Labeling plastic totes – simple guide

Illustration of a box that needs labeling plastic totes solution

Whenever you are dealing with a large number of boxes and totes, one of the problems will be to recognize their contents. Of course, the biggest problem will be during a move. That is the situation when you will have the biggest amount of totes and the biggest amount of items inside of them. On the other hand, many people use plastic totes to store items they are currently not using. Whatever is your thing, labeling plastic totes will be something that will help you to exactly know the inside of your boxes. Moving companies Garner NC are giving you the option of renting plastic totes for your relocation. In that case, you will not be allowed to write directly on the boxes. So you will have to find another solution.

Why use plastic totes for your relocation or storage

People use plastic totes for many different reasons. Moving and storage are some of those reasons. But they could be used for carrying heavy items like tools, for example. Movers Morrisville NC is one of the moving companies that rent plastic bins for relocation. But why would someone rent plastic totes for relocation? When you are moving, you will need dozens of moving boxes. And you will have a few solutions. You could buy cardboard boxes, find used boxes for free, or you could rent plastic bins from a moving company. Also, if you plan to keep part of your items in a wet basement, dusty attic, or cold garage, plastic totes will protect your stuff from moisture, dust, and pests.

Pile of boxes
Used cardboard boxes are the cheapest but not the best solution for protecting your items in storage or during a move

Buying cardboard boxes for your move

Buying cardboard boxes for your move is an expensive solution. You will have to buy dozens of moving boxes. You will have a lot of rubbish to pick up after you unpack them. If you manage to save some of them, you will have to find a place to keep them until your next move. Besides all that, cardboard boxes are not the most secure solution. Especially for fragile and sensitive items.

Using free cardboard boxes for your move

If you decide to use used cardboard boxes, you can get them for free in your nearby grocery shops, bookstores or liquor stores. However, those boxes are usually not large enough, and in most cases, they are not in the best shape. And you will still have trouble with clearing out their remains after unpacking.

Renting plastic bins for your move

Renting plastic totes is the best solution for your moving needs. If you decide to rent plastic totes, the moving company will deliver them to your doorstep. Your items will be well protected. And when you are finished, you will have to rubbish. You can stack them on top of each other, and your movers will simply pick them up after you unpack.

Why you need to label plastic totes when relocating and storing

Moving is a very stressful and complex process. And packing is the most complicated part of it. So, it is not unusual for people to pack their belongings without any particular order. And in many different containers and boxes. Of course, that is not the best way to do it. First, you will need to label plastic totes with fragile and sensitive items. Your movers Fuquay Varina NC will want to know which boxes require special attention. And after the move, maybe you will need to find specific items first. Like beddings, toiletries and such.

If you do not label your totes, you will have lots of trouble finding what you need.  Also, if you are storing your stuff in many different containers, you will want to label them properly so you could immediately find what you need.

pile of plastic bins
If you will be using many plastic bins, you will need to label them properly

How to label plastic totes

When you are preparing for labeling plastic totes you will need to prepare certain items. Here is what you should get:

  • Paper is the most important material for labeling plastic totes.
  • Plastic label tag holders
  • Painters tape
  • Color labels and stickers
  • Permanent markers

Using plastic tag holders for labeling plastic totes

If you are using plastic totes that have a hole where the handle is, the best way to label them is to use a piece of paper, write the contents of the box on it, insert it in a plastic label tag holder and hang it on the handle. This is the best and most durable way of labeling plastic totes. Especially if you will be keeping them in a wet basement, for example.

Plastic tag holder
Using plastic tag holders is the best solution for labeling plastic totes

Using painters tape for labeling plastic totes

If you are renting plastic bins then you will probably want to skip buying expensive labeling materials. Of course, the cheapest solution is to use a permanent marker, but you shouldn’t be writing on rented bins. In that case, your best solution is to use painters tape. It is cheap, you can rip pieces easily with your hand, and they are easy to remove from the plastic material. Rip the piece that you need to stick it on the bin and use a permanent marker to label the contents.  If you will be storing your items in a public storage North Carolina or anywhere else this may not be the best option. Dust and moisture can affect the tape and it can easily fall off.

Using color labels and stickers for labeling plastic totes

Color stickers are the quickest and easiest solution for labeling plastic totes. They can be easily removed from plastic. You can write on color labels. And if you do not want to bother with writing you can dedicate a color for each room you pack. This way you won’t exactly know what is inside of every particular box, but you will at least know that bin with a red label is from your kitchen, blue from your bedroom and so on.