How to pack a king-size bed for relocation

pack a king-size bed for relocation

Moving bulky furniture is a real challenge. So, if you are moving house soon, maybe suddenly your beloved bed doesn’t seem so great anymore. Well, they are usually very large and heavy, but moving companies Morrisville NC can help you with that. If you want to prepare before your movers arrive, you will soon be overwhelmed by some of these puzzling questions. How to pack a king-size bed for relocation? How to safely pack and transport such a big mattress? What size truck will I need to relocate a king-size bed? To make sure the moving process is easy and that your bed survives transportation in good condition, just follow our tips. Here some of the easiest ways to pack a king-size bed for relocation.

How to pack a bed for moving

When you are moving, king-size beds are usually one of the most complicated pieces to pack and move. Their large size, bulkiness, and heavyweight make them quite difficult to relocate. To properly prepare your bed for storage units Sanford NC or transportation, you are going to need proper packing supplies and several hand tools. But first, before you even go to work, make sure you obtain a quality mattress bag, some large moving boxes, plastic wrap, moving blankets, bubble cushioning. Wait, the list goes on. You’ll need packing tape, some furniture pads, the essential moving straps, and ropes. Let’s not forget some basic household tools. It’s an extensive list, isn’t it? Just follow the steps below for now and let’s see how you can pack a king-size bed for relocation.

Bed with no sheets
Mattress bags for moving to provide excellent protection against dust, dirt, and moisture.

1. Strip your bed of all its accessories

Remove all the pillows, bed covers, blankets, sheets, and similar accessories. Pack all these pieces in separate moving boxes. Bed accessories are very bulky but also very light, so use large cardboard boxes for this purpose. Simply label the boxes “bedding”, and you will be able to quickly set your bed after moving into your new home. You could relax as soon as you move in! You’ll need it.

In case you have a king bed with storage, empty the drawers and separate them from the frame. This way the bed will be lighter and easier to carry.

Remove the mattress from the frame. Grab the king-size mattress on one end, while your helper will grip it on the other end. Then move it to the end of the box springs, and slowly drop one side of the mattress on the ground. Then lift the opposite end of the mattress with your helper. Don’t bend the mattress because that may damage the springs.

2. Take the springs out

Once you have the mattress out, you can easily take out the box springs. Most king size beds consist of two twin-sized box springs. They are usually light but also bulky and somewhat awkward to carry. This means you need to be extra careful when carrying them out of your home.

3. In order to pack a king-size bed for relocation, disassemble it first

Disassemble your bed as far as it is possible to take it apart. The headboard usually comes apart easily because most of the times they just screw it to the mainframe. However, the frame could prove to be a bit of a challenge. However, it is very important to dismantle your king-size bed before moving. Smaller pieces will be much lighter and can easily be carried out of your old residence. Not to mention loading it into the moving truck. Also, this way you are significantly reducing the risk of damage.

Girl in bed under a window
Your mattress should be one of the first items to be loaded into the moving truck. If possible, position it upright or sideways to save space.

4. Protective covering helps you pack a king-size bed for relocation

Wrap all the larger the pieces with some protective gear, such as moving blankets or even old sheets. Covering them up will keep them safe during trucking. Moving blankets are highly effective at preventing chips and dents on wooden pieces and frames. They are also very practical for preventing metal frames from scratching other objects. After you wrap the pieces properly, secure the coverings in place with packing tape. Wrap the smaller bed parts with bubble cushioning to ensure they are safe and sound. Label their location clearly to make sure you keep track of them. That way you will be able to easily put together your bed after moving. Place all the tiny parts like bolts, nuts, screws, into separate ziplock bags and tape them to the piece they belong to.

Before loading the moving truck:

  1. Make sure the bed, the mattress, and all its parts are absolutely clean and dry. Just to be sure, but the mattress in a spot with a lot of direct sunlight for a few hours.
  2.  Put your king size mattress into a specialized mattress bag for relocation. You can buy these bags from a trusted moving company at an affordable price. And because mattress bags come in different types and sizes we will be careful to choose one that your mattress will slip in like a glove. This type of covering provides excellent protection against dirt, dust, moisture, and pests.

What is the best way to pack a king-size bed for relocation and move it?

Whichever option for the household you choose, keep in mind that you can’t pack a king-size bed for relocation and move it without help. So, enlist adequate moving assistance and invest every effort to ensure maximum safety and efficiency during this process.

 You need a moving vehicle of adequate size if you are about to pack a king-size bed for relocation across the country.

You need a moving vehicle of adequate size if you are about to pack a king-size bed for relocation across the country.

Hire professional moving services who have extensive experience in shipping large and heavy pieces of furniture

They will arrive at your address with all the necessary moving equipment. Moving companies own reliable vehicles of appropriate sizes, so they can safely move bulky furniture over long distances. Just imagine you not having to lift a finger, and your bed and mattress quickly and safely disassembled, packed, transported and set up at your new home. It’s almost magic! In order to save some money, you can hire a moving company only to transport your furniture. Then you can disassemble and reassemble your king-size bed yourself. You can get an accurate estimate of how much it will cost you to pack a king-size bed for relocation and move it by contacting us via our website! Or phone us today! We are here for all your needs and doubts.