How to pack your office?

pack your office

The time has come to relocate your office and you don’t know where to start? Well, with a simple guide, you can learn how to pack your office the right way. Moving a business is not an easy job to do, especially if you have to move a big corporate company. However, a good packing plan can help you stay focused and plan your relocation like a professional.

Everything from making an inventory, writing down a packing plan and securing the office furniture is a part of moving a business. If you are not sure if you’ll have time to do it on your own, professional moving services are always there to help. In the meanwhile, take a look at the following tips and see how easy it is to pack an office with few simple steps.

Make an inventory and a packing plan

Running a business during the moving process is not an easy job to do. While you communicate with your clients and your employees, there will be lots of things to think about. If you are moving a small office, packing it shouldn’t be a big problem. However, moving a corporate company can be way more complicated. The main difference between these two cases is the size of an inventory. If you are moving to North Carolina, professionals can help you organize a business relocation. If you have to pack and move an entire company, the best solution would be to hire commercial moving assistance in North Carolina. With all the sensitive electronics, computers and copying machines, you wouldn’t want something to get damaged during the move.

making a plan
Make sure to write down a good packing plan and engage your employees in the packing process.

On the other hand, you can easily pack your office just by making a simple packing plan. The way you pack and the supplies you’ll need will depend on few factors.

  • First of all, you will have to decide on the size and number of the moving boxes you’ll need. After making an inventory list, this shouldn’t be hard to do.
  • Second of all, it’s important to prioritize before you pack your office. Some of the items will be in use up until the last moment.
  • In the end, gather your employees and discuss the moving plan. You can engage them in the packing process and talk about changing your company’s schedule during the relocation.

Pack your office in 3 stages

Stage 1 – Sort out important files

The only things you don’t have the luxury to lose are important files and documents. If you are moving your office overseas, make sure to secure and label moving boxes with important files first. This way, you can pack your office without worrying that your business will get into trouble because of a few important documents.

Stage 2 – Secure electronics and unplug all the wiring

Since most offices have computers and many cables that go along, make sure to pack them all separately. If you don’t know much about computers, you can always ask someone from the office to help you detach all the cables and shut down the computers properly. The best way to pack your electronic devices is to use the original packaging. Those boxes are custom-made for the device you want to pack and it will probably have Styrofoam pieces for protection.

Browsing the internet
Browse the internet and find a good office moving company.

Stage 3 – Secure the fragile pieces of furniture

These days, most offices have more delicate furniture pieces than our homes do. In most cases, furniture made out of glass is very tough to relocate, since you can’t disassemble them into pieces. The best thing to do in these situations is to call professional packers to secure delicate office furniture for you. After all, you will spend less money on a moving company than to buy an entirely new furniture for your office.

Working from home – how to pack your office?

If you are working from home and want to pack your office, the packing process is mostly the same as we said before. However, there are few things that can make your packing process way easier. First of all, you should decide what to do with the furniture you already have in your home office. You might then move your entire home, but you also might not have enough room for the exactly the same pieces of furniture you have now. If you have custom-made furniture in your home office, you might want to reconsider moving it to your new home. Those pieces are probably made to fit the room you are currently working in.

There are a few important things to remember before packing your home office. You will need to find separate boxes and not pack your items along with all the other possessions from your home. Make sure separate and label those boxes before the moving day comes. After all, the best way to pack your office is to use the right packing materials and secure delicate items.

Find a good storage solution after the move

After moving your office, you might need to find additional storage space. More often than not, a new office space is not ready to fully set up on a moving day. If you have too many items to move and don’t have space for them in your office, you should find a cheap storage solution. After you properly pack your office, the storage unit you find should be the one that is climate controlled and have a proper security system. Security of your office inventory is the most important thing during a business moving.

office supplies
After the moving day is over, you might need additional storage space for your office supplies.

In the end, make sure to pack your office properly, hire professional movers to help you with the transportation and plan your office move on time!