How to prepare for moving day the night before

The title of this text has two ways by which it can be understood. The first one would be how to prepare for moving day the night before if you previously haven’t done many (if any) preparations. The second would regard the night prior to the moving day, with all of your boxes packed and movers in North Carolina scheduled. We will try to address both to the best of our ability.

The way you prepare for moving day the night before if nothing has been taken care of

This thought of this scenario even makes us shiver. However, since there is not much time for anything, this is not the moment to panic, simply for the lack of time. Rather take a deep breath, perhaps eat something, drink water, and prepare for a sprint. Keep in mind that the following steps can be applied only if you are having a local move. You could handle a long distance one, but you will probably have to leave a lot of things behind.

A bunch of clocks
Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to the first option. Be prepared to act efficiently and continuously.

Of course, having a moving company by your side would make this whole ordeal tremendously easier. We strongly advise that you still call someone if it’s not too late, and see if any arrangements can be made. Still, our scenario consists of you being all alone and having to handle a DIY move.

  • Take out all the boxes, bags, bins and any other containers that catch your eye. Anything will do.
  • Set aside a pair of scissors and some duck tape.
  • Pick the essential belongings that simply have to come with you. Try to be as rigorous as you can, and come in terms with the fact that not everything will get the chance to see your new home.

The packing process

Since you have a very limited amount of containers, you will have to be wise with your decisions. Know that a lot of your clothing pieces can be used as cushioning materials. Besides keeping other objects safe, you will also save up on packing space. So, say that you are putting your china in a box. There will be a lot of empty corners after you’re done. Fill those up with your t-shirts, socks, and even some beddings. Use smaller bags to pack heavier items. Do not take clothes out of your drawers. Rather use them as containers, and tape them shut, so they do not open during the transport. Consider the option of spreading your sheets, putting some belongings in there, and tying it tightly. We know it sounds rather horrible, but this is no time to be judgy, nor picky. You have to be smart and shameless. 

How will the moving day look like?

If you need to move out, with no chance of coming back, we hope that you chose the belongings you take wisely. Still, if you have the option of going back a couple of times, you will be able to shift it all. Know that you can use storage Sanford NC if you still don’t have a home to leave all your stuff in. Keeping your items there will ensure they are safe and sound.

Storage units
Storage will give you additional space, and you would be smart to use every extra resource you can find.

If all goes well, your move can be classified as a successful one. Still, we strongly advise that you give a moving company a call as soon as you wake up, and see if anything can be done. Especially if you plan on having a long distance move. It will reduce the amount of stress, and ensure safe relocation.

The way you prepare for moving day the night before if the majority has been taken care of

This is a much calmer situation, and will, as such, require a lot less effort. However, that doesn’t mean that you have no chores:

  • try to disconnect and unplug the electronics 24 hours before the moving day, or as soon as you can.
  • pack an essentials box. It ought to contain everything you are going to use come moving day, as well as the first few days in your new home. Things like medicine, toys, clothes, toiletries, towels and clean sheets should all make the list.
  • pack a snack box. Make sure it has some healthy and nutritious options, like almonds, and fruit. Refreshments like cold and warm drinks (depending on the season), are also a must.
  • make sure to allocate a certain amount of cash. If you hired a moving company, consider tipping the movers.
  • set an alarm that will remind you to leave the keys behind. It would be a real shame to find them in your purse just as you’ve arrived from New York to California.
  • order some pizza, call your friends, neighbors, and family for a night of fun and reminiscing. Have some quality time with people that mean a lot to you, and just enjoy.
  • get enough sleep. However nice the goodbye party may be, those few extra hours spent in bed instead of on the dance floor will prove to be beneficial. You will need all the energy you can get for the upcoming day.
A woman sleeping
With everything taken care of, the best way you can prepare for moving day the night before is to get a good night’s sleep.

As you can see, the way to prepare for moving day the night before is largely dependant on the situation you’re in. Whatever the case may be, we advise you to stay calm, realize that this too shall pass rather quickly and that you’re in for a new chapter and a new chance to better your life. Keep your head up, drink lots of water and happy travels!