How to unpack your office after moving

Thinking about how to unpack your office after moving

When you are moving your office, unpacking quickly and efficiently is very important. Ideally, you would want to unpack your office and set up everything within the first 24 hours after you arrive at your destination. That is why unpacking an office is a little bit different than when you are moving your home. In this case, you should not prolong the unpacking. Your office has to work, and how will it work if it is still in boxes? Coordinate the relocation with your local movers North Carolina. And tackle the unpacking as soon as they arrive. But, you need to know how to unpack your office after moving properly so you could be fast and efficient.

How to quickly unpack your office after moving

  • Assemble your unpacking crew, if you don’t know how to unpack your office after moving, maybe someone else does.
  • Plan the furniture arrangement
  • Check your inventory as soon as it arrives
  • Assemble your desks and computers first
  • Assemble your closets and cabinets
  • Prepare a kitchen
  • Store or donate your excess items
  • Clean
People who know how to unpack your office after moving
Assemble your unpacking crew

Assemble your unpacking crew

Before your movers Sanford arrive at your destination, you will have to prepare for the unpacking. The first thing to do is to make sure that you have lots of helping hands. If you didn’t pay for the unpacking services, call your employees to help you. Moving is the part of the job so, they should be involved in the unpacking process. To be more efficient, give your employees specific tasks. Also, put someone in charge to watch over the unpacking process and to give directions and advice. Ideally, it should be someone responsible and loyal to your company. If you cannot trust anyone enough, you can be the unpacking supervisor. So, before you begin, make sure that everyone knows what is their task.

Make a plan before you unpack your office after the move

After you have assembled you, unpacking crew, you will need to make a plan about what goes where. You will first, unpack and assemble your furniture so you will need to know where to put desks, where the cabinets will go, and where will you put the visitor section. Do this on time and it will be much easier to unpack. When your items start to arrive, immediately arrange them close to where they will be placed. That way everyone can tackle on their part of the work simultaneously. And if you assemble and unpack your items at their designated place, you will not have to carry them across the office once they are unpacked. That is why it is very important to decide on the office furniture arrangement in advance.

Check your boxes as soon as they arrive

When your items start to arrive, the first and most important thing is to check the state of your inventory. Count all the boxes, and you can open a few. Especially the boxes that look like they’ve been damaged during transport. If you spot a box that is damaged, inform your movers about it. If the box that is damaged contains a computer that looks undamaged, you should double-check this. Maybe the outer case did not suffer damage, but the internal components could be damaged anyway. Therefore, it is important to unpack and turn on your computer if you suspect something. It is very important to notify your movers about any damage, while they are still there with you. It is much harder to prove damage if you spot it after few days.

Office computers running
First, prepare your desks and turn on your computers

How to unpack your office after moving – Computers

When unpacking an office you need to know your priorities. The most important part is to turn on your computers as soon as possible. If you already lost a few days of work because of the move, you need to start working. And to be able to turn on your computers you will need to assemble the desks. So, that is the first thing you should unpack. You can give each of your employees to assemble their desk. But you will need to make sure that everything is clear around the desks where computers are. Once they are on the desks, be very careful when you move around them. Monitors are especially vulnerable in these situations, as they can easily tip over. So, watch out for them.

How to unpack your office after moving – Furniture

After you set up your computers, you can continue with the unpacking. Every employee should unpack their items and put them in their desks. That is the most efficient way to get rid of the moving boxes that are on your way. When you make enough room, you can start assembling the rest of your furniture. Closets and cabinets are also very important in every office. And you will need to assemble them and put them in place as soon as possible, so you could start filling them with paperwork and other office materials. Once your cabinets are full, your office will have much more space to move around your office.

How to unpack your office after moving – Kitchen

These days, almost every office has a kitchen. It is a place where your employees will take a coffee break, or get something to eat. That is why; kitchen should also be one of the first things to assemble when unpacking your office. It would be good to have a place for a break during the complicated and exhausting office unpacking. However, you don’t have to make it a priority, you just need to unpack items that are necessary to get you through the unpacking day. The rest of the kitchen you can unpack after you finish with everything else.

Box with items to donate after unpacking your office
Donate your excess items

Donate your excess items after moving

After your office is unpacked, you need to think about the excess stuff. Are you going to sell your excess furniture and items or are you going to store it in a storage facility? If you want to keep your items, one of the convenient ways to do it is to rent storage Sanford NC. They have capacities to store almost anything. Moreover, they will keep your items in perfect condition for as long as you like. On the other hand, if you do not want to store anything, you could sell or donate your excess items. That could help you in getting certain tax relieves for your business.

Clean your new office

After you unpack your office the last thing you have to do is to clean. The unpacking process leaves much junk. And you will have to think about what to do with your moving boxes. If you were moving to North Carolina, try to find some local recycling center to dispose of your boxes properly. Or, if you are already renting and storage unit, you can store them for some future relocation.