How to stay sane while moving to a new home

Play it cool to stay sane when moving

Moving to a new home is thorny. You have to go through myriads of moving-related assignments prior to settling in. Those chores are both nerve-racking and time-consuming. Firstly, you need to get in touch with a plethora of moving companies Raleigh NC to compare their quotes. Then, you need to negotiate storage terms. Moreover, you ought to dive in a never-ending paperchase. A vicious circle is a euphemism for relocation bureaucracy. Once you get it over with, you need to figure out how not to go crazy moving. Have you ever moved? Well, you know the feeling. Here’s what you should do so as to stay sane when moving to a new home.

Staying sane when moving is tough
Have you ever wondered how to stay sane when moving?

Plan in advance

One of the most stressful moving aspects is waiting for a last-minute to have everything done. To avoid this, take relocation seriously. How can you do that? Well, planning in advance is rather helpful. Hence, you should book a moving company such as movers Garner NC  a couple of months prior to moving. This is especially important if you’re going to move during the relocation season peak. Next, make sure to rent storage and a moving truck at least a few weeks ahead. Moreover, do not forget to deal with paperwork.

Also, you should inform your superiors about moving as early as you can. Similarly, let your kids’ school know they won’t attend it any longer in case of a long-distance relocation.  Lastly, talk to your landlord about leaving the place. It would be nice to have it cleaned before you go.

Get ready to move

Many people are perplexed by how to get relocation ready. The answer is simple: start sorting your belongings several months prior to moving. This way you’ll have enough time to decide what to keep. Then again, it gives you time to ditch some of your belongings. There are numerous ways to get rid of items you don’t want anymore. This makes packing services affordable as they depend on the number of items you need to relocate. You can

  • donate
  • throw
  • give away
  • store
  • sell

belongings you’re not going to use in your new home. The simplest way to donate clothes is to give it to charity.  Or you can give your items away to your friends, for example. If you want to sell them, organize a garage sale and alert everyone. Namely, your relatives, siblings, friends and social media followers you know in person.

Sign a moving contract

One of the best ways to watch your six is to sign a moving contract. It’s a legally binding document admissible at court. To put it differently, it guarantees you will be reimbursed in case things get side-tracked. Sometimes your possessions get lost, broken or otherwise damaged especially when moving long-distance. To ensure you’ll be paid for the damage, you need an official document proving the moving company is responsible for your items during relocation. Signing a moving contract is thus a weight off your mind. It shows clearly which belongings you’ve loaded on a moving truck together with their exact number.

What’s more, to sign it is one of your basic moving rights. If movers you’ve opted for hesitate to sign it, it’s a red flag. They do that for a reason. Signing the contract holds weight as it follows the law to the tee.

Sign a moving contract so as to stay sane when moving
One of the best ways to stay sane while moving to a new home is to sign a moving contract

Get adequate packing supplies

Getting adequate packing supplies is one of the most underestimated moving tasks. It seems rather easy, doesn’t it? You only need a few cardboard boxes and that’s it, right? Wrong! If you think packing is a piece of cake, you’re so off base. You do need moving boxes. However, you should decide which ones you want in terms of size. Their dimensions must match the dimensions of your items. This can be tricky if your possessions are bulky or oddly shaped. To illustrate, packing musical instruments for relocation requires appropriate packing supplies.

Furthermore, you need to choose which packing paper is the most suitable to cushion your belongings. Next, deciding what moving blanket is the best when it comes to thickness is daunting. Lastly, you ought to get a tape. What tape do you want? An adhesive one? A duct tape? A storage-friendly one?

Come up with a viable unpacking strategy

To unpack is as puzzling as packing. The art of unpacking requires meticulous planning and a strategical mindset. You need to put ample items in your new home. Simultaneously, you don’t want to hoard things. It goes without saying you need to have a feasible solution on how to unpack wisely. What you could benefit immensely from is organizing the unpacking process into several phases. For example, if your new home has two floors, you should unpack the first one before the second one. Or vice versa. Anyhow, you need to know what you’re doing as opposed to randomly unpacking the boxes.

Another useful tip is to label boxes when packing and to unpack in the same order. For instance, unpack the bathroom box first. Next, get down to unpacking the bedroom box. That’s a system that might work.

make use of a unpacking plan to stay sane when moving
To stay sane while moving come up with a sustainable unpacking plan


How to stay sane while moving to a new home? This is a million-dollar question. Everyone is eager for a magical reply. However, there’s no such thing. On the other hand, there are some ways you can make use. Planning in advance is one of them. This prevents from becoming a bundle of nerves when moving. Additionally, you can start getting ready before the relocation time comes by downsizing. Next, sign a moving contract just to be on the safe side f the things go wrong. Also, obtain suitable packing supplies that will help your belongings remain intact. Finally, unpack wisely.