanford NC is a very quiet town. And residents complain that there isn’t much to do to entertain around here. The restaurants are good. That is about it. If you are used to an active nightlife, better skip Sanford this winter. And think about it again when you decide to settle down.

Safety is one of the concerns when moving to Sanford NC

Safety is also one of the issues in Sanford NC. As there is practically nothing to do to entertain, except for one theater, a lot of people have turned to drugs. So the crime rate is a little bit high. Of course, it nothing drastically, but you should be aware of this problem.

Hire reliable movers to avoid trouble

Moving to Sanford this winter could be a good decision. But only if you hire reliable movers. So make sure that you are dealing with professionals if you want to move properly. And visit the place before you start looking for a home.