How to prepare for moving abroad

moving abroad

It is said that life begins at end of your comfort zone. Moving abroad will most definitely mean crossing the line of that zone and certainties and starting an amazing life-changing adventure. Living in a different country will let you not only experience a new culture but become a part of it as well. New customs and people will bring a certain amount of a good adrenalin rush everytime you leave your new home, even just for a quick trip to a grocery store.

The list of benefits of moving abroad can go on. Just a thought of your new life, carrier opportunities and people you will meet can make you daydream. But before taking the leap of faith and packing your bags comes the preparation time. In order to avoid any international relocation stress, you need to prepare for your move in advance. The best time to start the planning process is now! Start preparing for an international move few months ahead. Therefore, you will have enough time to plan and organize your move, as well as to say goodbye to your friends and family without any rush. However, if you don’t have that much time before the moving date, a detailed relocation plan will save the day!

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Moving to a another state will open a door of possibilities

All you need to do few months before an international move

Even if you do have everything under control and have already made a moving plan start executing it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that some things, like visa approvals, take time. Sometimes it takes even up to a few months to get all of your documents approved and ready. Therefore, create a moving abroad checklist and follow a timeline.

Moving abroad checklist – 3 months before the move

Long distance moving in North Carolina process can get complicated and stressful. Overlooking the importance of some pre-departure tasks and time can make an international move daunting. Therefore, use the guidelines below to create a personalized moving checklist.

Find the right housing.

Finding the perfect apartment or a house in an unknown town can take a lot of time and research. Therefore, get an early start. If needed, book a hotel room or temporary housing using Airbnb.

Book a plane ticket.

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Book the tickets in advance and avoid overpaying them

Booking a plane ticket in advance can help you save money.

Create a moving abroad budget

When moving to a different country, money is an important thing to think about. Having savings would, of course, help. However, not having a budget when moving abroad can make the move much more difficult. Therefore, make sure your budget includes: transportation tickets, moving expenses, a few months rent and basic living costs. Try to estimate how much you will spend in the first months living abroad. This will help you plan your expenses in advance. Therefore, you can decide if you can cut some costs and save money.

Apply for a visa

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Apply for a visa in advance

Depending on a country you are moving to you will need to apply for a specific visa few months ahead. Therefore, make sure you research in advance which type of visa you are eligible for. Gather all the documentation you need to apply and double check them. The U.S. embassy programs like STEP are designed to help American expats abroad. Make sure you are up to date with important regulations and information. Also, don’t forget to make copies of all important documents. Better to be safe than sorry!

If needed, hire a reliable moving company

If you are moving with more than just a suitcase, you will most likely need help from a professional moving company. Make sure you hire a reliable and licensed one. Moving companies like Moving Kings Van Lines FL can make your move stress-free. Also, reputable movers can provide you with valuable free tips and information on their websites.

A reputable, professional, moving company can provide you with various moving services. Therefore, hire a moving company that can meet all of your moving needs and requirements.

Take care of any additional paperwork

Do you need an international driving license? Does your family has all the necessary documents to move abroad? Does your pet need any vaccinations? Have you planned the healthcare solutions? Think of anything you might overlook and deal with it in advance.

Are you selling or renting out your current home?

If you are, start looking for buyers or tenants ASAP. Do you need any storage services in North Carolina? Book a storage space in advance as well as the transport.

Moving abroad- 2 months before the move

The moving day is coming closer. What’s next? Here is another checklist to follow 2 months before an international move:

  • Start creating a packing plan. – Sell or donate the items you don’t want to relocate.
  • Inform your friends and family about the moving abroad date. – Give them enough time to say goodbye or throw you a party.
  • Do the repairs on your current home. – Ensure you get your deposit back.
  • Prepare the additional paperwork. – Do you need a power of attorney? Or maybe a separate bank account? Or a credit cards?
  • Cancel the utilities and subscriptions that allow a 2-months-ahead notice. – The sooner you get more done, the better.

1 month before the move

Time flies fast. The moving day will come much faster than you might have thought. Therefore, the last month is the time to get all of the affairs and tasks done. Here are a few guidelines to help you plan the final pre-departure tasks:

  • Change your address.
  • Cancel any left utility bills.
  • Clean up your current home.
  • Plan a farewell party. – Invite your co-workers, friends, and family. This way you will be able to say goodbye to everyone in one day. Emotional day tough, but it will take one day and you will be able to focus on the move.
  • Finish the packing plan and start packing.
  • Go through every task from the list and think of anything you may have forgotten about. – Ask your friends and family to help.

The packing plan

boxes on a measure scale
Prioritizing and labeling are the priorities of any packing plan

Your packing plan should be detailed and well organized. You will need to stay focused and prioritize. Therefore, don’t relocate any heavy items you don’t need. Lower the moving cost and declutter your new home by bringing only the things you use and need. Rent a storage unit or ask your friends to store some of your furniture and boxes.

Make sure you gather and buy quality packing material. You can always ask for packing services NC from a professional moving company. Plan your packing for moving abroad according to your new home and clearly label the boxes. Don’t forget to pack the essential separately.