In-house storage solutions and fixes

Has it ever happened that you have lost your nerves while trying to find storage solutions in your house? It probably has happened not just once, especially if you live in the same house for years. In situations like this, the first thing that comes to your mind as a solution is to find a bigger place to live. However, this does not have to be the only thing you can come up with to fix the problem. There are many things you can do as in-house storage solutions. In this article, we have made a list of this we think may help you and we have divided them according to the parts of the house.


There are many solutions when the kitchen is in question

The first thing you can do is to install an appliance lift. There will be a mixer, coffee maker or any other appliance fixed and it will go right into the cabinet when you push it. In addition to this, you can organize your pans in a different way. For example, you can install slide-out racks and store the pans on them. What can also make it easier to you is a thin shelf which you can put in any of the kitchen parts? You can use this shelf to put some spices on it that, usually, only make a chaos and cannot be seen behind taller containers. Of course, you need to be aware that some goods are non-storable, so you should avoid having them around for a longer period of time.

In-house storage solutions for the kitchen
Use up all the available space in your kitchen

In-house storage solutions for your living room

When the living room is in question, it is better to have in mind some of the in-house storage solutions. For example, you can have a bookshelf built in. It will not only give you some additional space, but it will also look stylish and modern. In addition to this, you can make your own study nook that will be hidden when you are not using it. Namely, the desk can be attached to a built-in shelf so that you can fold it up when you do not need it. If you have an ottoman in your room, use it wisely. Beside for sitting, it can be used for putting, for example, blankets inside. Just lift the lid, and the content of the ottoman is at your disposal. However, if you have some extra furniture, it is better to store it for the time being.

Some storage tips for the hallway

It is always a good idea to hire professionals to help you when you are moving than to do it yourself. They take care of your belongings and make sure everything reaches its destination in perfect condition. For example, movers Cary NC can meet all your needs. They can pack, load and unload your things and, because of that, it is important to label the boxes properly. So, for example, when you need to unpack the things you will keep in the hallway, they will put them right there. But, in order to use up all the available space, you can use the staircase. You can make drawers below it and you can put there your shoes, so you will not need an additional piece of furniture for that.

In-house storage solutions for the hallway

How to organize better space in your bedroom

One of the in-house storage solutions is to get drawer organizers. They are quite useful and you can use them in many different ways. For example, you can separate your jewelry, put your ties in there or, if they are larger, you can use them for your laundry. Another useful thing is EZ stax. Those are thin plastic dividers on which you can put your folded clothes and you will not have to worry that you will make a mess every time you take something from the bottom. In order to use as much space as you can, you should put bookshelves behind the door. If there is not enough space for a regular bookshelf, you can build it in.

You can also solve the storage problem in the bathroom

Make a shower alcove and you will not need to buy additional shelves for the bathroom. This is a built-in shelf which is very practical and much easier to clean. Also, you can install an in-wall cabinet for your toilet necessities or tuck a skinny shelf into it. You can keep there the chemicals, toilet paper etc. Of course, every woman needs a great amount of space for her little things. It is advisable to have one drawer in which there will be hair tools. In case you are moving from a big house into a smaller one, and there are some extra items with which you do not know what to do, storage units NC are at your disposal. Put them there for some time and later you will figure out how they can help you with storage solutions in your new home.

Avoid cluttering your garage

What you can to do make your garage decluttered is to store bikes horizontally, along with the ceiling. In this way, you will also avoid crashing them whenever you go in and out with your car. The garage is another part of your home where you can make built-in shelves. Here you can use them to put their screwdrivers, monkey wrenches, pincers etc. If you or your children like sports, you probably have many balls in your house. The best way to store them is to put them into a vertical organizer.

Avoid decluttering your garage

You no longer need to lose your temper over the lack of space in your house. Fortunately, there are many in-house storage solutions nowadays which you can use. Just think carefully about which nook or cranny to use in what way. Make the most of the current space of your home. Be creative and you may even come to the point where you will have some extra space.