How to plan for moving mishaps

How to plan for moving mishaps

Home relocation is not so easy as people might think. Yes sure, you can pay for full service and have someone else move your things. But you can’t avoid the stress that comes with the territory. It would be a shame that you have to go through additional stress on top of it all. So, it would be wise to start making a plan for moving mishaps. We can help you with that by bringing several basic tips and tricks on how to handle the whole process smoother.

Prepare and plan for moving mishaps

As soon as you are aware that you’ll need or want to relocate, you should make a moving plan. If you know the location of your new home, next on the list should be a moving date. You should give yourself at least 3-4 weeks to prepare for everything. This way you will not rush anything, and you can focus to take one step at a time. Just don’t forget to check the weather a few days before and after moving date. In case you are forced to move on bad weather, get geared up. Supply yourself and your helpers with protective boots, gloves, and hats. Have few shovels for snowy situations and a raincoat or two for rainy weather.

Make a good plan to avoid moving mishaps
Prepare a plan for moving mishaps

We did not forget the packing, probably the most time-consuming part of a move. But if you plan for moving mishaps on time, you can even have some fun doing it. Or make a family event out of it. Give every member of the family a task to pack their own room. That way everyone will have a sense of involvement and help in the process. Also, don’t forget to toss an email to your friends if anyone can help. Or just call your best friend to help you pack. If none of this applies, maybe you should consider hiring professional help. Check out your local moving companies, there are for sure services you might find useful.

Hire a reputable moving company

Most of the people end up with hiring a reliable moving company. If you desire, you can get an affordable service that will cover your needs. Try looking at expert moving companies Garner NC for an easy pick. They are one of the best moving companies with experience. But remember that if you wish to hire the best for your money, you should book on time. Also, you should follow a few pointers, so you can make the best choice and avoid unpleasantries.

  • Do a bit of research – Take some time to find the best moving company for you. Do not pick the first one you stumble upon online. Check at least ten different moving companies and compare notes from their customers by checking customer service comments.
Searching for information
Do a bit of a research
  • Ask the right questionsWhen you decide and give them a call, be sure to ask a few crucial questions. For instance, ask if they are familiar with the area they are moving you to. Ask about the payment methods or the manpower and tools at their disposal. Ask any question you see relevant and avoid unpleasantries or scams. Plan for moving mishaps before you hire your movers.
  • Book your movers on time – Once you know your moving date, you should sit down and take a couple of hours for research. Find a suitable moving company and call straight away. Best companies are usually booked months in advance. The quicker you act the better deal you’ll get, and you’ll avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Do not overpayBe aware of the contract you are assembling with your moving representatives. Some companies would offer extra services that you don’t need. Read the contract few times and ask for clarifications if needed. That way you’ll avoid overpaying. Remember that you are paying by the hour, and small oversights can add up and hurt your moving budget.

Keep your property and possessions safe

We would all like that our belongings are transported safely to our new home. But on many occasions that is not the case. There are many things that can go wrong. Accidents like misplacing, damaging or even theft are always a possibility. Therefore, we strongly recommend checking the moving services movers provide, and purchase insurance. Insurance will cover most of the damage, so you can relax a bit. On the other hand, there are some items that movers won’t transport at all. Or maybe you do not trust anyone else with the valuables you have. In that case, you should transport those items yourself. If there is a family heirloom that is irreplaceable, just move it yourself. Use your personal car and avoid any risks.

One more thing, remember that you have one week to claim insurance. Just check your boxes that are storing your fragile items. Do that as soon as possible so you can file a complaint on time.

Broken plate
For possible damages of your belongings, purchase an insurance

Packing and downsizing

We already mentioned packing, but there is more to help with your plan for moving mishaps. Firstly, you need to inspect your new home and work out the logistics. Measure the hallways and stairs etc. This way you will know exactly where the furniture will be if it will fit during a move. Also, where to store boxes with certain items. It will be your choice if you choose one room to store all the boxes and work your way from there. Or to store them in their designated rooms. One thing is certain, you need to pack those boxes. You will need packing materials such as boxes of large, medium and small sizes.

Then you need packing tapes and ropes, along with box-cuter and protective cushions. You can use bubble wrap, old clothes, towels or crumpled newspaper to secure the box interior. Regardless of what room you are packing, all boxes can be secured the same way. Lastly, while packing, keep an eye on the items that you do not need anymore. Make a pile containing items that need to go. Maybe you can donate, gift, sell or just throw away some of the items. Or if you do not know what to do with the pile you assembled, think about storing. Check out your local storage units and purchase storage services. You can always decide later after the dust is settled.

Packing material
Some of the packing materials

Maintain your physical and mental health

Needless to say, you should always keep your health at the highest, but at times like this, especially. Be realistic of your limits and do not extend too much. Do not do the heavy lifting if you are not experienced enough. Some jobs require the proper tools and equipment to avoid serious injuries. Whatever you are unsure of, just ask your moving buddies. Consult top moving companies Raleigh NC and you will get all the answers. If you decided to hire Moving Kings, you will be most satisfied. They are one of the best in the moving business.

Also, do not forget to give yourself a break from time to time. Whole moving process along with preparations and planning can stress you for weeks, or months. It is crucial to eat healthily, drink enough fluids and catch a good night sleep. You want to be in shape and in a great mood when the moving day is upon you.

This is what we brought you today. Hopefully, now you have a better picture of how to prepare for such a big event. Plan for moving mishaps on time and you will avoid unwanted situations. We wish you a pleasant and safe relocation. Good luck.