How to prepare a motorcycle for shipping

Tips on how to prepare a motorcycle for shipping

Moving requires a lot of preparation, and birds on the branch know by know how stressful the moving process can get. That is why one of the most important things is to create a checklist where you will write all of your to-do things. It will make your life so much easier. It is a similar situation when you need to prepare a motorcycle for shipping. Here we will provide you with some tips on tricks on how to prepare your precious vehicle for shipping. What is the most important part, is that your motorcycle remains as it was when you first shipped it.

How to start?

As in almost everything when in a moving process, there are steps that you should follow. From the first to the last. The last step is usually the easiest. Arriving of your motorcycle and driving it to storage Sanford NC in case that you don’t want to drive it right now, or it is too cold. That would be maybe an extra step. Other than that, after arriving on your bike, you are done. Of course, everything should run smoothly if you go step by step. So, how to start? The first step is to clean your motorcycle. Clean it really good, because when you have it good and clean you will be able to see any scratches or damages that it may have.

Prepare a motorcycle for shipping in no time

When you want to prepare a motorcycle for shipping you may think that it will take you a lot of time and preparation. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can finish everything in a timely manner If you start on time and plan everything. Once you have cleaned and washed your motorcycle next step would be to check it. Make sure to take photos of all of the existing scratches and damages. You should do this in order to compare the photos and the motorcycle after it arrives at the final destination. You will see if there were any damages made while in transport base on these pictures. At least this is easy nowadays when everybody has camera phones.

orange motorcycle outside
Have proof of the original condition of your motorcycle

Have a conversation with your moving company

Before you find a company that will transport your motorcycle, you need to resonate do you want a company that will move your motorcycle by air or by a boat. There is a difference, by air obviously, it will go faster and you will have your motorcycle where you want in no time. However, this service is quite more expensive than if you would transport your motorcycle with a boat. Once you choose, you should have a talk with your company and make an agreement on how it should be transported. Also, do not let yourself to forget to get vehicle insurance. This will cover any damages that may happen to your motorcycle during the move.

Prepare a motorcycle for shipping so nothing gets damaged or lost

If your motorcycle has some accessories, then you should know that it would be best to remove them from your precious vehicle. These can easily get lost in transportation and you will have no one to blame for it but yourself. So, simply remove everything that is removable from the accessories and you will be calmer. You can always bring everything back as it was. There are things that you cannot bring along with you when moving, and you have to ship them like your motorcycle, and then there are things that you should bring with you like those decorative items from your bike.

helmet on the motorcycle
Pack your accessories separately

If its broken fix it

When you need to prepare a motorcycle for shipping you need to make sure that your motorcycle is in fact in a good condition. This is important because it may happen that a mover will have to drive your bike into the trailer. Not only because of that but because of when it arrives you will have to drive it to its destination as well. Also, make sure to have enough gas in it. In some cases though, you will have to empty the reservoir and leave just enough so that you will be able to drive it to the nearest gas pump. It is all pretty on what you decide, but why having a broken motorcycle? If you are leaving it broken then you have to let your movers know. Everything that is wrong with your vehicle must go through your carrier.

motorcycle in the garage
Make sure your motorcycle is in good condition

Before and after

As we already mentioned, you should take pictures of your motorcycle before transportation. Take a picture of every single scratch or any little damage you can find. Prepare a motorcycle for shipping by making sure that you have every detail that may tell you if your bike was damaged in any way during the transportation. Once the motorcycle comes at its destination you will have the photos taken earlier to compare. So, let’s see if everything is there:

  • Clean your motorcycle
  • Take photos of it, so that you can compare them later
  • Choose how you want your bike to be transported
  • Get an insurance
  • Remove any decoration you may have on your bike
  • Fix anything if necessary
  • Empty the gas tank, but before you do consult with your moving company

That is it more or less. It is up to you to see if these steps meet your requirements you may have for the transportation of your motorcycle. Plan everything, step by step. Hire a good and capable moving company such as movers Pittsboro NC and you are good to go. Your motorcycle is good to go that is.