How to reuse packing and moving supplies

Bag with the reminder to reuse packing and moving supplies

If you have recently moved, you probably have tons of packing supplies as you will probably use many packing materials during your move. And once you are done, you have to think of a way to get rid of them. You will have many cardboard boxes, plastic bags, wrapping papers, packing peanuts, wrapping bubble plastic. Of course, the easiest way is to throw them into the trash. But sometimes, that might not be the best option. There are many ways to reuse packing and moving supplies. And using them in your storage Sanford NC, can be the best idea. After the move, if you have many items that you will have to pack and store in a storage unit, use the packing materials you have used during your relocation.

Recycle your packing and moving supplies that are not reusable

Everyone knows how bad environmental problems our planet has. Plastic is one of the materials that have a worse reputation. And a large part of your packing and moving supplies are plastic. Of course, if after the move, you have perfectly good plastic moving containers, you won’t give them for recycling. But the stretch wraps, bubble plastic or broken plastic containers should go to recycle. Recycling packing materials has many benefits. But most important is taking care of your environment. Packing and moving supplies are usually made from recyclable materials. Therefore, recycling can be a good solution. Especially if they are in bad shape and they are not reusable. Ask around your neighborhood and see if you can find a recycling center in your vicinity.

Recycle bin when you can't reuse packing and moving supplies
Recycle everything that you can’t reuse

The list of packing supplies that are made of recycling materials

  • You need to keep your moving boxes that are made of cardboard safe if you are planning to reuse packing and moving supplies. If you damage them during your move you should take them to recycle. And depending on the size of your boxes, you can use them in various ways.
  • Wrapping paper can also be recycled, as there are not many uses for it after it’s been used for packing.
  • Newspapers can go to a recycling center, but you can leave a few sheets to clean your windows and mirrors after you move in.
  • You can reuse stretch wrap for many things in your home and storage. But you can also recycle it.
  • Biodegradable green packing peanuts are made from a material that can be recycled. You can reuse them for drainage in your plant pots. If you don’t keep plants at your home, recycle the packing peanuts.
  • Bubble plastic you can also recycle, but there are special ways to do that.

Recycle everything that you think is not reusable

After moving to North Carolina your house will be full of moving boxes, pieces of paper, plastic wraps. It might look like your new home is full of garbage. But there are some things that can be reused.  So, after you unpack, your first assignment is to prepare the packing materials that are not in good shape and cannot be used any more for recycling. That way you are removing the things that you can’t reuse in any way. Then you can think of a way to reuse packing and moving supplies that are in good shape.

Door of a storage unit
You can reuse packing and moving supplies for packing your items for storage

Packing your excess items for storage is a great way to reuse packing and moving supplies

Reusing ripped cardboard boxes is not advisable. Hopefully, they are already out of your way and at the recycling center. And now you can think of a smart way to reuse the boxes that you have. If you plan to store part of your items in a storage facility, the packing materials that you have could be of great use. Cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, stretch wrap, you can reuse them all to pack your excess items for storage. If you have decent storage in North Carolina, your items do not need some special or extra protection. So the moving boxes you have used for your relocation are perfect for it.

Rent a climate-controlled storage unit to keep your items in perfect condition

If you think that, the storage facility you are renting does not have the perfect conditions to keep your most precious and sensitive items. You can reuse the stretch wrap to add another layer of protection to your cardboard boxes. Or you can just rent a climate-controlled storage unit. In that case, you can use some of your boxes that are not in perfect condition. Just make sure that there is no danger of rats and mice. If there is, then it is best to use plastic containers for storing items that could be the target of rodents.

giving away your packing supplies
The best way to reuse packing and moving supplies is to give them to someone who is moving

Giving them away to someone who is moving is the best way to reuse packing and moving supplies

Another great way to reuse the packing and moving materials is to give them to someone who is moving right now. If you have some people that you know that are planning to move any time soon, surely they would be interested in your used packing materials that are in good condition. That is actually, the best way to reuse packing and moving supplies. Because those boxes and wraps were made for packing and moving, so you will be keeping the natural order in a way, if you give them to someone who is moving. Say goodbye to your boxes and maybe you will see them the next time you move.

Create art with reusable packing supplies

If you are into art, surely you know about that popular way of decorating objects with newspapers, called decoupage. There are many fantastic ways to decorate some items in your home with this technique. Also, there are some new and interesting methods of using bubble plastic for art. If you use the Google search, surely you can find thousands of ideas to reuse your packing and moving supplies for art. And it doesn’t matter how it turns up. The important thing is to have fun and get rid of your trash along the way.