Moving during the holidays – good or bad?

Moving during the holidays

So, the Holiday season is coming up. If you are planning your relocation, there are numerous aspects you should consider. Moving during the holidays can be different than your average move. In any case, good reparation is the key to success. However, we are posing the question if a holiday relocation is a good idea. Take a look at the pros and cons before deciding that moving during the holidays is the best decision for you.

How to prepare for your holiday relocation?

There is a long list of tasks associated with every relocation. However, moving during the holidays can be even more complicated than you expect. That is why you should start preparing a few months in advance. Professionals recommend that you make a to-do list and put everything on paper. The list will help you not to forget anything while preparing for the holidays and moving at the same time. Consider that the most important aspect you should consider is finding the best cross-country movers Charlotte. On the other hand, numerous other tasks may include:

register folders
Organize your documentation when preparing to move to your new home.
  • Organizing the important documentation (medical and school records, traveling paperwork and airplane tickets, passports, insurance, and moving documentation)
  • The change of your current address
  • Transfer of your utilities, internet, and cable tv
  • Hiring the best movers for your specific needs
  • Getting packing supplies during the holidays
  • Renting a moving truck if moving without professional assistance
  • Organizing your friends to help etc.

When preparing for moving during the holidays, you should consider decluttering your home. While you decorate and browse through our attic, basement, and garage, put aside all of the items you don’t wish to relocate. If you donate, throw away or sell those items, your movers will give you the better price for your upcoming move. But decluttering you home it’s only the part of your preparations. You should make sure to plan ahead and prepare for the possible harsh weather conditions. Plan your route if you decide to drive the moving truck. Keep plenty of fluids on hand and make sure you don’t travel alone unless you have to. Some roads may be closed due to snowy weather. For this reason, you should plan the alternative route when driving your rental moving truck.

Reasons to move during the holidays

Most people won’t agree when you say that moving during the holidays is a good idea. The reason is simple – they think of the heavy traffic and the money they have to spend keeping the holiday cheer. However, that may not be entirely true. Holiday time is famous for numerous sales everywhere. Even reliable moving companies tend to offer deals on their services. This option is quite convenient when moving from Long Island to North Carolina on a budget. Needless to say, that quality movers with experience will tend to respect your budget in any case. But you may save even more when you hire quality movers for moving during the holidays. Reliable movers can help you avoid packing and the heavy lifting. Instead, you can spend time with your family while movers organize your entire relocation.

warm liquids in mugs
It is best to enjoy holidays in your new home. Movers with experience can help you move without stress.

Celebrating Christmas is far more beautiful in your own home. In case you are relocating to a new residence, make sure to include your family in the move. Sometimes it is easier to overcome moving difficulties and stress if every member of your family is included. The plan is decorating your new home and pack your belongings with ease while every member of your household is helping you.

Reasons not to move during the holidays

In case you are moving on your own without professional relocation specialists, you may consider renting a moving truck and buying your own packing supplies. In this case, professionals don’t recommend moving during the holiday season. Whether you are living in the area where harsh winters are a common occurrence, you may experience difficulties when moving your home. Numerous things can go wrong. That is why you should do everything to prevent injuries on a moving day. Carrying heavy and bulky furniture can be quite difficult without professional moving equipment. Not to mention heavy traffic, closed roads, and icy sidewalks. An inexperienced individual may get in any moving difficulty in these difficult weather conditions. That is why no one recommends moving during the winter without professional help.

There is another reason why a holiday move may not be a good idea. If moving long distance, you may not be able to prepare your new home for your family’s arrival. If you don’t have anyone who will visit you’re home a day before and turn the heater on, consider the alternatives. You may wait for a few hours until your home is completely heated and ready for your family to relax after the move.

Moving during the holidays – choose quality movers that meet your needs

If you decide to hire a quality moving company to help when moving during the holidays, contact the moving companies you like a month in advance. Holidays can be a busy season for anyone. So, keep in mind that your movers also may be busy. Let movers know in advance that you will be moving and provide your moving timeline. Ask about the services they offer and ask for the moving quote. That is the estimate of your relocation costs. Make sure that the movers you are considering, have great online reviews, substantial online presence and offer numerous services.

Choose quality movers that offer deals on services when moving during the holidays.

When you contact more than one moving company for your holiday move and ask for the moving quote, compare the quotes and movers. Make sure you ask about the special deals before you ask for the official moving quote. That way your movers may give you a better price when moving during the holidays.