Moving in a hurry? 5 Tips for a last minute move

Tips for a last minute move

Moving somewhere new is always exciting, but most people would agree that packing is not. It’s usually a long and tiring process, especially if you have a limited time frame. That’s why our tips for a last-minute move are a mandatory read before you start panicking.
No matter if you were procrastinating or just got a last-minute work relocation notice, the good news is that relocation services North Carolina are here to help. So you shouldn’t one more minute stressing about your move. Instead, focus your energy on getting work done! There are many tips for a last-minute move that incorporate a lot of effective packing hacks. With good organization, dedication, and our 5 expert tips for a last-minute move, you’ll quickly clear out your home, safety guaranteed!

Here are our top tips for a last-minute move

1. Moving checklist

Our tips for a last-minute move wouldn’t be complete without this essential trick. Making a moving checklist sets you up for success by the end of the relocation. Before you get down to packing, take a walk through your home to examine items you own. You will have to quickly decide which items you want in your new place for sure. You will have to leave behind some stuff. Make three lists to stay organized: Pack, Donate, and Toss. Then start clearing up your home, one pile at a time. It’s 2 in 1 – decluttering and packing at the same time!

Coffee cup, an empty notebook and a pen
The best time of the day for a last-minute move is always the morning. Our experienced crews highly recommend it.

Get as much of an early start as you can!

Get an early start if you have to pack a lot of stuff quickly. You only have so much time when it comes to organizing your relocation. Read our ultimate guide for a successful moving day. If you really aren’t an early bird, there are still some other tips for a last-minute move that could save you. You could move without your things, then somebody could ship your boxes afterward. Or you can put everything in storage and worry about it later. Your third option is to just give away or sell everything, move and buy new things after settling in.

2. Essential tips for a last-minute move: Gather supplies and rent a truck

This is number one on our tips for a last-minute move list, but two preceded it because they’d be first schedule-wise. But in reality, where would you go without packing supplies? You cannot pack or load a moving truck without proper equipment. Gather boxes of different sizes, packing paper, bubble wrapping, some markers for labeling and box cutters. Movers Greensboro NC can provide boxes and packing supplies for you ahead of time. But if you have just gotten the memo for your relocation, whatever the reason may be, our crew will deliver all the supplies at your doorstep on moving day. We can also properly pack you in a matter of hours. Even if it’s late the night before moving day, call us! You need to make sure that you have all the necessary supplies.

Use what you have – tips for a last-minute move

  • Often overlooked as tips for a last-minute move are the tricks to utilize all of your belongings. That means you should be packing smaller items directly into larger ones.
  • You read that correctly. Pack smaller items such as clothes into larger duffels. You can even place a smaller duffel into a larger one. You never would have thought of it yourself? You’re welcome.
  • Fill up all your suitcases, baskets and travel bags! It is always a bonus when you have something on wheels. These tips for the last-minute move will save you a lot of time and energy. Instead of hauling six items, you will be moving two!

Grab garbage bags

Garbage bags make packing softer and lighter things like towels, blankets, and clothes super easy. You can simply throw any non-fragile items into a large trash bag. They are so convenient because they’ll carry more items than boxes. If you plan to stuff your trash bags, make sure you buy a strong and sturdy brand.

One last thing, you don’t want your trusted mover, or even yourself to accidentally mistake these bags for garbage. Attach a ribbon to the top to distinguish them from your common garbage bags. Or just use clear garbage bags!

Buy recyclable moving bins

Now, these are one of those items you won’t be able to get the night before you move. However, if you plan just a few days ahead, this hack can be a lifesaver. It will save you a ton of time. Recyclable plastic moving bins are safe and secure and were designed to make moving and storage simple. They require zero assemblies! They’re what makes tips for a last-minute move really practical and efficient!

3. Pack room by room

Instead of throwing stuff in boxes without order, running from one end of your home to the next, focus on packing last-minute with a system. Packing room by room will increase your productivity and help the unpacking process as well.

Another trick is to start with big furniture and end with small. Start with larger spaces such as the living area or the dining room. Then do the bedrooms, and finally finish with your bathrooms. Saving your smaller rooms for last will keep you motivated, making a last-minute relocation less dreadful. We are all about keeping your sanity.

Empty cardboard box
When you get an early start, you’re allowing yourself the time to stop and take a moment to double-check your boxes and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and that everything is ready to go.

4. Clothing packing tips for a last-minute move

A swift and convenient last-minute moving trick is to leave your clothes on hangers. You can then transport them in almost any way. Lay them flat in your vehicle or pack them inside garbage bags but leave the hangers sticking out. This also makes the unpacking feel like you have a superpower. It is moving simplified 101! Because what’s quicker than simply hanging your clothes back in the closet, just in your new house?

Blank cards used for tagging are one of our go to tips for a last minute move
In order to utilize our tips for a last-minute move, you need to be meticulous about how you label your bags.

5. Use our professional packing services.

Hire us to pack your entire household in a quick and safe way. You can also hire our services to pack a few rooms that would take up too much of your time. If you’ve moved before, you know a strong, reliable packing team is probably a great investment. Hiring professional packers is a great time saver and one of the most important tips for a last-minute move.