Hello there! So, you’ve decided to settle in the beautiful Apex, North Carolina. Congratulations! The place is amazing. Now you must be wondering how to get all your stuff there, hassle-free, perfectly safe and with minimal cost. Well, we are here to help you! Here, at Movers Apex NC, we will take care of all of your moving needs, for a reasonable price. We are a reputable moving company with experience and so we say with confidence, we’re your guys! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time!

    How does it all work?

    Say that you are not entirely certain about any step in the moving process. We can help you with that. How about the safety of my items? We’ve got you covered. Packing, unloading and anything else that might be related to the move? Movers Apex NC is your go-to place.  We will pack for you, unload for you while also giving you plentiful advice to guide you through your move. You will not believe how easier the move gets with some professional advice, so do not hesitate to ask for one!

    For us, it does not matter who or what is being moved, in a way. While we treat every single move individually, we take pride in giving the same quality for every single move. It does not matter if it is a business move or a family move, we are the movers from North Carolina and we will provide the same top quality service.

    There is a lot of things to consider when moving. Always make sure to have a professional handy! Movers Apex NC will ensure that your move ends up as smoothly as possible.
    We make sure to do all the work for you. Estimation, calculations, whatever you need, we do it!

    Movers Apex NC – We make it feel just right

    Often the most important factor in all of our decisions comes from “Does it feel right?” Well, here at Movers Apex NC, we do just that. Make it feel just right! We ensure this by carefully examining all your moving needs, providing you with consultation and plethora of moving options, to tailor the move exactly how you want it. We know that you want us to hear you, that it is not our move, it is your move!

    Be it residential or commercial, our moves are always of the highest standard. You will not see dirty trucks or impolite drivers with us. You want to know that we are taking care of our own property, as well as yours. It is just the mark of a good business practice.

    Let me point out what is that which we guarantee for you. We guarantee that we will have all the equipment that we need in order to facilitate your move. We will make proper estimations and will not try to milk you for more money. No hidden fees with us. You will also have guaranteed insurance with our services.

    You want your move to be done right. We make that happen. Let us prove that to you
    Feeling that everything is done right is priceless. By choosing us, you will get that same feeling!

    Listen and see for yourself!

    When selecting one of the moving companies Apex these days, you have so many options that you could lose yourself in them. We live in days where the internet is so prevalent, that you can literally spend days just reading a line or two about each of the moving companies Apex. So, how do you decide which one you like? Simple, give the prospective companies a call, listen to what they have to say. At Movers Apex NC we love your questions and are eager to provide you with answers. You should ask all kinds of questions and we will be glad to answer them. You need to protect yourself from those nasty moving scams.

    Say you just need a moving estimate. Just give us a call and we can provide that for you, as well as anything else you want to know. Honestly, in some cases we might require a visit to your place, such is the nature of this business. If possible, having a professional visit your place and give you an exact estimate is always the best way.

    How do we estimate the move?

    Every single professional moving company operates similarly when it comes to estimates. First, we come and see the place. We carefully note down key elements of the site such as elevators, distance to the trucks, you know, the general accessibility. All of these can lower or raise the estimated price so it is almost always better if we can inspect the place in person. Simply put, we know exactly what is involved, while you might miss something. That is why we are professionals, we do not miss anything! When moving locally in North Carolina, there is no better option!

    Next comes the weighing, sizing up and numbering the items that are to be moved. You can do this step yourself if you wish to save some time, but it is always better to leave all that to us. We will give you detailed information on everything that we have assessed, of course. It will all be written down so you can peruse it at your leisure.

    Finally, we calculate the distances involved. With all this information in hand, you will receive your moving estimate. We pride ourselves by giving accurate estimates in every one of our moves. Our experience enables this process to go fast and smooth.

    Estimates need to be done professionally and properly. By giving us your trust, you will get our full attention. There will be no hidden fees after we give you an estimate.
    Estimates are important. You want them done properly and you do not want them to change. With us, you get all of that!

    We know we are the best for you, let us prove it!

    Our confidence comes from long years of successful and painless moves, with very high customer satisfaction. We would like to prove this to you, by making your move go flawlessly. By making us your movers, you will have someone who cares about you and your belongings. We humbly invite you to check us out, to check the feedback we have received from our previous customers. We have no doubt in our minds that we are the right movers for you. Oh, and if you happen to be moving from New York to NC, we have a treat for you there.

    Thank you for considering us, hope to see you soon, happy and smiling because the move went absolutely perfect!

    What Our Customers Say

    Testimonial Image 1
    Neilly P Morel

    This has been an easy move from start to finish. I have never had a moving company (from the past) go so above and beyond for me, as Moving Kings did. The agent that was assigned my move made me feel...

    Testimonial Image 2
    Mike G.

    We moved 1,146 miles away to be with our children and grandchildren, I went online for quotes and got about 40 phone calls. Moving Kings had a good rating and we liked everything that was included in...

    Testimonial Image 3
    Charlie Knowles

    I wanted to take some time out of my day to share each phase of my move. I hired Moving Kings to move my house hold goods from Palm Beach Florida, to Akron Ohio. On 07/14/2017 I got a call from Moving...

    Testimonial Image 4
    Travis S. Cartwright

    My experience with Moving Kings was a fantastic one! I hired Moving Kings to move my household items back to West Palm Beach, Florida, from Oklahoma. They made this a smooth stress-free relocation...

    Testimonial Image 5
    Brenda Shea

    I was relocating from Maryland to Miami Beach Florida, the second I posted my information looking for a quote I got hundreds of phone calls. I received many different prices and I spoke to many different...

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