Moving to North Carolina made easy

moving to north carolina

Beautiful coast, the Appalachian Mountains, job opportunities, and affordable living. Is there anything not to love about moving to North Carolina? Beautiful as NC is, it will allow you to have an outdoorsy and healthy lifestyle. Great schools in North Carolina will allow your children to have the high-class higher degree education and great job opportunities later on.  Even though moving to North Carolina is definitely a great decision, the relocation process is something that may end up worrying you.

Each relocation is different and unique and should be planned in details. As the moving industry is thriving at the moment, many people find themselves to be the victims of fraudulent movers. Therefore, in order to move to North Carolina with ease and avoid any moving mistakes, you will need to prepare and plan in advance.

Reason for moving to North Carolina

Before planning a long distance relocation to North Carolina, it is always a great idea to get to know this amazing state. Therefore after the move, you will be able to enjoy your new home and get to know the surrounding area.

Beautiful nature

If you enjoy spending your time outdoors and want to have an active and healthy lifestyle, North Carolina will feel like home right away! Spend your weekend hiking in the mountains in the morning and enjoying a beach sunset in the evening. The great location of the state of North Carlina will provide you with amazing and beautiful outdoor locations to enjoy.

mountain view after moving to North Carolina
North Carolina is a wonderland for all of you that love the outdoors

US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte will be your favorite place. Kayaking, rock climbing, and water rafting are just some of the activities this popular location offers to North Carolinians.  The highest waterfall on the east coast, White Waterfalls, is also located in NC.

The climate

Moving to North Carolina will let you experience all 4 seasons. However, don’t worry, you won’t cold as the temperatures will be mild.

Job opportunities and employment

Many of the top-rated employers in the US have chosen to either have their headquarters or offices in North Carolina. Therefore, moving to North Carolina will help you take the next step in your career.

The Research Triangle Park formed by Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh is the home to more than 170 companies. And is, therefore, the center of medical, technology and science research. Other industries like industrial machinery, food products, transportation equipment and chemicals also have big name representatives in NC. This is exactly why so many young professionals are moving to North Carolina.

The people, culture and that unique charm

There is just something about the Southern Charm that makes you love North Carolinians right away. Their hospitality and friendliness will make you feel at home. Making friends and meeting new people won’t be difficult when you are a newcomer.

There will always be something to do after moving to North Carolina. Wine tasting, craft breweries, theaters, festival and fair. These are all the synonyms for having fun as a North Carolinian. Besides loving the outdoors the locals enjoy many cultural events. Therefore, whatever taste in music or art you might have, you will always find a way to have fun after.

Moving to NC- all you need to know

Have you fallen in love with North Carolina already? Packing your bags and rushing to move to NC may only seem as good idea. The truth is that moving always becomes a bit complicated. There are just so many things to do that people tend to overlook and skip an important relocation step. This why relocating to a different city can sometimes end up to be a stressful process. In order to avoid any moving mistakes, you will just need to stay organized a create a moving checklist.

Make sure you stay on track by following the next few steps:

Create a moving budget

In the beginning, you won’t be able to decide on an exact budget. Some expenses will appear along the way. However, create a budget draft in advance. Think of the most important costs of hiring a moving company, buying packing supplies, plane tickets, etc.  Therefore you will be able to plan your finances in the next few months and create a saving plan.

Plan your moving budget in advance

Hire a reliable and professional North Carolina mover

Finding a reputable moving company is essential for relocating with ease. A reliable mover can take care of any moving task for you. They can help you pack, unpack, transport your belongings and plan the furniture placement. Most importantly, if you are moving your company as well, they can provide you with commercial moving services in North Carolina.

Find a reliable a reputable moving company by following a checklist:

  • Research a few moving companies when moving to North Carolina.
  • Do an online check-up of their credentials and reviews.
  • Contact the movers and ask for more information, quotes, and an in-house estimate.
  • Research further and contact the FMSCA or a moving association to check the movers’ reputability and licenses.

Plan your packing process

Create a packing plan by keeping in mind that you are packing for your new home. Don’t relocate any furniture you don’t need. Have a garage sale, and you can end up earning some money as well. The weight of you relocation shipment will influence the expenses greatly. Therefore, sell, donate and throw away the belongings you don’t need.

markers for labeling boxes
Use colorful markers and stickers to label your boxes

Pack your boxes room by room and make sure you label them. Prepare your children for the move in advance and pack their rooms last and unpack first. This will help them adapt to the new environment and keep them busy during you unpack the rest of the house.

Pack your essentials separately and make sure your fragile items are safe. Buy quality packing material for antiques and valuables. Use towels, socks, and linen to protect your items and save money on packing supplies.

Are you ready for the moving day

Just as we said, every relocation is unique. Therefore, our plan is just a draft you can use to customize yours. Make sure you have done all the pre-departure tasks. Create a separate list of any additional help or services you might need.

If you are relocating your entire home, consider finding a moving company that offers storage service in NC. Therefore, your items will be safe after moving to North Carolina. Make sure you double check your lists. Also, don’t forget to have fun! The moving day is coming soon! Congrats!