How to prepare for a college move?

prepare for a college move

College move-in day is something we all have been waiting for the whole summer, right? Then, why does that day always turn out to be emotional, exciting and chaotic? For students and their parents, the moving-in day is a huge milestone but it is also the separation day. Exciting as it is for the students to finally get to move out and live in a dorm, the moving-in day can become stressful. Packing and dealing with the transport and unpacking can sound daunting. However, it is possible to avoid any relocation stress and prepare for a college move by creating a moving plan.

The moving plan for a college move

Any relocation requires a detailed moving and packing plan. However, knowing that you will be moving into a small room with a roommate can make the packing process much more difficult. What should you pack? Will there be enough space for you to unpack? Would your roommate mind if you bring a lazy bag? Well, first of all, you will need to prioritize when it comes to packing. In order to prepare for a college move with ease and avoid over or under packing, here are a few steps to follow when creating a moving plan:

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Prepare for your move to college by creating a plan and avoid any stress
  • Make a packing plan.
  • Plan the transportation.
  • Prepare for a college move and the moving-in day.

The packing plan for a college move

Moving to a dorm and living with people of your age will be an amazing experience. You will get to make life-lasting friendships and choose a career path. However, before all the fun comes the moving-in day. Students tend to overpack when moving to a dorm. Realising that you have bought too many boxes and clothes and don’t have where to store them may ruin the day for you. Therefore, to avoid living in a cluttered room and annoying your roommate with too many stuff laying around you will need a proper packing plan.

You will need to stay organized and practical while creating the packing plan. Prepare for a college move by not packing anything you don’t need or use. It is probably a great idea not to pack anything that is easily replaceable. There are also stores that will allow you to choose their products in their store in your hometown and pick them up in some other location. Use service like this in order to have fewer boxes to relocate with you.

Create a packing checklist few weeks before the move. Therefore you will enough time to add things to your list. Also, create an additional list of all the things you need to buy. It is never too early to pack. Therefore, start creating the list as soon as possible.

In order to avoid sharing a room with 2 microwaves and 2 TVs, prepare for a college move and contact your roommate before the moving-in day. Find out who will be your roommate and create a common plan of which appliances you should bring.

The packing supplies

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Be ready for your college move

Whether you are planning long distance moving in North Carolina to your college or just moving to a nearby town, you will need to gather some packing supplies. Avoid using boxes or plastic tubs that are too big. It might seem like a good idea to have fewer boxes. However, arriving at the dorm and having to carry heavy huge boxes up the stairs will be exhausting. Therefore, rather than just bringing a few big boxes, get many smaller ones. Tote and reusable grocery bags will come in handy and will be easy to carry around.

If you need any help while packing you can always hire the pros to do it. Professional packing services in North Carolina can pack your belongings quickly and easily while maximizing the space.

If you want to save money during the move, you can gather free boxes from local stores or use reusable bags. For more valuable items, consider buying a few quality boxes. In order to avoid any ironing on the first day of your move, pack your clothes on hangers. You can use wardrobe cardboard boxes or protect your clothes with trash bags and fold them in half.  Make sure you have a few smaller plastic tubs or tote bags for the essentials.

The transport

You will need to prepare the transport from your home to your dorm. Even though you are moving with your car. It might be that not all of your possessions and boxes will be able to come with you. Therefore, the safest way to transport the rest of your belongings would be to hire a professional moving company. By having a reliable mover to relocate you, you will be sure your boxes will arrive on time. If you are moving not so far away from home, consider hiring the local moving North Carolina professionals. Local movers will be familiar with the area and avoid any traffic jams and bumpy roads that might damage your items.

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Book your tickets in advance, and schedule the transport of your belongings

How to prepare for a college move and the moving-in day

Even though you have prepared for the moving-in college day for months, it always brings some surprises. Whether it is the rain and bad weather or traffic you need to relax and compromise with the plan. In order to prepare for college and move into your dorm room quickly, follow a few guidelines to plan your day:

Check the weather forecast and dress properly.

There won’t be much you can do about it but you can be prepared. Check the weathercast on the moving-in day. Make sure you wear proper clothes. Choosing fashion over comfort on the moving-in day can result in smudged makeup, sweat stains or injuries. Therefore, make sure you stay safe and be comfortable. Non-slippery shoes are a must. Keep in mind that you will be carrying boxes from your car to your room back and forth. Cute outfits might won’t be able to protect you from cuts or sharp edges.

Make sure you have the right supplies.

Scissors, cleaning supplies, snacks, and water. And that is just the top of your essential list. Make sure you have all the supplies you need for the day. Don’t forget to buy trash bins With the unpacking there will probably be a lot of cardboard and ripped tapes.  Make sure you are familiar with college move-in policies and banned items!

Bring help

Arriving alone to you campus might sound fun. However, having to bring all of the boxes to your room on your own, won’t be. Therefore, make sure you have someone to help you. Don’t bring a crowd, just a few people. In order to prepare for a college move, consider renting a cart or a moving dolly.