How to safely move your garden?

safely moving your garden

Moving to a new home and leaving your beautiful garden, you spent so much time and dedication on behind may leave you heartbroken. Don’t get sad now! We have some good news! It is possible to safely move your garden when relocating. However, you will need to plan ahead and create a moving plan for your plants. Let’s get started!

Pick the right time for safely moving your plants

Any relocation is a time-consuming process. As every move requires a moving plan, you should start making yours as soon as possible. Ideally, you will have few months to prepare for the relocation. However, it may be that your relocation is a sudden decision due to a career opportunity or a better housing option. Don’t worry. You just need a good plan and make sure you follow it.

garden and a pond
Gardening takes effort and time. Therefore, leaving your plants behind is not an option.

In order to safely move your garden, you should pick the right time and month for your relocation. The best time of the year to move your plants is in early spring or fall. The moderate temperatures will make the whole transport process much safer for your garden. If you need to move during the summer and are having a local North Carolina relocation, make sure you move your plants early in the morning or later in the afternoon. This way the plants won’t be exposed to the Sun that much. Moving during winter will require safe and closed transportation vehicle.

Pick the right moving company in order to safely move your garden

Keeping your plants, as well as your other possessions, safe during the move will be much easier if you have the pros on your side. Therefore, make sure you pick a reliable and devoted mover. A professional mover will be able to help you throughout the whole relocation process. Therefore more complicated relocation processes like long distance moving NC will be conducted easily and without any stress.

a truck on the road
Choose a reputable moving company by doing a detailed research of their credentials and reputation

In order to pick the right moving company for relocating your plants safely, you need to be sure which services you need. Write down a list of any specific requirements you might have. Therefore, you will be able to ask the right questions when contacting a moving company. For example, if you are in a need for storage services in North Carolina make sure additional questions about the facilities, and temperature in them. A professional mover will be able to store your boxes and plants in proper conditions.

The best way to check f a moving company is a right choice for your move is to research. Start with an online search. Look into their website and social media profiles. Look how they present themselves. Read the online reviews. If you like the mover at the first impression, next step is to contact them.

Questions to ask when contacting a moving company

In order to check a movers’ reputability and whether they will be able to safely move your plants is to ask the following questions:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Can they provide you with letters of recommendation?
  • Will they be able to help you safely move your garden? – Describe your plants and their size. Ask additional questions about the packing and loading process.
  • What kind of equipment do they use for moving bigger plants like trees?
  • What kind of vehicles do they use for transporting plants?
  • Can they guarantee the safety of your garden?
  • Which are the moving insurance options?
  • What is their USDOT number? – Check the number and their license after the call.
  • Can they give you a quote?
  • Are there any additional expenses?
  • Will they be willing to do an in-house estimate?

If there are any red flags or a moving company refuses to answer your questions, trust your instinct. Don’t hire them. Look for reputable moving companies like Moving Kings NC.

Prepare your plants for the move

Different types of plants require different preparations. Big plants, like trees, are difficult to move. Therefore we recommend you find a way to part with them. A tree will require special digging equipment and they may be too heavy to transport. However, if you do decide to relocate a tree, make sure you have the equipment you need. Also, don’t forget that you will need to dig u a large amount of soil to keep the tree alive.

pots you need to safely move your garden
Make sure you have enough pots and the right equipment for the move

When digging small plants you should divide them into small root sections. If possible, pot them and transfer them to your new home. Make sure you get the most of the root you can and pot the plant with some soil.

In order to stay alive, plants like tomato need to be dug evening before your move. Being out of the soil for too long can ruin or kill the plants. Therefore, make sure you don’t start too much in advance with this process.

Make sure you pack your plants safely! Use buckets, pots, and burlaps. Ask your mover for advice and whether they have any additional equipment for you to rent or borrow. Use online sources like WikiHow to get additional information about packing and moving your plants.


Make sure your plants are hydrated in order to safely move your garden. Plan the watering schedule during the transport process. Water your plant the night before the move.

Use the right vehicles

The best way to move your garden is in a closed truck. Therefore, your plants will avoid any wind damage as well as the sun rays. Your plants should be loaded last in the truck and unloaded first. 

truck toy
Make sure your garden is moved in a safe truck

Prepare your new garden for replanting

In order to safely move your garden, you will need to prepare your new home and garden in advance. Mark all of the replanting spots ahead, before the moving day. Dig the holes. Prepare new pots and make sure your plants get planted before you start unpacking any boxes.