Moving to North Carolina from New York – what should you know?

north Carolina

If you are looking for reasons to move to North Carolina, plan a short visit and we are sure you will be smitten away. Beautiful nature, mild temperatures, and the fast economic growth are the key factors for many people moving to North Carolina from New York. In order to prepare for the life-changing step and move with ease, we have consulted the best commercial and residential moving experts in North Carolina and create a short All You Need To Know guide.

Moving to North Carolina – get to know the Old North State

There are many perks to living in North Carolina. Lets’ take a quick glimpse of the most important benefits of becoming a North Carolinian:

  • The amazing outdoors. -Is the very first thing you will notice after moving to North Carolina from New York.
  • Great weather throughout the year.
  • Many job opportunities. 
  • Affordable living cost.
  • Great culture and cuisine. 

The nature and climate of North Carolina State

Man hiking after moving to North Carolina from New York
If you love exercising outdoors, North Carolina will feel like home right away

Moving to North Carolina from New York will allow you to have a healthy and outdoor lifestyle. There are many beautiful lakes, rivers, and parks to visit and enjoy the nature. If you love beaches, visit the coastal NC area. Outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, canoeing, and biking will be a great way to spend a day off in North Carolina.

If you love the mountains, visit the Appalachians and camp for a few days in order to experience the amazing views fully. Get to know the area by exploring hiking trails. Many of them lead to beautiful waterfalls, North Carolina is famous for.

The biggest part of North Carolina has the subtropical climate. Even though it never gets too cold, you will be able to experience the all 4 seasons while living in North Carolina. Therefore, due to the great weather conditions, it is no surprise  Carolinians are so outdoorsy. However, if you do start to miss NY cold winters, visit the mountain and enjoyed the snow-covered tops.

Getting a job in North Carolina

North Carolina is the state of technical innovation and is growing rapidly. The population of almost 10 million people is increasing constantly. Many of your professionals rush to NC due to many business and career opportunities.

Affordable living – one of the benefits when moving to NC from NY

When planning a long distance NC moving process, relocation and living cost will be one of the concerns. Average rental fees in North Carolina are below the national average. Therefore, living affordably after the NC move won’t be difficult. The median monthly rent for a studio or a two-bedroom apartment will, most likely, be under $1000. Average home prices are approximately around $170.000.

The southern charm and cuisine

Get ready to have friendly neighbors after moving to NC! This may come as a bit of a cultural shock for all of you moving to NC from New York City. However, being able to easily make friends and have friendly and welcoming environment will be one of the best perks of moving to NC.  Southern charm is well known and, we must say, quote easily loveable!

people talking
North Carolinians are outdoorsy and friendly and will make you feel welcomed

Don’t get fooled by the population numbers. North Carolina has many great restaurants, and probably the best barbecue you have ever tried. Craft beer is a big thing as well in NC. There are also many wine tastings you can visit and try the local vine.

If you feel like mingling with the locals after a nice day of outdoor fun, visit some of the many seasonal festivals and fairs in NC. There are many theaters and cinemas to enjoy quality plays or movies as well.

Moving to North Carolina from New York – The relocation guide

Just like any other relocation, your move to NC will require a detailed moving plan. Ideally, a few months prior to the move is the best time to start with the moving preparations. However, if the moving date is coming soon, one of the best last minute moving tips we can provide you with is to create a moving checklist and follow it.

The best way to stay organized during the moving and storage North Carolina planning is to have an actual written-down plan. Therefore, make sure you have a small planner completely dedicated to planning your move. Keep it easily accessible in order to be able to add tasks and idea to your lists.

Yore moving tasks plan should include:

  • A packing, and settling in, plan.
  • Finding a reliable moving company.

Make sure you movers can meet all the moving requirements you might have

  • List of important pre-move tasks.
post it planner
Keep track of all pre-departure tasks by creating a detailed list to follow

Write down all of the things you need to do or settle prior to the moving day. Canceling your utility bills and subscriptions in advance will help you have a stress-free move.

Pack like a pro

How come we have listed the packing as the very first relocation task? Well, by creating a detailed packing list you will be able to, more easily, assess the size of your move. Therefore, your mover can provide you with a more accurate relocation quote.

In order to keep your belongings safe during the move, you can either use professional NC packing services or do it on your own.  Experienced packers will make sure your boxes are packed, transported and stored properly. Reputable moving companies use high-quality packing materials. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any damages.

DIY packing process can help you lower moving expenses.t is possible to pack your boxes like a pro by paying a close attention to the packing supplies. Even though you might be able to gather free boxes, invest in a few high-quality and multilayered ones. Therefore, you will be able to keep valuable items safe. Ask your mover if they can provide you with a few moving crates. Consider renting a few when moving to North Carolina from New York. Don’t forget to get enough packing wrapping material as well as the labeling markers and quality sticky tape.