Moving heavy furniture – How to do it right?

moving heavy furniture

Moving heavy furniture is a task you can’t avoid if you are relocating to a new home. Loading the heavy items into the truck only to later unload it sounds like a daunting task. Many people try to speed up the whole moving process and aren’t being careful enough. Therefore, moving injuries are not uncommon. In order to stay safe during the moving day and avoid hurting yourself, you should prepare and plan the moving process of your heavy furniture.

Things to know before moving heavy furniture

The very first thing you need to realize when moving heavy items is that you will need help. Therefore, if you are having DIY relocation ask your friends to help. Assess the number of you will need to invite in advance. Make sure you have them confirm they are available on the moving date.

If you are not looking forward to heavy lifting and moving the furniture yourself, hire a professional mover. Moving Kings NC can take care of the relocation process for you. Having professionals to do the heavy thinking and lifting will make your relocation safe and quick. Moving experts are used to moving heavy furniture and will have the knowledge and tools to do it as quick as possible. Also, by hiring a reliable moving company you will avoid any damages of your home of the items you are relocating.

Plan the route

Man carrying and moving heavy furnture
Avoid any injuries by planning the carrying route

Whether you are having a DIY more or hiring a moving company you should plan and clear the moving route in advance. Make sure you take away any obstacles in the way. Plants are easy to forget about and will be a tripping hazard while carrying a heavy and massive sofa. Therefore, make sure you can walk around without bumping into anything. Also, if you are moving the furniture yourself, make sure the people helping you are familiar with the planned route.

For carrying heavy furniture down the stairs, use ramps. Install them and check if they are secured a day before the move. If needed, remove the door stops.

Also, make sure you plan the furniture placement in your new home before the moving day. Use a floor plan to create the furniture layout. This will make the unloading and unpacking process much easier. You will able to put your furniture in the right spot right away rather than carry it around your new home until you find their place.

Mke sure your kids and pets are nowhere close the loading and carrying area.

Get the right gear

In order to be prepared for moving heavy items, like furniture, you will need to gear up. Here is a list of helpful tools that will keep you safe during the moving day: 

moving fork lift
Rent or buy proper gear to help you relocate with ease
  • Moving dollies and lifting forks will be useful for moving heavy furniture. 
  • Shoulder Dolly.
  • Lifting Straps.
  • Lifting Belts.
  • Furniture Slides.
  • Protective gear for yourself and your friends. Gloves and proper clothes will help you avoid hurting your hands.

Make sure you don’t forget to buy or rent the gear in advance. Search online. Websites like Amazon will be a great source of the protective moving gear.

Protect the furniture and prepare it for the moving day

Proper packing is crucial when wanting to relocate your furniture without any damages. Therefore, make sure you have the right packing material. Buy paper and plastic wraps as well as the sticky tapes and scissors. Protect your furniture with moving blankets and linen. Secure them additionally by wrapping them with a plastic wrap as well.

Take apart anything you can. Furniture legs and chair backs will be ease to reassemble later on. Empty the clothes and take out the drawers. This way you will be able to lower the weight of your heavy furniture.

The moving day

Nevermind how much effort and time you took for planning your moving day, it will get really busy and hectic. More complicated relocations like international or long distance NC moving process will require more preparation and planning. This can make you lose focus and not pay a close attention to details during the moving day. Avoid injuries while moving heavy furniture by being prepared for the moving day. 

Prepare for the moving day in advance

Dress properly

Stay safe by choosing what to wear on moving day wisely. Your clothes should be comfortable and able to protect you. Jeans and a comfortable t-shirt are always a great fashion choice for the moving day. Make sure you don’t either over or underdress. Avoid any jewelry or other accessories.

Wear comfortable and non-slippery shoes. You will need to walk around and lift for a longer period of time. Therefore, make sure you have proper shoes for moving heavy furniture. Avoid any shoes that will leave your feet exposed. Make sure all of your friends helping you dress properly. Also, buy enough safety items live gloves or hats.

Lift with your head, not your back when moving heavy furniture

Make sure you lift properly in order to avoid any injuries and stay safe. Rather than bending when lifting the furniture, squat. Use the strength of your legs to lift, not your back. Coordinate the lifting and carrying with your friends. Avoid lifting too high more massive furniture like mattresses and tall closets.

Just one more thing- don’t forget to take care of yourself

There will be many things to do during the moving day and moving heavy furniture. make sure you and people around you are well hydrated and feed. Prepare the water bottles in advance. Avoid eating any heavy food and look for more healthy choices. You might crave for a burger. However, lighter food will help you keep your energy level higher. Therefore, don’t skip meals and drink some more water than usual.