Makings of reliable NC piano movers

It’s wonderful to have a musical instrument like the piano in the house. But the pain of having a piano comes eventually when you need to move it. A lot of people are moving to North Carolina because they decided that it’s a great place to live and to invest in real-estate. Some of them decide to bring their piano with them to their new home. If you have come to the same idea, you are not alone in that. However, if you wish to bring your gorgeous piano with you, you might need the help of NC piano movers.

When it comes to movin pianos, use NC piano movers to help you
A piano is a beautiful addition to every house

If you have already picked a place to move, you most likely thought about moving your things and furniture. It might be harder and less expensive to do the move yourself, or you can employ the help of professionals. But when it comes to moving items that are precious, heavy, and hard to handle like pianos, then you want the help of reliable piano movers. There is an added task of finding the right NC piano movers company, and if you read below you will know how to recognize them. Plus, keep in mind, hiring such a force will reduce your stress on the moving day by a large margin.

How to pick the right NC piano movers – tips and tricks

When you are moving a piano, the same amount of proper planning and preparation is needed as when you move an entire home. You have to choose among the long list of moving companies, and pick the one that suits you the best. Not all companies are the same, so there are some things you need to pay attention to. Here are some of the things to look for, that you can also find when looking for moving services in North Carolina.

A reputable company is a safe bet

What makes professional and reliable NC piano movers is that they will relocate all of your things and piano quickly and safely. When you hire piano movers you want to make sure they move the piano safely, without wasting your time and money. The best way to start looking for movers is to look locally. If you are moving to North Carolina, see NC piano movers who are reputable and will make the whole process stress free. One of the most important things before hiring movers is to check their reputability.

You don’t want to be dealing with fraudulent movers who are trying to scam you out of your money. You first need to check if the moving company is licensed as it is an important layer of security. Licensed movers have are subjects to moving association regulations and state law. If a licensed company acts out of order, it risks losing its business license so you know they will do their best.

Best moving companies come in with a plan

When it comes to valuable and large items, like pianos, there should be a moving plan in advance. With a ton of experience, professional NC piano movers don’t approach moving haphazardly. What experience has taught them is to come in prepared. So here is what you can expect of them to do when it comes to moving:

  • They will have packing supplies and tools on hand
  • They will prepare the instrument for the relocation
  • Ahead of the move, they outline the route for the piano moving process
  • When they are sure everything is safe and ready, only then will they start moving.

Even if you haven’t decided yet on which company to use, make sure they do all of the said things. You can ask them in advance what their plans for moving are. Use this as a checklist to asses if they fulfill your requirements.

Proffesional moving companies can help you prepare and secure your piano instead of you having to do it yourself
You have to properly prepare and secure a piano for the move.

Ask the right questions to get the right answers

 Here is a list of questions that you can ask to make sure you get all that you need.

How long has your company been in the business? 

From here you can easily conclude if this is a reliable company. The best companies have been doing it for years, have a ton of experience and satisfied customers.

Who is your moving crew?

 Reliable and experienced companies rely on moving professionals who have worked in the industry to do their bidding. Scammers and amateurs will often act as both movers and company owners. You don’t want to employ such movers.

How much is my move going to cost?

 Amateurs and scammers will usually want to give you price of move immediately. The reason is that their offer is often very attractive because they want to use you. After the move, they will jack up the price with “unforeseen” events resulting in extra costs. The professionals will have someone come out and scout the situation so that the estimate considers any “unforeseen” events. Get a couple of estimates and if you see that one of them is far below the range, it usually means it’s a scam.

Are you a licensed business?

Registered moving companies should have their license issued by the with the Department of Transportation. What they should also have are a license for the job and a USDOT number.

Check to see if the business is licenced, as that makes the difference betweenf professionals and amateurs
Licensed businesses register with the Department of Transportation

What insurance do you provide?

 One other thing that differentiates amateurs from pros is the insurance. Professional moving companies should give you a copy of their worker’s insurance, as well as any other insurance policy details.

Can you provide references for your work? 

References for professional companies are important. They serve as a recommendation for the future customers as a sign of satisfaction by the previous customers. The reason why references do that is that that previous customers show they want to be associated with the moving company. They are willingly let their name show endorsement to the company. In case they were dissatisfied with the service, there is no way they would let be associated with them.

Will I get all the necessary papers as well as BOL? 

You should receive the final BOL after the move. This will serve you as a written proof in case you have an issue you need to be clear up in the future.