Moving day list of chores

checklist - moving day list of chores

As you might have already heard, moving can be quite a hectic process in anyone’s life. It’s not just that it is a big change – which it is. There is just so many small things and chores that you need to do and think about. Forgetting any of these might cause some trouble, which can easily have a domino effect on your whole move. This is why people often call moving companies Garner NC – with them, they are able to delegate a part of the moving chores and tasks while focusing on the others. However, even with professional movers on your side, you will still need to keep a cool head and stay organized. This is why you should make a moving day list of chores. Find out what to include on it in this article!

Moving day list of chores includes setting aside items you are not moving

One of the first things you will want to do on the moving day is to make sure your movers know exactly what they are packing – and what stays behind. This is why one of the first things on your moving day chores list should be to divide things up. Carefully mark the boxes you need your movers to pack – and talk to them about unboxed items. You do not want to realize your long distance movers North Carolina have picked up some items that were not supposed to go on the moving truck.

man signing paperwork
Make sure you have your paperwork on you when moving.

More importantly, this applies to your documents as well. You will need them with you on the moving day, and throughout the move too! This is why you should put them in a separate place, far away from the things that go onto the truck. The same applies to your essentials bag – if you are taking it with you, then it should be in the car when your movers arrive. Otherwise, you will have to work without some of the necessary items, which can be a nightmare!

Don’t forget about your kids

While we are on the topic of packing up an essentials box – you should also consider what your kids will need during the move – and put those on your moving day list of chores. It’s a smart idea to keep your kids busy when preparing for the move. So, make sure you give them a task of packing up one box of their favorite items. These should be the things they will want to unpack first in your new home. Because of this, you should make a point of telling your movers that these should be the boxes they unload first.

Don’t forget about your kids on the moving day.

Including your kids in the moving process in this way is a great idea. However, when the moving day arrives, you will already have a lot of chores on your list. Because of this, you might want to find someone to keep an eye on your children while the movers are loading up the truck. Once that the truck is ready to go, you can bring your kids over and begin your journey to your new home.

Put cleaning up on your moving day list of chores

Another thing you should never forget is to clean up before the movers arrive. This will give them easy access to all your items. What’s more, your house will be presentable and ready for the move. In order to make this easy, you will want to remove as much trash as you possibly can before the moving day even arrives. While the moving process is happening, there will be a lot of garbage piling up anyway. You don’t need to already have some residue from days before it to clean!

You should pay special attention to any flammable items and chemicals during this period. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a lot of rules about hazardous items – and many companies will refuse to carry flammable items themselves. This is why it’s important not to have any such item sneak by you or the movers on the moving day. They can be dangerous to everyone involved, as well as your items. This is why your moving day list of chores should include removing all these items before the movers arrive. If you are unsure about which items you can’t take with you, talk to the estimator about what’s forbidden by the law and their company.

Make some room for your movers

A chore that many people forget to put on the moving day lists is to clean up the area around the house and make it accommodating to the movers. Your reliable movers will come with a moving truck. This is why you need to make sure that they will be able to park it near to your home. So, make some room on your driveway, or the part of the street next to your house. If you live in a building with parking, you can arrange to have a couple of spots for yourself. You can either do this with your neighbors or having your friends part there until the truck arrives.

a house
Make your house approachable.

What’s more, it’s your duty to make the move safe for your movers. You can do this by getting the truck as close to your house as possible. However, there are more things you can do. The main thing to put on your moving day list of chores is to remove any and all obstructions. Potted plants and planters, for example, should not be waiting for the movers on your porch or walkway. You should also consider removing the doors, as well as putting away your mats and rugs. Low hanging items are also not needed during the moving day – so store them away for a time. This way, you will have a quick and easy move with no stress!