How to prepare for moving to North Carolina from Florida?

Moving to another state can be a daunting process. There are just so many things to consider, from changing your address, choosing the right moving company, packing, etc. It can, and often is, quite stressful. And on top of that, you need to take specific state you are moving to (and the state you are moving from), in this case, to North Carolina from Florida. But it does not need to be like that. All you need is to do some proper research and preparation when moving to North Carolina from Florida. There are many things that you need to consider and we will try to list the most important ones.

Moving to North Carolina From Florida – The Basics

Before we even get to consider the state-specific factors, we need to do the basics right. It is just uncanny how many times we overthink one aspect and completely forgets about the basics, thinking we have them “in the bag”. Well, we do not want to do that when moving, do we? Especially if you are moving with your family, you need to create and follow step by step list.

Address and Information Change

This is a key step to prepare when moving to North Carolina from Florida, as you want to change your address and relevant information as soon as possible. With some agencies you can do this ahead of time, with some you will need to wait until you actually move to the new place. What you can do is change everything that you can before the actual move day and make a list of ones that are to be changed afterward. That will ensure that you have a reminder waiting for you for this critical task.

Hire a Moving Company

While you definitely can perform the move yourself, it is better to hire professionals. The reason is, you are looking at a long distance move which would imply hiring a rental truck or a shipping container. After that you would need to do all the work yourself when it comes to packing, unpacking, insuring etc. In the end, you might be looking at somewhat similar prices, when you account for your own work. It is best to leave the long distance relocation to the professionals. You would do well to hire a company that knows the area and has extensive experience with moving to it.

 a lot of cars on highway moving to North Carolina from Florida
Hiring a moving company will ensure that your things arrive safe and sound!

Pack Your Stuff

Packing is what most of us think when we consider moving. For this, you will need packing supplies and a good system to pack your things and label your boxes. You can also leave this part to the moving company if you so wish. If you do decide to pack yourself, just make sure you plan ahead, involve friends and family and try to have a good time!

What you need to know about North Carolina

When moving to North Carolina From Florida, there are many things that you should know about the state you will be moving to. We are going to try and list some that could be most influential in your lives.

Layers Are Important

North Carolina has pretty large temperature swings. During any regular day, the temperature can change by over 50 degrees. This is where layers come into play. Coming from Florida, you are most likely accustomed to warm and flat climate. Well, you will need to adjust a bit in North Carolina. Mornings and evenings can be quite chilly, even if the day is hot. What you want to prepare are layers of clothing, to ensure that you are always one step ahead of the climate. Some last minute shopping could save you from a cold!

Basketball Is Important

It may sound strange to mention basketball when considering how to prepare for moving to North Carolina from Florida but it actually is quite important. You see, basketball is really important in North Carolina. Everyone has an opinion and it is a regular topic of conversation. So, even if you are not a basketball fan, prepare yourself that it will come up in many conversations. You should consider hot topics beforehand, so you do not get surprised. Try to remain neutral when Duke-UNC rivalry comes up if you do not want to ruffle some feathers.

Basketball court
Basketball is a way of life in NC. Almost everyone watches the exploits of their team with great passion.

Barbecue Is Important

It might sound a bit odd, but barbecue is a big deal in North Carolina. People pride themselves on their special style of barbecue that you can not get anywhere else. There is no better way to make some friends than to invite them over for a barbecue. Similar to basketball, this is a topic that often comes up in conversations so you might as well prepare for it. Living in a state is all about understanding the local customs and habits.

Barbecue  with sausages
So is barbecue! Prepare yourself to be invited to many of these. They are North Carolina’s special.

Education Is Important

Apart from the obvious, education plays a huge role in North Carolina’s economy. Higher education, especially so. The research triangle which is composed of NC State University, Duke University and University of NC Chapel Hill is the largest employer in NC. So you might want to brush up a bit on academic skills if you want to fit in with that crowd, which is considerably large.

What you also might want to do when preparing to move to North Carolina from Florida is to organize your free time. There are many places to visit, many activities to partake in. A visit to the capital, if you are not moving there already, is definitely in order. Once there, you should take your time to explore Raleigh, you will be in for a treat!