How to properly load a moving truck?

We ask ourselves a lot of things when we decide to relocate or to move our belongings to another place. Starting from the moving checklist, sorting budget, thinking should you do all by yourself or hire moving company etc. Anyway, if you decide to relocate all your stuff yourself, you will need a lot of time to make plans. From the other side, if you hire a professional moving company, they will do the job for you and save you a lot of time. But, how we should use a moving truck and load a moving truck properly? That’s also one of the things we should investigate.

How to properly load a moving truck?

Loading a moving truck, step by step

In case you hire a professional moving company, North Carolina movers to help you, you won’t have to worry about how to load a moving truck. Professional moving companies have experienced and dedicated employees who already know what to do. So, with a moving company, packing your stuff into moving truck will be a “piece of cake”.

From the other side, if you have to load a moving truck yourself, there are some things you certainly need to know. Preparing for the move on your own can be difficult and can take a lot of time and planning. At the start, those are things you should prepare before loading anything into a moving truck:

  • Realize what kind and size of truck do you needYou will need to calculate and realize what kind of truck do you need. If you have a lot of furniture and bulky items to move, you will for sure need a very big truck.
  • Gather materials (packing supplies)
  • Ask your friends for help. Ask your neighbors and good friends for help. In this situation, you will need a lot of help because it is just impossible to do everything on your own.
  • Disassemble furniture. Disassemble everything you can and take the parts out in front of a moving truck. Like this, you will know what to load in first and you will be aware of how much space do you have left in the truck.
Ask your friends and neighbors to help you load a moving truck! If you have company, everything will be easier!
You have to figure out what kind and size of a truck do you need.

Professional moving companies will also provide you with storage places. In case you need storage units in North Carolina, you will for sure find one that suits you the most!

Packing supplies

You will need a lot of packing supplies to properly pack all of your stuff. In order not to damage anything while packing and in transport, you will need all sorts of packing supplies you can get. If you hire a professional moving company, they will provide and bring the packing supplies with them. But, in case you are doing the packing yourself, you should make a list of packing supplies you will need, and go to get them. Most important packing supplies you should know about are:

  • Boxes, different kinds, and sizes. In the boxes, you can put smaller things, like plates, glasses, toys etc. If those things are fragile (glasses), you should wrap them into a paper first.
  • Paper padding, furniture pads, and plastic stretch wrap. These kinds of packing supplies will keep your furniture from being damaged while moving and transport.
  • Packing tape. The tape is useful too because it will keep the padding over your furniture together.
  • Straps. With this packing supply, your furniture will stay together. Straps will also prevent furniture from shifting.
  • Large tarp or plastic wrap. This is something you use to cover the floor in the moving truck. Like that, you will prevent your furniture and stuff to get dirty.
  • A Moving Dolly. You will need a moving Dolly or Hand Truck in order to move your heavy pieces of furniture. Huge boxes also, and everything that can not be easily carried in your arms.
One of the most important packing supplies are boxes. You will need a lot of them, different sizes and kind!
In order to pack everything properly. you will need a lot of different packing supplies!

Valuable items

Boxes with documents, money and other valuable stuff, you should pack, label and relocate using your own car. Nobody wants to lose their valuable stuff, so you should take good care of things like this. So, loading stuff like this into a moving truck is not an option.

The final step, loading a moving truck

So now, when everything is ready, we need to load a moving truck! And now, this is what you should do!

  • Load largest and heaviest items first. Stuff like bed frames, tables, chairs, laundry machine or dishwashers, couches etc. Because these items are big and heavy, they should be placed on the bottom of a moving truck. Like this, they won’t crush and damage other boxes you want to put in too.
  • Place couches and tables in an upright position. These things should be loaded in upright or vertical position. You should wrap them with moving blankets so they won’t damage other stuff in the truck. Packing them in a vertical position will give you more space to load other things into the truck.
  • Roll up your rugs. You should roll rugs and place them in an upright position also. Before rolling rugs, you should also clean them.
  • Load lightest items last. In the end, smaller things like some appliances, kitchen parts, mirrors, tv or pictures are the last to load in the truck. Be sure to place them on the heavy items and not under them so they won’t suffer any damage during the transport.
  • Be sure the weight is distributed evenly.
Small and lighter stuff like some kitchen parts, we should place on top of heavy things in the moving truck.
Some of the lighter appliances we should place over the heavy stuff in the truck. Like that we will avoid damaging them during the transport!

When you are done with loading stuff into the moving truck, use moving straps. Moving straps will prevent the furniture inside of a truck to move and suffer any kind of damage in transport.