How to save money on packing supplies

It’s no secret that relocation can cost a pretty penny. What’s more, it usually does, even if you do your best to take care of everything on your own. In most cases, hiring professionals, such as long-distance movers Raleigh NC can save you both time and money in the long run. However, even if you decide to have a DIY move, there are ways to minimize the cost. Careful planning and a few logistic skills can get you far. One of the great ways to reach your goal is to cut back on expenses that are not as necessary. This text will go in detail on the subject, more specifically how to save money on packing supplies. 

Of course, decluttering is a great way to reduce the cost of your relocation, as well as the time you choose to move. However, to save money on packing supplies, there is no need to plan too much in advance, take some radical action, or anything else. All it takes is a little mindfulness and some creativity. And you also have us, guiding you through the whole process. So, let us begin.

A person putting a coin in a piggy bank
Ways to save money on packing supplies are many, but we have a few favorites you should definitely check out.

Know how much you need before you go buying

This rule can be applied to virtually any shopping you set out to do. Thus, the same stands for packing supplies. Getting more than you need is a common occurrence. Still, there is a rather good way to circumvent this mishap. You need to figure out how much supplies you are going to need. There are multiple packing and moving boxes calculators online that can help with this estimate. With an input of only but a few parameters, you will get the number of supplies you ought to stock up on.

Keep in mind that getting too many supplies is not the end of the world. In most cases, returning unused supplies is a possible option. While getting your money back can happen, you will still lose time, and that is a bigger expenditure in this case. Moving is hectic enough as it is, and with all the chores, one is always short on time. Making an extra trip to the store can cause quite the conundrum in your planner, and no one needs that.

Rent the boxes instead of purchasing them

Now, this is a great way to be frugal, as well as eco-friendly. These boxes are reusable, made out of plastic, so your items are safer, and come with a sealable lid. The latter means that, apart from the redundancy of cardboard boxes, you will also save money on packing tape. The rental company of your choice will bring the boxes to your address, fill them up, move them, and later schedule a pick-up at your new place. That is one big time saver. This option is easy, great for the environment, and good for your wallet.

A person holding a plant, signifying eco-friendlynes
Apart from saving money on packing supplies, with this option, you are also going green, so good for you!

Save money on packing supplies by being creative

If you take a moment to look around your home, you will soon come to realize that a certain number of items you plan on packing and moving can be considered as containers themselves. Further meaning, they can be used as such, and thus save you money on packing supplies. Neat, huh? Now, the items we have in mind include anything that can hold more than a t-shirt (pots and pans are pushing it), and that is already being used as storage options. Bags, suitcases, duffle bags, bins, cupboards and drawers can all serve a purpose. Let us delve into this idea further:

  • Suitcases and duffle bags. These are great for all the soft and pliable items you have. Clothes, bedding, towels and such can call go in here. In addition, you can consider packing dishes in them, as long as you take extra care to protect them. Suitcases have a great feature to them – the wheels. These allow you to move heavy items with greater ease, and little chance of injury.
  • Dresser drawers. There is no rule that states you have to move your dressers empty. Just ask your cross country movers Charlotte NC. You just want to make sure not to make them too heavy to move and handle. You can use your drawers as packing containers. When filled, you can decide to put them back in the dresser, and wrap the whole thing with plastic wrap, securing everything. Or, you can choose to secure each drawer individually with plastic wrap. Keep in mind that the first option will make the dresser substantially heavy. Going for the second option is a better decision if you do not have professional movers helping you with this super heavy lifting.
  • Garbage bags. They might not be as glamorous or as fancy as cardboard boxes, but they are nonetheless excellent for hauling your belongings. Heavy-duty black garbage bags are great for items that need additional support, such as books. Regular garbage bags can hold lighter items, such as toys, handers, and clothing. Be mindful though, not to pack anything fragile in the garbage bag. They provide little to no protection. For those items, you ought to opt for a moving container with a level base.
  • Towels, linens, and clothing. Let us be objective: items like these are soft and need to be moved. Why not put them to work as packing material? Use them to wrap and cushion breakable or sharp items in the same way you would use packing or bubble paper.
  • Markers and stickers. Permanent markers are the things to have when labeling moving boxes. However, relocation can go by without them just as well. Use markers that you already have, as well as stickers to label your boxes, and be more organized.
A bag on a wooden floor
Plenty of items you have can serve another purpose. Be creative and explore your options.

As you can see, in order to save money on packing supplies, you need to know your options and then simply chose what you deem most fitting for your style, preferences, and possibilities. Feel free to combine all of the above, if you find that to be the best option. Happy packing and a safe trip to your new home!