Moving on a tight budget

moving on a tight budget

Moving to a new home is already stressful enough. Finding the perfect new neighborhood and housing option while saying goodbye to your current home and lifestyle is an emotional and time-consuming process. Having to worry about the moving on a tight budget at the same time may sound daunting. However, relocating on a budget doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. All you need to do is to create a moving checklist and pay a close attention to your spendings during the move.

How to save money while moving

Money is usually one of the main causes of stress during a relocation. Even for the people moving due to career and promotion opportunities, worrying about the overall relocation cost is an everyday thing. In order to avoid any stress and move on a tight budget with ease, you should look for the ways to cut your moving and living expenses. Therefore, let’s take a look at the easiest ways to save money while moving: 

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It is possible to move on a tight budget with ease
  • Plan your move in advance.
  • Find an affordable and reliable mover. 
  • Start saving money and lower your living expenses few months before the move. 
  • Plan the packing and don’t relocate anything you don’t need or use. 
  • Gather free packing material when moving on a tight budget.
  • Create a DIY and reusing plan.

Planning in advance

If possible, start planning your relocation few months ahead. The peak of moving season is from May to September. Therefore, in order to save money plan your move in the early spring or fall. Avoid holidays and weekends. However, if you have a tight moving timeline and the moving day is close, consider taking a few days off. Relocate during the week rather than the weekend.

Choose the right moving company when moving on a tight budget

There are more than 7,000 moving companies to choose from. In order to save money during the move, you will need to research when looking for a reliable mover to hire. However, keep a close attention on company’s quality to price rate. Taking the lowest quote you find to later find your items arriving late or broken can turn the whole process into a moving nightmare. Therefore, make sure your mover is reputable and able to provide you with any services you might need. Reputable movers like Moving Kings NC will optimize the best rates for your move.

Always ask for a quote and an in-house estimate. This will allow you to get an exact quote for the services you need. Different types of relocations will have various fees and costs. Therefore, long distance moving services NC will be pricier than the local ones. Make sure you inform your mover about any specific requirements and services you need. This will allow you to avoid any hidden costs.

How to plan your living budget during the move

You would be surprised how much money people managed to save just by adapting their habits during the moving process. Avoid any unnecessary expenses in the course of a few months before the move. Therefore you will be able to plan your moving budget with ease as well as to save up for the time period after the move. Reevaluate and rethink all of your everyday expenses. Eating out, taxi rides and beauty products are the expenses you might manage without during the move. even if you have saved up, avoid buying unnecessary clothes. Additional costs may always come up. You will feel much more comfortable when having some extra cash just in case you need it.

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Save money by rethinking your everyday expenses

Try to calculate the living expenses in your new home. Research the approximate living cost in your future neighborhood. Therefore, you will be able to plan your finances after the move in advance as well. Look for discount stores and get familiar with the local businesses in your hometown.

Lower the relocation expenses and save on packing supplies when moving on a tight budget

In order to move with ease on a tight budget, plan your packing ahead. Create a detailed packing plan. Don’t relocate any furniture or other belongings you don’t need or use. Therefore you will be able to avoid cluttering your new home. Also, you can lower the moving expenses by lowering the overall weight and size of your move. Besides saving money, you can end up earning some as well. Organize a garage sale and sell your items online. Donate and give away the clothes you don’t need.

Save money by packing the boxes on your own. However, keep in mind that your mover won’t be responsible for the broken items if the boxes are untacked and they haven’t provided you with packing services and packing help NC. Therefore, make sure you create a detailed packing checklist to keep your possessions safe.

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Save money by gathering free packing supplies

Save money by gathering free packing supplies

Moving on a tight budget will be much easier if you save money on the packing supplies. Visit your local shops and gather free boxes. Liquor stores will be a great source of high quality and multilayered boxes to pack fragile items. Use towels and linens to wrap your breakables. Also, old newspaper, junk mail, and magazines will be useful as well. Ask your friends to help you and you will gather enough material for your move in no time.

Keep in mind that local moves require the same safety during the transport as the interstate ones. Therefore, even though you can save money by gathering you boxes locally or from Craiglist, make sure you have high-quality packing material for the antiques and valuables. Rent a moving crate or ask your friends to borrow trunks and suitcases from them in order to keep your belongings safe during the move.

DIY and reuse

There might be many things you can do, yourself, when moving on a tight budget. Repaint and redecorate yourself. Afriends friends and family to help. Reuse and repurpose some of the old furniture. Look for the ideas online and visit websites like Pinterest and you might end up finding a new hobby!