How to prepare for moving in bad weather


Moving is hard enough without adding the additional problems. However, what if you feel confident and ready for your move but suddenly weather changes? It can be a quite setback if you do not know how to handle the new situation properly. For this reason, we have prepared a guide for you so you can finish your relocation successfully. Keep reading to find out how to prepare for moving in bad weather. It is not as hard as it seems but you should be extremely careful since no one can win against mother nature.

man with an umbrella
Moving when it is raining doesn’t have to be too hard

Moving in bad weather

If you are relocating to North Carolina during the winter, you can expect unfavorable weather. However, do not let this to discourage you. If you prepare on time, moving in bad weather will not be a problem. The first thing you must do is to follow weather reports. It should be wise to start following weather reports even a few weeks in advance. Weather can change suddenly so do not let it catch you by surprise. If the weather is extremely bad, you may have to change the date of your move. However, this might be a problem for someone who is on a tight schedule. For this reason, be in a contact with your moving company and decide together what you should do. If you decide to continue with the move, start preparing.

Bad weather means the following conditions:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Hot temperature

Moving in winter

Moving during the winter is quite a challenge. Not only you have to deal with low temperatures, but sometimes with snow too. You have to make sure that your driveway is clean of snow and ice so that movers can have a safe path from the truck to the house. It is extremely important that you do this before the movers come for your belongings. You can put down salt to prevent ice from forming. Additionally, have several shovels ready in case snow starts falling again. Furthermore, if your new house is also covered in snow, you are responsible for clearing the path there as well. If you are from the area that never has cold weather, you should be prepared to adjust to cold temperatures.

Moving your belongings

When you are moving your belongings to the moving truck, you need to make sure your items are well protected. For this reason, buy a plastic wrap to cover your things. It will keep your items dry and it will prevent any damage. Furthermore, your house should also be protected. You do not want to destroy carpets or wooden floor on the day of the move. That’s why you should lay down blankets or towels. This way when movers go in and out, their wet shoes will not damage the carpet. Additionally, they can even have one person inside the house to pass the boxes so the movers do not need to enter the house. Chapel Hill movers will have no problem with this, as they have relevant experience dealing with this type of moving. With them by your side, your relocation, no matter the weather conditions, will go smooth.

Packing your belongings

When you are moving in bad weather, you should pack your belongings extremely carefully. Make sure to bubble wrap your items in the extra layer to protect them from water and snow. Furthermore, all your boxes should be sealed and covered with plastic wrap especially if they contain books or any other valuable item. After you pack your things, take a photo of all the boxes, even when the movers put them inside the moving truck. This will be your proof that the boxes were in perfect condition before leaving your house. If something happens during the relocation, you can ask for insurance money. Additionally, you should ask professionals to pack your electronics. Moving household appliances is hard enough without adding harsh weather conditions.

Hot tea for cold days

Trash bags

Trash bags are perfect protection against rain or show for your clothes, pillows, or any other similar things. Additionally, they are quite helpful for the last quick cleaning. When movers finish with moving your belongings to the moving truck, you can throw blankets or other materials that you used to protect your house.


When it is raining during your moving day, you should buy several umbrellas. This way, you can protect your belongings and movers. As for packing and moving your items, it is similar to the move with snow. Protect your moving boxes and your house. You do not want dirty and muddy shoes all over your carpet. Keeping the house clean during the move is also important.

Clothes and beverage

Moving in bad weather means you will have to adjust your clothing to the weather conditions. If you are moving during the winter, prepare hats, gloves, warm sweaters and jackets. On the other hand, if it is extremely hot outside, prepare light clothes, and for the rain get your rain boots ready. As for beverages, you need to make sure you have some cold water to give to your movers on a hot day. If you are moving during the holidays and in bad weather, give hot tea or hot chocolate to your movers.

Driving and transportation

If you are the one who will be driving the moving truck, be prepared. You should constantly check weather reports and situation on roads. Drive extremely carefully, especially if there are snow and ice on roads. Your safety and safety of others should be your top priority.

snow on road when moving in bad weather
Be careful when you are driving

Canceling the move

Moving in bad weather sometimes means you should cancel your move. Many movers will postpone the move if the weather conditions are too bad. In addition, if the moving company sees that the roads are impassable, they will not send their moving trucks to your house. For this reason, be prepared to stay a couple more days at your old house. Prepare extra clothes and food for those several days.

As you can see, if it is not urgent, postpone your move. However, if you can’t for some reason, be prepared for moving in bad weather.