Moving in January: what to expect

a truck moving in January

January may not be the perfect time to move. You will have troubles with preparing your items for cold, you will need to deal with clearing snow and ice, and doing any kind of physical work in winter is going to harder than usual. However, there are people who intentionally like moving in January. And there are a few good reasons for this. If you are in this situation, don’t be disappointed. Think about the benefits of moving at this time of the year, and things will be easier. Moving service Sanford will be at your disposal. And you can expect to get much better deals if you are moving in January.

Moving to South Carolina in January

Moving in January can be a difficult task. On the other hand, if you are moving to South Carolina you can expect fairly nice weather. Especially if you are moving to the coastal area of the state. The temperatures rarely go below freezing and there isn’t much precipitation. But, the further you go inland, the colder it will be. On the other hand, maybe you are moving from a place that isn’t that warm in winter. In that case, you need to know how to prepare.

South Carolina beach
If you are moving to the coastal part of South Carolina you can expect nice weather even in January

Make sure that you track the weather forecast

Moving in January is difficult because of the cold weather. So one of the most important tasks while preparing for a move is to follow weather forecasts. Of course, weather forecasts are not 100% accurate, especially as far as precipitation is concerned. But they can give you a rough prediction of what you can expect. There are many good websites that could help you to track the weather, but you can also download an app for this purpose. If you do not have time to deal with this, turn on your tv and watch track the weather that way. The important part is to have a rough view of the weather and prepare accordingly.

Moving in January will require extensive planning

After you get a glimpse of the weather that will be awaiting you, you can start preparing your moving plan. Having a moving plan is the most important part of moving in January. You need to know how to protect your items if the weather will be difficult, what clothes to prepare, how to protect your home and you will also have to count in the time that you will need to clear out the snow and ice around your home. All of that requires time and good organization. That is why tracking the weather forecast and planning accordingly is very important.

Make sure that your items are protected

One of the most important things that you will need to think about when moving in January is protecting your items from cold and moist.  Some items are very sensitive to cold. But there is also a threat of condensation, when you move them from cold to warm and vice versa. So make sure that your sensitive items, like glassware wooden furniture, instruments, and electronics, are protected.  If you have a piano, hire piano movers NC to pack and prepare it for the road.

Packed piano
Packing your items during winter requires special attention, hire piano movers to properly protect your valuable instrument

Dress smart

When moving in January, you will also have to think about how to get dressed. But you will also need to prepare a few sets of clothes that you will not pack with the rest of your moving inventory. Instead, keep it in your personal bag. If you need to clear the snow, or when you start loading the truck you will easily sweat. Especially if you are overdressed. If you packed all your clothes in moving boxes you will be in trouble. So, do not overdress, and prepare spare clothes to change after doing physical work.

When you are moving in January you will probably have to deal with snow

Everyone loves it when it is snowing in December and January. But if you are moving, snow will give you a lot of trouble. You will need to clear the parking spot for the moving truck. If the snowplow passed through your street the night before, clearing the parking spot will be very difficult. So count in the time that you will need to clear it. After clearing the parking spot, you need to make sure the walkways around your home are also clear of snow and ice. You don’t want someone to fall and get hurt. If you think that it will be snowing during the night, you can throw kitchen salt on your walkways and driveways to prevent it from sticking to the ground. That way you will a much easier task in the morning.

Protect your floors

One of the things that you will need to watch out for is protecting your floors. Wooden floors are especially sensitive to moist. And they could easily be destroyed if you do not protect them from wet shoes. Especially right after the entrance doors. Of course, you need to take care of this in your old and in your new home. Throwdown some plastic sheeting over it and cover it with cardboard. The plastic will protect the floors from water and the cardboard will prevent slipping.

Caution sign
Protect the floors and make sure no one slips

Benefits of moving in January

As mentioned above, there are also some benefits to moving in January. Here is the list:

  • If you are moving in January, you can expect to get much better moving deals. The moving season is during summer, and moving companies have less work during winter.
  • You will also have a wider selection of available moving companies and storage units NC
  • Also, expect to have a wider selection of apartments and homes
  • At this time of the year, there are many sales and discounts that you can use to get new furniture or whatever you need.
  • Tax returns are coming. That is something that will be very helpful during the expensive move.