How to secure your home while vacationing

it is important to secure your home while vacationing

It’s that time of the year again! You get to pack your bags with favorite clothes and change your surroundings, whilst leaving all the worries behind. However, is the latter really possible? Can you safely secure your home while vacationing and have no second guesses? We believe that you can, as long as you are thorough in conducting the process we will proceed to describe.

Home monitoring system

In order to secure your home while vacationing, it is of utmost importance that you acquire home security. There is an abundance of options to choose from, so try your best to asses and choose what fits your home. Certain home security systems allow their users to view the live video remotely from their phones. This means that they can see what’s happening in real-time. If you want to be like those individuals, know that it is a small investment, and well worth your peace of mind. So, while you are adjusting to a colder climate while away on your ski trip, you can enjoy all the winter delights, knowing that you have everything under control back at home.

A security camera
One of the best ways to secure your home while vacationing is by setting up security cameras.

Advertise your security

A security system will most definitely deter, if not make burglars deeply question their actions. So, why not advertise it? Post stickers that show security cameras near your most obvious and accessible entry points. These would include your front and back doors, side doors of your garage and any big and tempting windows. And even if you haven’t been able to implement your security system before your trip, you can still buy these stickers and post them. While you’re at it, you can also get one of those signs that notify about a dog’s presence on the premises. While you are on your road trip, visiting the best parks in Sanford, that potential thief will think twice before entering your home.

Get a dog

The timing for this might be a bit off, but it is one of the best options out there. A dog is a wonderful friend and companion. All it asks for is a bit of food, minimal care, and some affection. What you get in return cannot be described by words that easily. Besides being the most trustworthy being in your life, it will also guard your house, as well as yourself to the best of its abilities. Dogs are have been, after all, carefully bred as guards and protectors. And if you worry about relocating with a dog, know that this undertaking should not concern you. It is the most feasible and manageable.

Keep the usual schedules

We know that this subtitle sounds a bit confusing, so let us elaborate. If you were moving from North Carolina to California in a more luxurious home, the one with the big garden and an outdoor pool, chances are you also have some people who maintain such space. Gardeners, pool guys, and other services should not cease to visit your home upon your departure. You should keep these schedules. Reason being that if any potential thief is staking out houses, they are bound to notice if something is off.

A man gardening.
Try to maintain the current state of affairs to the best of your abilities.

In order to secure your home while vacationing, have a trusted individual stop by

This can be anyone from your friends, neighbors or family members. What is paramount is that someone is visiting your home every day or two. Surely enough, you can put a hold on newspapers and mail, but predicting when random flyers or long forgotten Amazon orders will arrive is a tad more complicated. Besides intercepting unexpected deliveries, and maintaining normal routines (such as watering plants and bringing trash cans to the curb) you also have someone checking if the status quo is being well kept. It would be highly praiseworthy of you to compensate the entrusted individual for their efforts.

Dealing with newspapers and mail

Mailboxes overflowing with newspapers and mail are a dead giveaway that you are not at home. Since this is an impression you adamantly want to avoid, it is wise to take appropriate means of action. If the previously suggested option is not available, meaning that you cannot get a hold of anyone to stop by your home and collect the paper and mail, you need to contact newspaper service. Have them stop deliveries for the time being and fill out a mail-hold form.

Try not to boast too much

A person going through pictures on their phone
Resist the urge to share your departure, and restrain from posting those photos until you get back.

We all know how social media can be quite alluring when it comes to sharing our private lives. Especially when there’s something positive and nice to share. Yes, it is perfectly fine to share how you are moving to North Carolina from New York. It will help with keeping your acquaintances up to date with big changes in your life that you are willing to share. However, if you plan to secure your home while vacationing, and keep it safe from break-ins, it might be best not to advertise your forthcoming trip. It is, after all, a bit more personal and direct. Still, it is even more important that you double-check your social media and ensure your home address is not readily available to anyone seeking it. We advise that you take down your phone number as well since it has become frighteningly simple to link a phone number to an address.

To keep your valuables safe, invest in a quality safe

See what we did there? How witty of us. All jokes aside, any run-of-the-mill thief will know to check the bedroom first for valuables. You can see why purchasing a small yet sturdy safe is a smart move. In a worst case scenario, where a burglar gets in, you will at least know that your most prized possessions are safe. Still, if you are unable to allocate money for safe shopping, try to be creative with your storage of money. Instead of putting valuables under the mattress, opt for a more inconspicuous container. We suggest some innocent looking box in your kitchen pantry or some unobtrusive package in your bathroom closet.