How to pack fragile items

pack fragile items

Opening your boxes on the moving-in day only to find broken glassware or antiques is the worst nightmare for anyone relocating to a new home. Transporting your boxes safely should be a top priority of any move. Whether you are having a DIY relocation or hiring a professional mover, proper packing is the most important factor in keeping your breakables safe. In order to pack fragile items safely and transport them to your new address, you will need to create a packing plan.

Pack fragile items safely – the packing plan

There is a very important fact you need to know about keeping your things safe when hiring a moving company for your relocation. Your movers won’t be responsible for the boxes they haven’t packed themselves. The moving insurance won’t cover the damages it the boxes are untacked. Therefore, if you plan to pack the fragile items on your own, and don’t want to use any packing services NC, you will need to do it very carefully.

a broken glass
Make sure you have a packing plan for keeping your possessions safe

Packing guidelines to follow when relocating breakable and valuable items:

  • Create a  checklist before you pack fragile items.
  • Invest in high-quality packing material.
  • Make an inventory for your mover.
  • Label the boxes.

How to create a packing checklist

The checklist should be your packing plan and a part of your overall moving plan. Plan in advance which items can go in the same box. Therefore, you will be able to estimate how many boxes or crates you need. Also, it will make the unpacking process much easier.

The packing supplies you need to pack fragile items

Packing material will be crucial for moving your belongings safely. Investing in high-quality packing supplies will pay off in the long run. If you are looking to save money during the move, you can use free boxes for packing your clothes, book etc.

boxes to pack fragile items
Quality cardboard boxes will protect your fragile items

Pack like a pro and buy quality cardboard boxes or rent moving crates. Use boxes in different sizes. It will make the packing easier and you can put more valuable items separately from the others. Pack fragile items safely by securing them with packing wrap. Whether it is plastic, bubble or paper, it needs to protect the breakables and fill in the space left in the box. Use socks, clothes, and linen to secure the items additionally. Packaging peanuts are great for filling in the narrow free space between the items.

Before putting the fragile items in the box, pad the inside. Use a towel or any other type of soft cloth. When you finish packing a moving box with fragile content secure it with a tape. Lightly move or jiggle the box to check if everything is secured properly.

For additional instructions, you can use WikiHow of YouTube tutorials.

Your mover will need an inventory list

inventory list
Create a detailed inventory list

Ask the moving company you hire to help you create the inventory. You can use your moving checklist to stay organized. By having a clear idea where the breakables are your mover will be able to transport them safely. Have their representative sign the inventory. This will help you claim damage reimbursement in the case if anything brakes.

Label, label, label!

Avoid common moving mistakes by labeling your boxes properly. Use different colors for labeling different types of items. Make sure the labels are visible when you pack fragile items. With clear fragile signs, you mover can pay a special attention to specific boxes. Therefore, you will ensure they are safe during the transport. Also, the moving-in day will be much easier if you know what’s in a box before opening it.

fragile label
Don’t forget to label the boxes

You can use colorful markers of sticky labels. If you are moving with kids, keep them busy by letting them decorate their boxes.

Additional packing tips

In order to have time to focus on keeping the fragile items safe, here is a few additional packing advice.

  • Pack your boxes according to the room the items belong to. 

Setting up the kitchen after the move will be much easier if everything is in the same box.

  • Pack for your new home, not the old one.

Don’t pack the items you don’t need. Donate or sell them. It will help you prevent any clutter in your new home.

  • Load the boxes from your kids’ rooms to the truck at the end. 

Relocations can be tough on the kids. Therefore, prepare your children for a move in advance. On the moving-in day unpack their rooms first. They will be surrounded by familiar items on the first day. This will help them adapt faster and make them feel safe.

Choose the right moving company to transport and pack the fragile items

Whether you are moving interstate or need local moving services NC, your items need to travel safely. Therefore, choosing the right company for your move is an important decision. There are many fraudulent moving companies and you need to make sure you choose a reliable one.

Moving companies like Moving Kings Van Lines FL can pack breakable items for you. A reliable mover will also make sure your boxes and transported safely and quickly.

Hire a reputable mover by researching and asking questions. Ask for recommendations from your friends and families. Look for online reviews as well. There should be no red flags when researching a professional mover. Therefore, look for their credentials and ask them to provide you with a few letters of recommendation.

A moving company that has experience and skills will be able to answer all of your questions. You should also ask for a quote and an in-house estimate. A professional mover will have high-quality material to pack fragile items. Check if those services are included in the price. There should be no hidden costs when you hire a reliable mover.