How to reduce stress on a moving day?

a man stressing about the relocation day

People prepare and plan for months just for this day. Their boxes are packed, their furniture is wrapped and looks like everything is ready. Then, how come that, more than often, the moving day turns out to be chaotic and stressful? There are a few moving mistakes people tend to make during the moving process that can turn the moving day into a relocation nightmare. Whether it is rushing to get everything loaded to the truck or not packing their belongings safely enough, some of them can result in a stressful day or even injuries. In order to avoid relocation troubles and reduce stress on a moving day, you just need to follow a few simple guidelines and stay calm.

woman think of the ways to reduce stress on a moving day
Avoid relocation stress by being well-prepared for the moving day

How to avoid common moving mistakes

Every task during the relocation planning will lead to the moving day. Therefore, in order to avoid any stress, you will need to plan well in advance. Here are a few extremely important steps to follow and reduce stress on a moving day:

  • Start planning as soon as possible.
  • Find a reliable moving company.
  • Grab a planner, and make a packing plan.
  • Keep track of all pre-move tasks and reduce stress on a moving day. 
  • Prepare for the moving day.

Plan in advance

Whether you are moving down the street or having a long distance NC relocation, planning a few months in advance can make the whole process stress-free. However, due to different reasons, people are often in a situation where they need to organize a last-minute move. Having lots of planning and preparation time will be helpful, but with a good plan, you can move easily and quickly.

Start creating the moving plan draft as soon as possible. Write down all of the tasks and reminders you think of. It might seem a bit unorganized in beginning. However, as the time passes you will be able to go back to your plan and reorganize it.

Searching for a reputable moving company

The safest way to a hassle-free relocation is using professional NC moving servicesHowever, as there are many fraudulent movers you will need to pay a close attention during the search. In order to avoid becoming a moving scam victim, you will need to do a detailed research.

a couple searching for a mover online
Before hiring a moving company, research online and check their reputability

Make sure your mover is reputable by researching online. Look for their reviews and pay a close attention to how they present themselves online. A reliable moving company will always brand their premises, vehicles, and online websites and profiles. They will make sure their contact information is easily reachable. Also, when contacting them over the phone, evaluate the quality of their customer service. Experienced moving experts, like Moving Kings NC, will always gladly answer all of your questions. Also, they will make sure you get an accurate moving quote and any additional tips you might need.

How to reduce stress on a moving day by packing like a pro

Packing is often an overlooked moving task. In order to have a stress-free relocation and avoid any damages, you need to plan your packing process. The best solution for packing your belongings safely is to hire packing assistance NC. Professional packers will be able to protect your valuables and artwork. Moving companies, usually, use specialized packing material that will ensure your items arrive at your new home in a mint condition. However, if you plan on packing on your own, make sure you gather the right packing supplies. Free boxes are great. They will save you money, but investing in a few high-quality cardboard boxes will pay off in the long run.

Your packing plan needs to be well-structured. Start by deciding on which items you want to move to your new home. Keep in mind that you are packing for the new house. Therefore, relocation all of your belongings might not make sense. Avoid cluttering your new home by organizing a garage sale or donating the items you don’t need.

Pak the boxes according to the room they belong to. Make sure you label them properly and clearly. Labeled boxes will help you unpack quickly. Also, labels will help your mover avoid any damages by knowing which boxes get uploaded to the truck first.

The list or pre-relocation tasks

Whether you are moving within the state of North Carolina or relocating your home across the country, there will bee many pre-move tasks you need to deal with. Avoid forgetting anything by creating the list. Keep the list at an easily reachable and obvious place. Additional tasks will come along, and make sure you add them to the checklist.

woman writing the list of pre-move tasks
Create a list of all the important things that need to be done before the moving day.

Moving day can easily turn into a nightmare if that is the time you realize you forgot about changing your address or informing a client about the move. Therefore, make sure you start executing the tasks well in advance.

The moving preparation

On a moving day, you will be busy, there will be many things to do and you can easily overwhelm. Have a stress-free moving day by following a few important guidelines: 

  • Get enough sleep.

Make sure you are well-rested and concentrated on a moving day.

  • Dress properly.

What to wear on moving day? Heavy boxes and furniture will be all around you on this day. Make sure you are safe by resing properly. There is no time for fashion or accessories during the move. Therefore, wear comfortable clothes and non-slippery shoes.

  • Plan and prepare the carrying route.

In order to avoid injuries, you will need to clear out the way for carrying your items. Make sure there are no tripping obstacles and take everything off the way.

  • Prepare an essential box.

Pack an essential bag with everything you might need during the day and transportation to your new home.

  • Use protective gear.

A pair of protective gloves can make a relocation day much safer. Avoid carrying heavy items without a moving dolly or help from your movers.

  • Don’t forget this is an exciting and life change.

Reduce stress on a moving day by following your plan. Stay positive and think about the reasons for the move. Don’t forget that this is the begging of a fresh start and many opportunities. Therefore, stay calm. Happy move!