Moving Guide for Seniors

Two seniors holding hands and moving

Whatever our reason for relocating, we all want to have a stress free relocation as quickly as possible. With our moving guide for seniors, you’ll know all the best tips which will make your next move fun and easy.

Choose where you want to move

Maybe you don’t already have an idea of where you’d like to move and you just want to enjoy your retirement somewhere new. If this is the case, you’ll need to ask yourself where you’d like to spend your time. Do you want to move to a small town and enjoy some well-earned peace? Or you want to go to a place full of activity? You can check out this list of best places to retire in NC and decide.

some senior citizens riding bikes
Choose a location with a lot of fun activities you can do

Start preparing early

Moving is a complicated process which requires a lot of preparation. Make sure you start planning your move as early as possible. This will give you enough time to do everything at your own pace. You wouldn’t want to rush any part of the moving process. So, before you call your reliable movers in NC you’ll need to plan.

Break into smaller tasks

One of the best tips from the moving guide for seniors is to break down your tasks. There’ll be a lot of work to regarding your move. If you decided to do it all at once, it might prove too tiring. So, it’s a good idea to do a little bit every day. Invest as much time as you can afford or want. However, this means you’ll have to start as early as possible so you would have enough time. You can make a schedule to help you organize your moving activities.

USEFUL TIP: You can color code your schedule with colored tape to improve your efficiency. This technique will increase your efficiency and help you finish in no time!

Moving guide for seniors tip: Get rid of what you don’t need

People should use every time they move as an opportunity to get rid of excess things. Over the years we all accumulate a lot of generally useless items. Our closets are full of those suits or dresses we never seemed to have worn enough. And our cupboards brimming with ancient tea sets we never used. Well, there’s no reason why you should haul all of that with you when you move!

Since the cost of your move will depend in a great deal on the number of things you want to be relocated, it’s a good idea to leave some stuff behind. You can reduce your clutter in many ways:

  • Sell what you can – it’s not a bad idea to organize a yard sale in the months before your move. This will be an opportunity to get rid of some things and make money off them. This way you’ll save up some additional cash to help with your move. This is why organizing a yard sale is at the top of the list in our moving guide for seniors.
  • Donate what’s left – any items you don’t sell you can give away. There are people less fortunate than you who might need what you won’t use.
  • Gift away some special items – some of your things may be too important or valuable to sell on a yard sale. If you can’t (or don’t want to) take these when you move, you can give them to your friends and family. This will leave your friends something to remember you by once you’ve moved.
  • Throw away – unfortunately, not all things can be gifted, sold or donated. That’s why you can’t be afraid to throw them away.
Moving guide for seniors tips: pack your most precious items yourself
Save your memories when you’re cleaning up

Get a floor plan of your new home

Use the blueprints to plan where you’ll put your things once you arrive. Also, you can plan the order in which you’ll load the boxes in the new place. All of this will help you be more efficient in your relocation. Having a floor plan of your new place is one of the tips in our moving guide for seniors which will reduce the time you spend unpacking.

Reduce the number of things you do

As we mentioned before, moving is tiring work. So, the best way to speed up the process and lower the stress is to have someone else do it. You’ll want to reduce the work you regarding your move to a minimum. Of course, there are some things only you will be able to do. No one can change your address for you, or pack your jewelry. However, there are a lot of things you’ll want help with. Check with your doctor before you perform any dangerous activities.

Moving guide for seniors suggest you reduce the number of things you need to do
You can spend time with your grandchildren while the pros pack

Packing is one of them. You can ask your family, relatives, or friends to help out. However, the best way to lower stress and have everything done quickly is to hire packing services NC. Hiring professional movers to take care of your relocation for you is one of the tips from the moving guide for seniors.

Make a list

You should write down all the important things you’ll need to do for your move. Scheduling, packing, changing your address, and all the other moving-related tasks should be on your list. The list will help you remember what you need to do and help you avoid any mishaps. If you don’t believe us check out why it’s important to have a checklist.

Pack a bag of essentials

The final tip in out moving guide for seniors is that you should pack an emergency bag for your relocation. This bag should have everything you’ll need from medication to a fresh pair of socks. Pack this bag with survival in mind. It may take a long time for you to relocate to your new place, especially if you’ve hired long distance moving services in NC. You should be prepared for the worst.