How to save your sanity during a moving day


So you want to save your sanity on a moving day… However, you know that relocation can be extremely difficult for a person and or family. That’s why most people get overwhelmed just by the thought of moving. In today’s world, trying to harmonize multiple tasks and events can be in-and-of-itself very difficult. Trying to remain on top of all social events, and all the job tasks can be tiring. Add planning and organizing a move on that list, and you have got yourself a disaster waiting to happen. That’s why we have created this article. The idea is that is should serve as a guide so you can save your sanity on a moving day, so you don’t have to lose your mind worrying.

Save your sanity on a moving day by controlling what you can control 

Some once said, “you can only control what you can control“. Whatever that means, right? Well, the general idea behind these words is that you should not waste your energy on the things you cannot control and only focus on the things you can control. For example, do not obsess about whether the weather during the moving day will be good. You cannot control that. However, you can control how you prepare for that weather. So make sure you are ready. You cannot blame yourself for the weather, but you can blame yourself for not preparing for it. 

save your sanity during a moving day by planning ahead!
You cannot control what the weather will be like, so make sure you at least plan for it!


You can save your sanity on a moving day by accepting that stress will happen. This shouldn’t scare you. You cannot plan for everything in life. And life has… A way of showing up and stabbing you in the back when you least expect it. That’s why recognizing that part of the moving process is stress… Will actually help you in the long run. Recognizing this will, in turn, save you from a lot of unnecessary pressure.  That being said, does that mean that you shouldn’t plan for the move? Given the fact that stress is inevitable and all that? No. If you do not plan this will result in even bigger pressure accumulating. And the idea behind saving your sanity on a moving day is to have the least amount of things to worry about. That’s why planning on things you can control over, is the key to success.

Creating a plan

After we have cleared out the psychological aspect of the move, we now move to the nitty-gritty of how to actually elevate stress. The first thing you should do is take out a pen and paper (or their digital equivalents) and start outlining a plan. Keep in mind that you have only a certain amount of time you can allocate to the tasks and events of the move. Saving out 30 minutes, daily, to help you prepare for the move can work wonders in the long run. Since spending 30 minutes daily for two months amounts to over 30 hours! Think about what you need and write that down. Are you in the need of military relocation services? Piano moving? Senior moving? Write all that down! Having that backdrop of time in your bag, you will find that once moving day comes – you won’t have any problems at all!

A notebook for planning
Much of the stress that pops up during the moving day is actually a consequence of ineffective planning!

Save your sanity on a moving day by hiring professional movers

So before you start crystalizing the acute details of your plan, a more broad decision must be made. Are you going to do this move by yourself, or are you going to hire professional movers? We recommend you hire movers Sanford NC for an awesome experience! Generally, hiring movers is, in the long run, a smarter decision. Yes, it is more costly, but since the general theme of this article is stress… There is not a better thing for stress elevation than to hire someone who will pack your stuff, transport it and move it to your new household. That’s a huge part of moving stress removed from your moving experience which is considered to be the hardest part about the actual relocation.

Save your sanity on a moving day by creating a timeline

Okay, so you have decided you want to hire moving companies Sanford NC? Great! Now all that is left is to create a general timeline of things you need to take care of once moving day comes. Here are some general guidelines to follow. However, please do keep in mind that your actual timeline will differ since it is determined by your lifestyle and preferences.

Creating a general timeline, and putting it on paper (or whiteboard) can help you see your tasks more clearly.

Things to do in the upcoming weeks

  1. Decluttering before the moving day is extremely important. This way you are helping your future self, pack fewer things by either throwing away, selling, recycling or donating items you are in no use of.
  2. Create a portable filing cabinet in which you will file all the important documents you will need during the actual move such as medical documents, ID’s, insurances, etc.

Things to do just prior to moving:

  1. Get free time off work for the move, or move during the holidays.
  2. Create an overnight bag which will contain the most important items you need when you arrive at your new household, so you do not have to look for those items in your boxes.

Also before we forget, make sure your new household is in order. You do not want to presented with chaos once you arrive at your new home. That’s why you should a day prior to the move, do general maintenance of your new house, so when you arrive you are greeted with a beautiful place you can call home.

And lastly…

Don’t forget to get a good night sleep, knowing full well you have done everything in your power to prepare for the stress of moving. Some say that moving can be more stressful than the death of a loved one. So get in the right mindset by acknowledging that stress is inevitable… And make a smart decision by hiring professional movers to help you with your relocation. As well as etching out a plan in your notebook with a timeline of events you will need to take care of before the actual move. All that remains is to, have a good night sleep and enjoy the rest of the moving experience.