Keeping your new home organized – tips&tricks

Create a to-do list in order to keep your home organized.

Almost every home nowadays has a lot of clutter lying around. We tend to clean it once in a blue moon, when our relatives come, or before some other not-frequent event. If keeping your new home organized, on a permanent basis, is your goal then these small tips will definitely help you. Also, if you are moving to Sanford NC for the first time, make sure to partner with movers that know the area inside out! Once you are safely in your new home you can see what you can do about:

Keeping Your Home Organized – How To Do It Right?

There is actually not that much that you need to do. Persistence is actually key in any organization process. Be it a schedule or a home organization project, you will need to keep at it. While skipping a day here or there will not bring disaster into your home, it is best to refrain from skipping anything that relates to an organization. If you are moving to South Carolina, you will hear this from the locals, as well.

Get rid of the clutter first!

So, the first things that you need to do are:

  • Declutter The Counters!
  • Create To-Do List
  • Use Designated Baskets To Keep Your Things Away

Declutter The Counters!

We all have spaces in our homes which we use as counters. Whether this is a kitchen table or any other space that you frequently use to just drop some items for later use, there will be a lot of clutter lying around. Usually, these are small items that do not use up much space on their own. However, once they accumulate, you start to run out of space. Perhaps even worse, you will not know to find what you need among the sea of clutter.

So, do yourself a favor and declutter those counters!

Keeping Your Home Organized – Create To-Do List

Charts and tables are the lynchpins of an organization. While you don’t need anything that is extra fancy, you will need a simple to-do list. This list will provide you with a place where you can write (and tick off) various little tasks that you need to do in order to organize your home. As every home is different, I can’t provide you with exactly what will be on the list. That depends on what your needs and desires are. In any case, write them all down, make a good looking to-do list and hang it somewhere where you will have to see it every day. Like on the fridge door, for example.

to-do list
Keep your home organized, create a to-do list!

Use Designated Baskets To Keep Your Things Away

There will be items that always need to go somewhere. Instead of just dropping them onto the nearest space, try to have some baskets for your belongings or contact your professionals and ask for their storage services. You can categorize these baskets by items that are likely to end up there. Or you can have “general purpose” baskets. The main point of these is to have a dedicated spot for leaving things and not to create unnecessary clutter all over again.