Moving day meals – dos and don’ts

Wraps prepared as moving day meals

Moving can sometimes be too stressful and complicated.  And in those situations of chaos and disorder, it can be easy to forget about yourself. Luckily, as you are already reading this article, that means that you started thinking in advance, and you want to be completely ready for your move. And to be ready for the move means that you already prepared a moving plan that besides, packing, hiring a moving company, loading, and unloading, contains directions that are considering your food management.  Maybe this is not going to sound right, but hiring a reliable moving company for your long-distance move is more important than preparing moving day meals. You can move without properly prepared meals, but not without a good moving company.  But if you already hired movers Carrboro NC, there is no reason why not to dedicate some time and prepare delicious moving day meals.

Create a food management plan

Moving preparations should start the moment you decide to move. And even though, people sometimes move on short notice, you usually have a month or two to prepare for your move. That should leave you enough time to prepare and conduct your food management plan.  That means that you should start thinking about the food you already have in your home. Especially about frozen foods that you have in your freezer and ones with a close expiring date. That is if you don’t want to waste anything.

Woman planning moving day meals
Create your food management plan before the move

Because moving is so expensive, you certainly don’t want to inflate your moving expenses by wasting food.  Besides wasting the food you have at your home, you will have to buy new food for the road. So, that is kind of double damage that you are causing to your moving budget if you’re not managing your food properly before the move.

Use your frozen food before the move

Your before-move food management plan should consider preparing meals from frozen ingredients you have in your freezer in the period before your move. Also, to have enough fresh components for your moving day meals. Your goal is to wake up on your moving day with an empty freezer. And a nearly empty fridge. And the best way to do it is to prepare a cooking plan. List the items that you have in your freezer, and plan about gradually decreasing your food stock by using those ingredients for everyday meals.  If you make a good plan in advance, it will be much easier to use all your food and not waste any.  On the other hand, you can check with your moving companies Apex NC if they are capable of transporting your frozen items.

Woman eating fries during a move
Forget about fast food

Do not order fast food for your moving day meals

When it comes to your moving day and preparing your moving day meals, it is important not to fall in the trap of ordering fast food. Besides wasting money, fast food is bad for your health. Moreover, fast food is full of sugars and bad carbs, which, even though they give you a quick energy boost, very fast lead to tiredness. And for your moving day, you will need lots of energy.  So, forget about pizza, burgers, and fries. They might look like the most convenient option. And maybe they are, as far as preparing and consuming is concerned.  However, you should be smarter, and prepare fresh healthy moving day meals that will give you energy for a whole day moving hassle. And keep you in good spirits.

Make smaller moving day meals

Another thing to remember is no to make abundant meals. You will probably have no time to eat them whole. And it can be hard to work on a full stomach.  Make smaller portions, the ones that you can eat in of your feet and in few fast bites.  

Prepare dry moving day meals

Moving day meals should be prepared depending on the length of your move. If you are moving from North Carolina to California, for example, you know it is going to take you at least two days to get there. In that case, you should avoid preparing food that is easily spoiled. Or you should prepare an ice cooler box for the road. Also, you should avoid preparing meals that difficult to handle. Cooked meals are not practical for the road. And you can always stop somewhere for lunch. That’s is why the best thing to do is make dry meals. Whole-wheat wraps or bread can be a good solution for small quick bites.  Stuff them with hummus, some salad, cheese, and boiled eggs, and you will have a great moving day meal full of good carbs, fibers, and protein.

Almonds on a table
Prepare nuts for your moving day

Nuts are a good choice for moving day snacks

Also, prepare protein granola bars, that can give you a quick boost when you start to feel tired. But if you keep a bag of nuts in your pocket, and you occasionally throw a few down your throat, you will feel energized throughout your move. Nuts are healthy and full of good fats, which are dissolving somewhat slower than carbs, thus providing you with long-term energy that will last longer.   

Do not forget about liquids

The most important thing not to forget about is liquids. You should completely avoid alcohol while you are moving. On the other hand, you can prepare a few energy drinks for the road, but do not take too much. Even though they can give you a quick burst of energy, they are unhealthy and are not for everyone. People with high blood pressure, or any other cardiovascular issues, should avoid drinking energy drinks. Pregnant women and children should also stay away from these.  It can be good for the driver to take one occasionally, but if you think that you will have trouble staying awake while driving all the way to California, prepare a thermos with hot coffee.  That is a much healthier option.  Also, do not forget about water. You should stay hydrated at all times, especially if you are moving in the summer.

If you do not want to stay hungry during a move follow these tips

To summarize, preparing moving day meals is a little bit complicated and you have to have a good plan if you do not want to stay hungry or end up ordering fast food.

  • Prepare a food management plan.
  • Do not order fast food. Pizza is not a good moving day meal.
  • Make smaller meals.
  • Do not prepare easily spoiled meals.
  • Use whole-wheat bread or wraps.
  • Prepare nuts for an energy source.
  • Avoid alcohol. Drinking alcohol during a move can lead to a disaster.
  • Avoid energy drinks.
  • Prepare coffee.
  • Prepare lots of water.

However, if you follow these tips, you can have a pleasant journey and concentrate on upcoming tasks of unpacking and arranging furniture at your new home.