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    Have you moved recently or downsized to a smaller, city home? Or is it simply that you just need some extra space to keep some of your belongings safely stored? Whatever the case may be, Moving Kings NC will be able to provide you with perfect storage NC solutions for keeping your possessions safe and secured. Contact us to find out more about our comprehensive moving services.

    Storage Sanford NC Services by Moving Kings

    Whether you are moving to a nearby neighborhood or planning an international or long distance moving process it might be that you simply won’t be able to bring all of your possessions to your new home right away. Sometimes this is so due to the lack of space, time or you might want to safely store some of the furniture you don’t use anymore. The most important thing to keep in mind, when looking for the best storage NC solutions, is to evaluate the kind of a storage unit you need. Therefore choosing the right size and type of storage units is crucial for keeping your belongings safe.

    Why you should choose Moving Kings storage Sanford NC

    Moving King NC is a family owned, and operated moving company that has been in the relocation business for over than 20 years. During the past 2 decades, we have been able to acquire the knowledge, experience, skills, and tools to make each step of your move stress-free. Our moving services will help you relocate quickly anywhere across the United States. In order to provide our clients with the best moving experience, we offer a variety of moving and storage NC services. Our different type and size storage units Sanford NC will be able to meet any specific storage requirements and conditions.

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    Moving Kings NC storage NC service are top rated and will provide you safe ways to store your belongings

    Moving Kings NC moving and storage experts are highly trained relocation specialists that will help you plan your moving and storage from the very beginning. During the past 20 years, we have learned that each move is unique and needs a detailed plan and a schedule. Therefore, we create 100% tailored moving and storage plans according to your request and time frame. In order to save you much valuable time, our storage experts can take care of the packing process as well.

    Different types of storage NC solutions

    Many people are unaware of different storage NC options. Therefore, many of them choose a wrong size or type of a unit. All of which can result in your antiques or valuables sustaining permanent damage. In order to choose the proper storage Sanford NC unit, we recommend you follow a few simple guidelines: 

    a warehouse
    Create a list of items you want to store in advance
    • Evaluate the overall size of your belongings.
    • Check if some of your belongings require any special storage conditions.
    • Plan the packing process. 
    • Think about the storage NC location that will suit you the most.- We will be able to help you find a storage unit that will be close to your new home!

    The size of storage units NC

    In order to choose the best storage solution for your boxes and furniture, you will need to asses the size of the storage space needed. The best way to stay organized is to create a storage packing list. During the moving process, there will be many tasks to fulfill and plan. Therefore,  forgetting about another piece of furniture you don’t need in your new home may mean you will need additional storage units NC after the move.

    Creating a storage plan would be impossible without a moving packing plan. Therefore, first things first! You will need to decide which of the items should go to your new home. Also to separate the ones you need to put away in a storage unit. Our residential and commercial moving experts in North Carolina can provide you with full storage services. Which include additional professional storage help. Therefore, if you need any assistance with the packing plan, we will be there to help!

    Make a packing plan by creating a few separate lists. Decide on which items you want to pack, store, sell, donate or throw away. Try to stay practical and don’t keep the items you don’t need or use. Organizing a garage sale is a great way to lower your moving and storage expenses. It is also an opportunity to even earn some money during your move!

    Don’t make a common storage mistake

    After you divide a list of belongings you want to store, you will be able to evaluate the size of your storage unit. Keep in mind that having some extra space in your storage Sanford NC unit will be useful later on. People often make a mistake and rent a unit that can barely accommodate all of their belongings. If you choose a storage unit that is too small you will have difficulties reaching your items quickly whenever you need them.

    Therefore, in order to avoid wasting time looking through countless boxes, rent a bigger unit where you will be able to create a walking route. If you have any doubts or concerns about the storage space, you can always contact our moving and storage experts NC. We will gladly answer any of your questions. Also, Moving Kins NC will provide you with additional moving and storage tips and advice. The best way to have a stress-free storage and moving process is to hire the pros! Therefore, don’t hesitate to call us.

    Do you need a specialized or climate controlled storage NC space?

    If you need to temporarily store valuable belongings and artwork, you might consider renting a climate controlled unit. Items like paintings, photos and documents can get permanently damaged by temperature changes. Therefore, make sure you inform your Moving Kings storage expert about the type of items you need to store. We will make sure your valuables stay in mint condition while being in our storage units Sanford NC.

    a thermometer
    Protect valuable artwork and documents by using climate controlled storage units

    Packing for storage NC

    In order to keep your belongings safe, you need to make sure you pack properly. Free packing supplies will be easy to gather and may help you save some money. However, stacking up low-quality boxes onto each other in a storage unit can cause damage to your belongings. Also, keep in mind that valuable items need to be safely packed in proper and high-quality packing material. Avoid any storage NC damage by using our professional packing services NC. Moving Kings packers will make sure all of your belongings are wrapped and secured. In order to keep your items safe, we use multi-layered moving boxes, professional packing wraps, blankets, and tapes. Learn more about our full packing service by calling our customer service!

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    Mike G.

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