Moving day with kids – how to survive?

A mum who knows how to survive a moving day with kids

Ah, kids… What peaceful and calm little bundles of joy… Said no parent ever. Sure, they are fun, often witty and genuinely nice to have around. However, during the time of the move, things can get messy pretty fast, and kids are not the ones that handle it best. If you were able to keep them calm and understanding for the preparation period of your relocation, kudos. However, the moving day with kids approaches fast, and how exactly will you survive? We have a couple of ideas, so feel free to read on.

Moving day with kids – skip the trouble altogether

Is this yet another joke? Not exactly. This is the time to put your parents’ love to a test. They can babysit your offspring, while you tend to the more urgent matter, like your relocation. While it is perfectly fine for them to come by your house, and safeguard them there, it would be best to take your kids over to their place. Apart from keeping them away from all the ruckus, you are also allowing your movers Sanford NC to work in peace, not having to worry about running into your little ones.

Grandparents taking care of their grandkids
Put their love to a test and see if what they claim is true.

If your parents are relatives are not able to assist with this rather simple task, consider hiring a nanny. While it will have an effect on your budget, it will also do wonders for your nerves, so do not dismiss this idea right from the get-go. Any sort of daycare is great when you want to survive moving day with kids. 

Nice weather calls for outdoor activities

Chances are you were lucky enough to schedule your move on a nice day. Great weather means a great excuse to send your kids out to play. Letting them have their fun in the backyard will keep them out of your way, whilst providing them with the maximum amount of fun. Make sure that they have enough refreshments and snacks, and you are good to go. If you have already packed all their toys, suggest a game of tag or hide-and-seek. A nice way to both pass the time and commemorating the event of your departure is to give them some colored chalk to decorate the sidewalks or driveway of your home one last time.

Creating a moving day safe room

Not all can welcome their moving companies Sanford NC with fine weather. It can be cold or even raining when the time for your moving day with kids arrive. Still, this is no reason to fall into despair. It would be best to check the weather forecast a few days in advance, just to be able to prepare adequately. What we have in mind is a moving day safe room, so to speak. It is a room where your children will be free to go about their day, without running into movers, and vice versa. You can go so far as to post a sign on the door.

A kid playing with toys
Fill the room with toys that are challenging enough to keep them occupied, yet simple enough not to bore them.

Now, what would keep your kids occupied in there, having that the majority of their belongings is packed away? Here are some suggestions:

  • for the lack of electronic goods (television, DVD player, video game consoles), there are always good old board games, coloring books, dolls, and all other low-maintenance toys. These are super easy to pack, so you can save them for the very end. Make sure to place a cooler with some snacks and drinks in the room, along with the family pet for company and comfort (that usually goes both ways)
  • if your kids are old enough to read, consider buying them some new books to get lost in. Time will fly by, and they won’t even notice your absence, the noise from relocation, nor their hunger. So, make sure to check up on them every now and then, and see that they are well.
  • for the ones willing to go the extra mile, we suggest that you set up a portable DVD player in a small tent you can pitch in your room. Fill it with sleeping bags and flashlights, and let them ”camp out” for the time the movers are at their job. Once the relocation is complete, you can simply pack up the tent, put your little ones in the car, and get to your new home.

Consult your moving company

Certain moving companies offer moving day activity bundles for kids of certain ages. When asking about your move, see if this is an option. If so, let them know how many packs to bings, and make sure that the activities are age-appropriate. Your kids will pass the time with coloring books, stickers, play dough, bubbles or decks of cards.

A kid coloring a coloring book
These bundles are often a safe bet since they are tried and tested means of keeping kids occupied.

Take your children out for a walk

Often times the presence of both parents on a moving day is not required. At least during the whole day. Especially if you hired a quality moving company. If this is the case, consider taking your kids out for a walk around the block. It will be beneficial in multiple ways. You will all get to say a proper goodbye to your old neighborhood, and catch some well-needed fresh air. In addition, you can stop by your favorite food place, and get some food for the whole family.

Who would have thought that moving day with kids is highly survivable after all? It does take some planning and creativity, but it pays off in the long run. Before you know it, you will all enjoy your new home, and reminisce about the good old times you shared in the previous one.