Last minute moving tips

last minute moving tips

Relocations will most definitely test your organizational skills. Moving to a new home and starting a new life in a new city with a new job will be a huge change. Even though, packing everything you own into a truck and leaving your current home behind, in just a few days time, can sound daunting, don’t let the move take the best of you. One of the best, last minute moving tips we can provide you with is that the key to a stress-free and easy move is managing your time effectively and prioritizing.

Plan your move

When the moving day is coming soon things can get a bit chaotic. In order to keep your focus and avoid any common relocation mistakes, you will need to create a moving checklist. Here are a few important guidelines to follow: 

Man looking over table
Last minute relocations can be stressful. Don’t panic, you will just need a moving plan.
  • Find a professional mover that can help you relocate quickly.
  • Packing by creating a checklist will save you time.
  • Yet another list: write down literally everything you need to gather or buy for your move.
  • Avoid procrastinating! – is the most important last minute moving tip

Hiring a moving company last minute

The great news about your last minute move is that you don’t have to do it on your own! There are many moving companies to choose from, more 7000 to be exact. Whether you need the long distance moving NC services or relocating just a few blocks away last minute, ask for help and advice from the pros. A professional moving company can offer you various relocation services. Packing, transportation and even unpacking can be done in no time by any reputable mover.

In order not to waste any valuable time or risk becoming a moving scam victim hire a reputable mover like Moving Kings Van Lines FL. Professional movers will be able to transport your belongings quickly and without any damages. By hiring a reliable moving company you will make sure your move goes according to the plan and any necessary regulations.

Pack smart – one of the important last minute moving tips

good packing supply - last minute moving tips
Make sure you protect your belongings properly

There are some tasks that look much simpler before you start. Packing is no exception. Without a packing plan and a checklist, this moving task can take forever. Therefore, make sure you have a packing and moving plan. Here are a few tips to help you:

Pack by rooms.

This will allow you to stay organized and unpack easily after the move.

Where to start? The big rooms.

It might be difficult to stay motivated during the packing process. Therefore, start with the biggest room in your house, the living room. This way you will stay organized and have less work as time passes by and the moving day comes close.

Don’t pack the things you don’t use or need.

Last minute moves are no time to be emotional about that old broken chair you never got to fix. Avoid relocating anything you don’t use or need. You will be able to lower your moving expenses and free up some space in your new home.

Prioritize! Donate and sell the items you don’t want to relocate.

Label, label, label!

How will you know where your boxes go and where the breakables are? Well… By labeling! This important last minute moving tip is the one that gets forgotten about the most. Clear and colorful labels on your moving boxes will help you unpack quickly. Also, your mover can put the boxes into the rooms they belong to.

Make sure you label the boxes with valuable or fragile items differently. This will help your mover pay a close attention during the transport. Keep in mind that a moving company won’t be responsible for the boxes they didn’t pack themselves.

Pack the essentials separately

Make sure the things you need during your trip to your new home don’t end up in the moving truck. Pack the essentials separately and make sure you have your documents and credit cards with you.

Save space

Packing smaller items into bigger ones can both save you time and money.

What do you need?

Packing supplies? Plane tickets? Or just a cup of coffee and a nap?

Make sure you gather everything you might need before the move. Look for the packing supplies as soon as possible. If you want to save money on packing material, search for free items on websites like Craiglist or visit your local grocery stores and businesses. They often have more than a few empty boxes waiting to be recycled.  Also, you can use clothes, towel, and linens as packing material.  However, consider buying or renting some quality moving boxes or crates. Investing in securing your antique, valuable and fragile belongings will pay off in the long run.

Does it seem too excessive to worry about packing so much when local moving NC is in question? Don’t fall into that trap. Even though you might be moving to a nearby city, you will need to protect your possession. Therefore, make sure you gather enough boxes, wraps, scissors, and tapes for packing.

The task list

You will need a pen once again. Here is one of the crucial last minute moving tips: write a checklist for all pre-departure tasks. Overlooking to cancel your utilities or inform your clients about the move can create troubles after you move.

Stay safe during the moving day – one of the most important last minute moving tips

protective gloves
Stay safe on a moving day by wearing proper gear

Last minute relocation can make you stress out and not be careful enough. Injuries can occur in a split of a second. Therefore, prepare for the moving day, and wear comfortable clothes and non-slippery shoes. One of the important last minute moving tips is to buy quality gloves and a weight belt. Most people want to help their movers and end up lifting the heavyweight by themselves. Leave the heavy boxes and furniture to the pros. Movers are good at lifting and carrying heavy boxes and will know how to keep you safe as well.