Most common DIY moving mistakes and solutions

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Any relocation is a complex process. It involves uprooting your whole life and moving it to another place. Due to that complexity, a lot of people decide to hire professional movers to help them get through their move. It costs some money, but it brings many benefits, like a safer move and less time spent on move preparations. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who will choose to move themselves. Especially if they are not moving a very long distance or the move isn’t too complex. If you fall into this category, it would be smart for you to know the DIY moving mistakes and solutions to avoid them. So, let’s talk about them!

Not doing the research

One of the most common DIY moving mistakes come with one of the easiest solutions. We are talking about research. Now, a move may not seem like something you need a lot of research on at first glance. You just pack up your things, load them up on the moving truck and you are good to go, right? Well, not exactly. As long distance movers Raleigh NC might tell you, there are a lot of things related to a move that professionals will know, which your avarice person may not. Anything from how to lift items properly, to how to load the moving truck right. These nuances are mundane for moving companies, but not for an average citizen.

A man using a laptop. Not researching is one of the most common DIY moving mistakes and solutions to it are very simple - just browse the internet!
Good research will save you both time and money!

In addition to that, there are certain items that require special care when moving. These include instruments, expensive electronics, antique furniture, collectors’ items, etc. All of these require a special kind of care specific to the type of item moved. Here too the everyday experience of moving professionals, like moving companies Sanford NC for example, comes into play. It can make the difference between a successful move and one that results in expensive items being damaged. So in these situations, hiring a professional moving company may be the best option to follow. On the other hand, you might be just fine organizing the move yourself. Just make sure you invest enough time in research. With the internet bringing crucial information right to your fingertips, just a little research can save you from a lot of stress.

Not leaving enough time – one of the most common DIY moving mistakes

When talking about the most common DIY moving mistakes and solutions to them, we must mention not leaving enough time. We are all guilty of some amount of procrastination. Putting off something we don’t feel like doing for a later time. As it happens with so many moves, you can easily leave the moving preparations for the last minute. This, however, is far from ideal. Cramming all the moving preparations into a short time period will make your moving stress skyrocket. It might also result in you forgetting something important for the move. Finally, doing everything in a rush will leave you tired. Add to that that a relocation is an exhausting process and it becomes obvious why good planning is so important here.

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Not leaving enough time is one of the most common DIY moving mistakes. The solution is simple, just plan ahead!

The solution to this DIY moving mistake is simply to leave enough time. Industry professionals will often talk about leaving six to eight weeks for movement preparations. Especially if you have a full-time job as most of your moving preparations will be best done during the weekends in that situation.

Not knowing enough about packing supplies

When it comes to DIY moving mistakes and solutions to them, being un-informed on packing supplies is really common. First of all, a lot of people don’t know how many packing supplies they would need or what kind. Different items will require different kinds of packing and the importance of research that we mentioned earlier really comes to play here. Another issue is that people may spend too much on packing supplies. However, there are many ways to save money on packing supplies that can really help keep your relocation costs lower. For example, researching where to get moving boxes for free. It will take a bit of your time but it will also help you out with keeping your moving budget afloat.

Not labeling the moving boxes

One of the most common DIY moving mistakes and easiest solutions to them is tied to labeling moving boxes. It may seem tedious and pointless – after all, you will be doing all the moving and you will know where every box goes, right? Well, maybe, but don’t forget that relocations get hectic. You may know what each box contains when you load them into the truck. However, by the time you need to unpack them, you may not be able to tell at a glance what is in each one exactly. That is unless you label them before the move. Not only will this help you with unloading the right box to the correct room, but it will also save you some time after the move.

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Labeling will make your move go smoothly and save you time after the move is done.

Imagine coming to your new home after the move and having to rummage through your boxes just to find the essentials for the first few days. Obviously this is something you will want to avoid, especially when exhausted from the move and just wanting to get a shower and hit the sheets. Also, another thing that labeling will help you with is keeping the off-season items packed up until it’s time to get them out. After all, there is no need to unpack the box with your Christmas decorations if your move was in July.

Not de-cluttering

To complete our list of most common DIY moving mistakes and solutions to them, we need to talk about de-cluttering. Essentially, this is the process of taking a look at the things you own and deciding what you will not bring along for the move. The benefits of doing this are many. It can help you reduce your moving costs, as you will need less packing supplies. It will also save you time as you won’t have to pack up so many things. Finally, it will let you optimize the space in your new home. You can donate the excess items or even sell them to cover some of your moving costs as well!

The most common DIY moving mistakes and solutions to avoid them

And there you have it. After reading our article you should be well informed on the most common DIY moving mistakes and solutions to them. You should now be ready to take your DIY move head-on. All that remains for us is to wish you good luck!